How to Recover Deleted TV Channels

After an exhausting day at work, you have sat in front of the TV, intending to watch some programme broadcast by your favourite broadcaster. After a few minutes, however, you realized that the channel you were interested in no longer exists and you suspected that you had accidentally deleted it: for this reason, you immediately opened Google in search of a guide that could teach you how to remedy the problem, happening right here on my website.

If that's the case, I'm happy to tell you that you're in the right place at the right time! In the course of this tutorial, I'll explain how to recover deleted TV channels quickly and easily, using the functions built into the TV itself.

So, without waiting any longer, cut out a few minutes of free time for yourself and read very carefully everything I have to say on the subject: I am sure that, within a few minutes, you will be able to put into practice the "tips" that I am going to give you, thus solving the inconvenience that has presented itself. Good reading and good vision!

Getting Started

Basically, there are two possible ways to recover erroneously deleted TV channels: manually tune your TV, or opt for automatic re-tuning. In the first case, you can manually indicate the "data" related to the channel to be added to the pre-existing list (frequency, band, etc.), so that the TV can perform a targeted search.

In the second case, the tuning is automatic: the TV searches again for channels and, after completely deleting the old list, automatically adds them to a new list.

Depending on the number of channels you have deleted, it is convenient to choose one or the other: if, for example, you have deleted only one channel by mistake, I suggest you add it again by tuning manually; if, on the other hand, you have deleted several channels together, or you have deleted the entire channel list, then I suggest you recover them by tuning your TV automatically again.

How to recover deleted TV channels

Clarify the differences between the types of tuning that can be used, now is the time to take action and to understand, in practice, how to recover deleted TV channels, both through manual and automatic tuning. Everything is explained in detail below.

Manual tuning

In order to retrieve the channels deleted by mistake, the first step is to identify the correct frequencies related to them, so that they can be added again after manual tuning.

You can obtain this information by visiting the websites of the broadcasters you are interested in and looking for the section dedicated to frequencies operating on the national territory: for example, by connecting to this page of the Mediaset website, you can search for the frequencies of the broadcasters in the group by selecting their region, province and municipality and clicking on the View channels button.

Alternatively, you can use Dtti's website, which allows you to identify the frequencies of almost all the digital terrestrial channels for each city: to use it, connect to the home page of the service, select the name of your Region and then click on the name of your city, to view the complete list of channels with the relevant digital terrestrial frequencies.

If you are not able to find the information you are interested in in this way either, you can also do a Google search using a key phrase such as [issuer name] frequency [region/city]. In any case, make a note of the clear information about the broadcaster you are interested in (channel, frequency, band and mux), as this will come in handy shortly.

Once you've gathered the information you need, to manually tune your TV, you must first go to the TV's main menu, then go to the channel screen and from there to the manual tuning/tuning section. Next, use the proposed screen to specify the channel, band, frequency and mux noted above and, when you are ready, press the button to start the search.

For example, if you are trying to figure out how to recover deleted LG TV channels, follow these steps: after turning on your TV, press the gear-shaped button on the remote control, select the All Settings item (⋮) from the menu on the screen (right) and press the OK button, to access the management area dedicated to TV settings.

Next, select the Channels button (left), then the Tuning and Channel Settings item and check that the Program Mode is set to Antenna (otherwise you do it) and go to the Manual Tuning section, entering your TV's security PIN if required.

At this point, select the DTV antenna item to indicate that you want to search for digital terrestrial frequencies, use the indicators below to specify channel, frequency and bandwidth and, after checking that the signal strength is acceptable, select the Refresh button and press the OK button on the remote control. Repeat the same steps for each channel you want to retrieve and you're done!

For more information about channel tuning on LG, Samsung or Akai TVs, please have a look at the specific guides I have created for you.

Unfortunately, I can't give you very precise information on all the TVs on the market, as the pages on my site wouldn't be enough to cover all the different cases! If necessary, I suggest you consult the user manual for your TV, or Google a phrase similar to manual tuning [TV brand and model].

Automatic tuning

If you are interested in retrieving the entire channel list from your TV because, for example, you accidentally deleted it (or because many channels have suddenly disappeared), then I recommend you opt for automatic TV tuning: it allows you to create a new channel list and fill it completely automatically.

The steps required to re-tune a TV vary from manufacturer to manufacturer: in general terms, what you need to do is press the Menu/Settings button on the remote control, go to the channel section and from there access the automatic tuning screen, taking care to activate automatic channel sorting (on some TVs, this function is called LCN).

If you're particularly interested in learning how to recover deleted Samsung TV channels, then you'll be pleased to know that South Korean big TVs have a handy auto-tuning menu.

So, first, press the Menu button on the remote control, select the Transmit item (on the left), using the arrow buttons on the remote control, press the OK button and select Automatic Tuning twice in a row.

At this point, aware that the search will delete the already existing channel list, press the Start button to go to the next step: then set the Antenna menu to Antenna, the Channel Type menu to Digital and, finally, the Channel Sort menu to Auto Sort. When you are done, press the Search button and wait for the TV to complete the channel search.

If you see any warnings about numbering conflicts, press the OK button several times to resolve the problem. When you have finished storing channels, press the Close button to exit the menu.

Of course, the menu items and buttons to press may vary between Samsung TV models: for further clarification on this aspect, I suggest you have a look at my guide on how to tune channels on Samsung TV.

As I mentioned earlier, it is not possible for me to provide you with the specific information for televisions marketed by other manufacturers: if you need an extra hand, you can have a look at the user manual of your device, or search on Google using as a key how to tune channels [TV brand and model].

In case of problems

I beg your pardon? Did you follow the indications I gave you during this guide but, despite this, you were not able to find the "lost" channels?

As a first solution, I advise you to scroll through the TV channel list, checking whether the channels you are interested in have been placed on different numbers than you expected. If so, simply reorder the channels so that they are in the order you want them to be: I've explained how to do this in my guide to reordering TV channels and in my tutorials dedicated specifically to Philips and Samsung branded TVs.

If, on the other hand, you have not been able to pick up the channels you are interested in again (or if the signal is disturbed), then the problem could be due to a malfunction of the TV antenna: if you have some experience with this, you can try to adjust the orientation of the antenna by following the steps I have given you in this guide.

If the situation does not resolve itself, I suggest you to contact a technician specialized in the installation of antennas and television sets, who will surely be able to find a solution to your problem.