Best Minimal Wallpapers for a Clean Desktop without Distractions

To have a clean desktop on your Windows, Linux or Mac computer, the ideal is a minimal background, high resolution, with clear and well-defined colors, without too many figures and without distractions.
With a minimalistic wallpaper, desktop icons become easier to recognize, more noticeable and less hidden than would be if you set a more complex photograph or image.
In this list, some of the most beautiful minimal wallpapers selected by some sites specialized in spreading images with this kind of design and graphic style.

1) Vivid2
A rainbow stripe on a metallic background

2) Plus
Colorful background in Vintage style

3) Blue Crystal
Background that plunges into the blue bottom of a swimming pool

4) Rock On, Pixel Hand
Nice picture with horns

5) Chess
Minimalistic background with chess pieces

6) classic TV
An old TV set in a vacuum

7) Rainbow Colors
The colors of the rainbow

8) Tetris
The pieces of tetris in 3D

9) The Epic Begins
A monochrome and minimal green background, with small tortoises

10) Cloud Storage
Who likes to work only with web applications in the "cloud"

11) Arcify
Circles in "motion"

12) Solar System
Ultra minimal style solar system design

13) Brain
Image of a stylized brain

14) Apple Bold
The apple of the Apple on orange background

15) Clouds
A blue sky with two clouds

16) Because Minimalist
Background with the old Super Nintendo

17) Lightbox Love
A stylized heart

18) On a clean slate
The drop

19) Sleepy
A peaceful and relaxing night

20) Soccer
A green soccer field

21) Focus White
Magic and bright circle on a gray background

22) Zip and Tie
A zip tie

23) Mountains
Background with mountains

24) Fruits
5 fruits in a horizontal line with a light blue background

25) Nautilus
The spiral staircase of the Nautilus

26) Tarmac
A road to the clouds

27) Pong
Image of the first videogame in history, Pong

28) Shirt
Who likes yellow ocher

29) Tape Minimal
Background with a stereo cassette

Which do you like best?
To those who want other wallpapers of this type, I recommend the site Simple Desktop, with a collection of hundreds of minimal style wallpapers, free to download for all computer desktops.

Best Minimal Wallpapers for a Clean Desktop without Distractions

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