How Phone Clone works

What is Phone Clone

Before indicating you by thread and by sign how Phone Clone works, let me explain, if you still don't know, what is Phone Clone. If you have never heard of it before, it is a free application for Android and iOS devices (and installed "as standard" on smartphones Huawei), which allows you to easily transfer all data from your old phone to the new one.

Phone Clone, therefore, allows you to transfer contacts, photos, videos, calendar events and other files from one device to another with the possibility of selecting the data to be excluded from the transfer. The "migration" takes place by scanning a QR code or, if you have an iPhone, through a local hotspot without using your connection.

Plus, you'll be pleased to know that data transfer can reach speeds of 1GB / minute, thus saving you from wasting valuable time transferring your data.

Scaricare Phone Clone

To proceed with the transfer of the data of your interest from one device to another, it is necessary scaricare Phone Clone on both smartphones. This procedure is not necessary on Huawei devices since the application, being developed by the Chinese company, is installed "as standard" and available in the folder Instruments.

To download Phone Clone on a smartphone equipped with Android, start the Play Store by tapping on its icon (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol) on the home screen of the device, write "Phone Clone”In the search field at the top and tap on the icon magnifying glass. Then locate the app in question in the search results (it should be the first result) and press the button Install per avviarne il download e l'installazione.

Su iPhoneinstead, start theApp Store (the blue icon with the "A" in the center, located on the home screen), tap on the item Search in the bottom menu and write "Phone Clone”In the search field at the top, then presses the button Search at the bottom right and locate the app in the search results. Press the button Get and confirm your intention via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password.

Connect the two devices

After downloading the Phone Clone app on both the old and the new phone, start it by tapping its icon (two phones on a celestial background) present on the home screen of your device and, upon first access, presses the button Accept to accept the terms of use and declare that you have read the privacy policy. You are now ready to connect the two devices. How to do? I'll explain it to you right away.

Connect two Android devices

If both of your devices are equipped with Android, first take the new smartphone, start Phone Clone and press the button Allow to allow the app to access your contacts, calendar and photos, then tap on the item New phone e seleziona l'opzione Android device to generate the QR code useful for connecting the old phone.

Then take the latter, tap on the item Old telephone and scan the QR code generated just now with the camera of the old device to connect the two smartphones.

Connect Android device to iPhone

Your new smartphone is equipped with Android and your old phone is a iPhone? In this case, in order to transfer your data, you need to create the connection via local hotspot.

So take your Android device, start Phone Clone, press the button New phone, choose the option IOS device to indicate that the other phone is an iPhone, and on the new screen that appears, note the name and Password of the created network.

Now, take your iPhone, tap on the icon rotella d'ingranaggio per accesre alle Settings of iOS, choose the option Wi-Fi and locate the network created earlier in the section Choose a network, then tap on it, enter the access key in the field Password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in at the top right to create the connection between the two devices.

Finally, launch Phone Clone on your iPhone, choose the option Connect the new phone and wait for the connection. If everything went well, you will be able to see the message on the new phone Connected to old device, while the screen will be available on your iPhone Select data.

Connect two iPhones

It will be useful for you to know that Phone Clone is also useful for transfer data from one iPhone to another and, also in this case, the transfer takes place via local hotspot.

To proceed, take your new iPhone, tap on the icon rotella d'ingranaggio per accesre alle Settings of iOS, click on the option Mobile phone and activate the data connection by moving the toggle next to the option Cellular data da OFF a ON. Press, therefore, on the voice Personal hotspot, activate the latter by moving the relative lever from OFF a ON and, if they are not active yet, choose the option as well Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and write down the password visible in the field Wi-Fi Password. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to activate hotspots.

Then take your old iPhone and connect to the other smartphone's Hotspot network. To do this, go to Settings di iOS facendo tap sull'icona della rotella d'ingranaggio, select the option Wi-Fi, locate the network created earlier in the section Choose a network, press on it and insert it Password to establish the connection. If you have any problems, my guide on how to connect to hotspots may be helpful.

Now start Phone Clone again on both your devices: on the new iPhone, tap the option This is the new phone e pulsing sul pulsating NEXT, then take the old phone, press on the item Connect the new phone and wait for the connection and data preparation.

Since with Phone Clone on iPhone it is not possible to transfer all data (eg music and messages), if your intention is to switch from an old to a new iPhone, I recommend that you rely on Apple's official solutions. If, on the other hand, your old smartphone is equipped with Android and you have bought an iPhone, my guide on how to pass data from Android to iPhone may be useful.

Transfer data from one device to another

Once the connection between your devices is complete, you are ready to start transferring the data of your interest. On the screen Select data of Phone Clone displayed on your old phone, the data that will be transferred, the space occupied and the time required for the transfer are shown.

Then choose whether to transfer all the data or not: in the latter case, remove the check mark next to the data you do not intend to transfer (Contacts, Gallery, Video e Calendar) to exclude all elements, otherwise tap on the item you are interested in and deselect the individual elements you do not want to transfer. However, this option is only available for Gallery e Video.

Once you have selected the data of your interest, press the button Transfer on the old device and on the button OK on the new smartphone, wait for the progress bar to reach 100% and that's it. If everything went well, you will see the message Transfer completed and the transferred data will be available in the corresponding applications and folders of your new smartphone. Press the button OK on your old phone and on the button end on the new smartphone to complete the operation and return to the Phone Clone main screen.

How Phone Clone works

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