How to Recover Deleted TV Channels

This time in we are going to show you how to tune the channels deleted from the TV in a simple way. You don't need to know about technology, nor have a latest generation smart tv, in this post as long as the TV is in colour it's enough.

After a tiring day at work, you've sat down in front of the TV, trying to watch some of the programmes broadcast by your favourite station. However, after a few minutes you realised that the channel you were interested in no longer exists and you suspected that you had accidentally deleted it: for this reason, you immediately opened Google in search of a guide that could show you how to remedy the problem, which happened right here on my website.

Preliminary information

Basically, there are two possible ways to recover TV channels deleted by mistake: manually tuning and setting channels on the TV or opting for automatic re-setting. In the first case, you can manually enter the "data" relating to the channel to be added to the pre-existing list (frequency, band, etc.), so that the TV set can perform a specific search.

In the second case, on the other hand, tuning is automatic: the television carries out a new search for channels and, after completely deleting the previous list, automatically adds them to a new list.

Depending on the number of channels deleted, it is advisable to choose one or the other: if, for example, you have accidentally deleted only one channel, I suggest that you put the channel back by performing a manual tuning; if, instead, you have deleted several channels together, or you have deleted the whole list of channels, then I suggest that you recover them by performing a new automatic tuning of the TV set.

Manual tuning: I can't see mediaset channels

To recover the channels deleted by mistake, the first step is to find the correct frequencies for them, so that they can be put back after manual tuning.

You can obtain this information by visiting the websites of the broadcasters you are interested in and looking for the section dedicated to frequencies operating in the national territory: for example, by connecting to this page of the Mediaset website, you can search for the frequencies of the group's broadcasters by selecting the region, province and municipality to which you belong and clicking on the View channels button.

Alternatively, you can use the Dtti website, which allows you to identify the frequencies of almost all the digital terrestrial channels in each city: to use it, connect to the home page of the service, select the name of your region and then click on the name of your city to see the complete list of channels with the relevant digital terrestrial frequencies.

If you cannot find the information you are interested in this way either, you can also search Google using a key phrase such as [station name] frequencies [region/city]. In any case, make a note of the clear information about the station you are interested in (channel, frequency, band and mux), as it will come in handy soon.

Once you have gathered the necessary information, to manually tune the TV set, first access the main menu of the TV set, then go to the channel screen and, from there, access the section dedicated to manual tuning/tuning. Then use the suggested screen to specify the channel, band, frequency and mux mentioned above and, when you are ready, press the button to start the search.

For example, if you are trying to find out how to retrieve deleted LG TV channels, follow these steps: after switching on the TV, press the gear-shaped button on the remote control, select the All Settings (⋮) option from the menu that appears on the screen (right) and press the OK button, to access the management area dedicated to the TV settings.

Next, select the Channels button (left), then the Tuning and Channel Settings item and check that the programming mode is set to Antenna (otherwise it is) and go to the Manual Tuning section, entering your TV's security PIN if necessary.

At this point, select the DTV Antenna item to indicate that you want to scan for digital terrestrial frequencies, use the indicators below to specify the channel, frequency and bandwidth and, after checking that the signal strength is acceptable, select the Update button and press the OK button on the remote control. Repeat the same steps for each channel you want to retrieve and you're done!

For more information about tuning channels on LG, Samsung or Akai TVs, please have a look at the specific guides I have created for you.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you very precise information on all TVs on the market, as the pages of my site would not be enough to cover all the different cases! If necessary, I suggest you consult the user manual of your TV, or Google a phrase similar to "manual tuning" [TV brand and model].

How to tune channels on a Samsung TV set

What is the correct procedure for tuning channels on a Samsung TV? The date of Tuesday 8 March is very close and many Italians will probably have to go through the procedure to switch to the new MPEG-4 encoding instead of MPEG-2, which is in use for national channels. The operation to be carried out is not particularly complex but it is fair to report it in full, step by step, especially for the benefit of the less technologically minded.

The specific guide below is for the Samsung SUHD 4K Curved Smart TV model JS9000. The steps listed are standard and refer to numerous variants of the brand's TVs. At most, compared to the items listed, there may be small differences, but the procedure remains the same.

These are all the DTT channels you can watch in Spain in 2022

The five DTT channels offered by the RTVE group are:

La 1 and La 1 HD: TVE's main channel with all types of content.

La 2 and La 2 HD: TVE's second channel, with all kinds of content but very different from the main channel.

24h and 24h HD: Theme channel based on the broadcasting of news and current affairs programmes.

Clan and Clan HD: Thematic channel aimed at children.

Teledeporte and Teledeporte HD: Thematic channel focusing on information and sporting events.

Within Atresmedia Televisión, which is the one that interests us in this article, there are six channels:

Antena 3 and Antena 3 HD: Generalist channel based on news, magazine programmes, cinema and fiction series.

Neox: Channel aimed at young and urban audiences, with children's and youth series and entertainment programmes.

Nova: Leisure and lifestyle channel with health, quality of life, cooking and travel programmes.

Atres Series : Channel dedicated to the repeated broadcasting of the best Atresmedia series.

La Sexta and La Sexta HD : Generalist channel whose offer, based mainly on humour and entertainment, is aimed at family audiences.

Mega: Channel dedicated to successful series, sporting events and documentary productions.

These are the Mediaset Group's seven digital terrestrial television channels:

Telecinco and Telecinco HD: Generalist channel whose programming includes magazine shows and series produced in-house, as well as reality shows.

FDF: Thematic channel dedicated to fiction programmes and successful series.

Boing: Channel aimed at children and teenagers.

Cuatro and Cuatro HD: Generalist channel with varied programming and mainly focused on young audiences.

Divinity: Channel with a range of films, series, soap operas and programmes aimed mainly at a female audience.

Energy: Channel aimed at a mainly male, young and urban audience. It focuses its programming on sports broadcasts, current affairs documentaries, films and foreign fiction series.

Be Mad: Channel aimed at a young, mainly male audience.

DMax: Channel that broadcasts programming covering genres as diverse as survival, cooking, motoring, the wild world, docu-reality and crime.

Gol: Free football and sports channel with practically all kinds of sporting competitions. Among them we find LaLiga, LaCopa, UFC, Boxing, World Padel Tour, NHL and much more.

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