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How to download imo on Android

Your intent is to keep in touch with your friends through an instant messaging application, and after trying all the popular ones, you would like to download the imo application to your Android device. So you ask yourself how to do it? All right, I'll explain it to you right away.

First, take your smartphone and go to the home screen to locate the PlayStore application (the default virtual store of your Android device) and to tap on its icon (it has the symbol of a colored triangle).

At this point, through the search engine of the application, which you can access if you tap the button with the symbol of a magnifying glass, you will have to type imo in the appropriate text field that you will see on the screen, and then press the button Search from the keyboard of your smartphone. You can then search for the application in the Android PlayStore and, once you have identified its icon (it has the symbol of a comic with the word imo inside), tap on it.

To install the application on your Android smartphone, at this point, tap the button Install and then on the button Accept. At the end of the download, which should be short, you can start to start the application by pressing the button apri. To open the messaging application you can also tap on its icon which will have been added to the Home screen of your smartphone.

In case you find the procedure indicated for installing the app on Android too difficult, you can alternatively click on this link which refers directly to the PlayStore; You can then download the app in one click.

How to download imo on iOS

From the moment you are keen to try out new messaging apps, I guess you want to know how to download the imo app on iOS. Okay, then follow my instructions perfectly and you will see that you cannot go wrong.

Operating from an iOS device (in this case iPhone or iPad), to download the imo messaging application you must first open the App Store, Apple's virtual store, through which you can download games and applications.

Then tap on its icon (it is light blue and has a A stylized in the center) and, through the internal search engine which you can access by tapping the button Search located at the bottom (symbol of a magnifying glass), type imo and premium tasto Search from your smartphone or tablet.

The results of the search you have carried out will appear and, at this point, you can easily download the imo application. To do this, just click on its icon (it is the one with a cartoon symbol and the word imo) and then press the buttons Get / Install. If prompted, install the application by placing your finger on the Touch ID or typing your iCloud account password for verification purposes. Alternatively, you can download imo directly from this link which refers to the App Store.

How imo works on Android and iOS

As with all instant messaging applications, imo also requires registration via phone number, which is obviously necessary in order to keep in touch with friends and family. That said, the first thing you need to do once you have downloaded the instant messaging application is to register.

To do this, select yours Country from the drop-down menu of the same name and then type your phone number in the text field that you will see on the screen. To confirm the data, press the button NEXT (if you are operating from iOS), otherwise press the button with the V symbol (and Android smartphones or tablets).

You will then be sent a verification code on the phone number you typed; you will have to enter it in the appropriate text field; the verification will then be done automatically without you having to press any additional confirmation button.

The next step is to fill in your user profile: then type your name in the text field What's yours like complete I awarded her Start (on iOS) or the button Done (from Android). Then complete the customization of your profile on imo by adding your profile photo and continue by pressing the confirmation buttons: All Set on iOS and Done your Android.

You will now be asked if you want to invite your friends to use this application; to skip this operation and carry it out later, press the button Later, otherwise press the button Invite. Once you have completed your profile registration you can start sending and receiving messages through this application.

The user interface of imo is quite spartan and the use of this application can be difficult and confusing to those who are used to the most famous and popular messaging applications. Anyway, I'm here to explain how to use it, therefore, consider that the application in question is divided into three main screens: Chat, Camera e Contacts, which are best represented and divided on iOS, rather than Android devices.

There is indeed the cartoon symbol, camera symbol and symbol of a little man. The corresponding sections, on Android, do not have this precise and linear subdivision through icons: it is therefore possible to access the sections Chat e Contacts by clicking on the respective items, while to access the section Camera you have to tap the button with the symbol of a camera.

As for the possibility of sending and receiving messages, this application can also make the lovers of the user interface turn up their noses in the material design theme (as mentioned, the aesthetics is a bit botched), but on the other hand the functionality that a messaging app should have all there.

As you can see by starting to text a contact registered to the application, to write a message you will have to type it in the text field Leave us a message and this will already be visible to the recipient in real time, without having sent it by pressing the button with the arrow symbol.

Of course, you can still make changes to the message before sending it permanently and you can also add multimedia elements such as photos, videos, stickers and emojis to the text. To do this, simply press the button with the symbol of a camera (you can take a photo or record a video on the spot) or on the button with the symbol of a framework, which will allow you to choose a multimedia element to share, present in the multimedia gallery of your smartphone.

The peculiarity of this messaging application also lies in its confirmation system for sending a message. When the message is sent, the blue double tick symbol, once the message has been read, the symbol of a circle.

To send stickers and emojis in the text press the button with the smiley face symbol: you will have access to a large menu of dynamic smileys and you can also write a message by tracing your finger on the screen. To do this, simply press the button with the symbol of a paintbrush. In this case, if you send an emoji or write a message with the brush tool, the recipient will not see the preview in real time.

The other interesting features of this application are the ability to record voice messages: you can perform this operation by pressing the button with the symbol of a microphone located within a conversation. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the functionality in question can also be activated directly on the screen Chat; you can then send a voice message to a person even without opening the conversation dedicated to them.

From the screen Chat, then press and hold the button with the microphone symbol to send a voice message; if, on the other hand, you tap on it, the voice call will start with the user in question. If, on the other hand, you want to make a video call, tap on the conversation you have with a person and then fap the button with the video camera symbol.

On balance, therefore, imo is configured as an application to be considered as a cross between a classic instant messaging application and a VoiP application; it is no coincidence that it is also possible to install imo on Mac and Windows, by downloading the client from the official website and then being able to take advantage of all the functions mentioned so far.

imo: how it works

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