The complete guide on how to recover deleted files from a hard drive: Guide 2021

The complete guide on how to recover deleted files from a hard drive: Guide 2021

How to recover deleted files from hard disk: the best programs


It is a software efficient, professional, free and available in the language of your country. Recuva allows you to recover of deleted or overwritten files and is compatible with the Windows operating system. To start data recovery from hard disk you will need to download the free version (Installer) from the official site.

Once you have pressed the green button, to proceed with the installation you will need to:

  • Select the item Si and language Italian give menu to tendin
  • Press on Next and then NEXT twice
  • Remove the check next to "No thanks, I don't need CCleaner"
  • Complete the process by clicking on NEXT and then end

Then open the program by pressing on its icon and choose the type of file you want to recover (Images, Videos, Email, Documents, Music) or set the item All files. After pressing on NEXT, you will have to indicate the specific section of the search, and then select your hard drive, or the location where the files you just deleted were located.

Choose the voice I'm not sure, if you are undecided and proceed with the search pressing on NEXT ed starts.

Once the search is complete, you can select the files you want to recover, also indicating the destination folder. It is important to know that if the icon next to your file is red, this means that unfortunately it is irrecoverable. Then press on Retrieve - Ok - Ok and view files deleted from hard drive in the above location!

File Recovery

File Recovery is an extremely easy to use and effective software for searching and recovering files fillet deleted, lost or formatted. You can use it to recover files such as NTFS, ReFS, FAT, exFAT, HFS +, XFS, JFS, UFS, Ext2 / 3/4, BtrFS both on HHD than SSD, USB or external drives.

Available in both free versionthat in that paid at the price of 29.95 $, it is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Then download the trial version from the official Active @ File Recovery website, install it and start the program. To start recovering data from external hard drive you will need to:

  • Choose the drive where the files to recover are located from the menu on the left
  • Right press and choose the item SuperScan
  • Choosing the voice General you can restrict the search field to certain sectors, thus reducing the time required for scanning and recovery
  • Then select the types of files to be recovered in the entry Signatures Recognition (for example: photos, videos, documents) and press on Scan
  • The result of your search will appear in the menu on the right and you can then view previews files by right clicking and selecting the ones you want to recover
  • Once selected, right click and choose the item Recover
  • Set the destination folder and press again Recover

At the end of the process, the deleted and selected files will reappear in the specific folder. If not, try the restore with one of the following programs.

Pandora Recovery (Disk Drill)

Pandora Recovery, ormai replaced and incorporated into Disk Drill is one of the most used software for recovering deleted files. Compatible with iOS, OS X, Windows and even Android, allows you to recover data from any type of external device, be it, hard disk, USB or microSD key.

Available in both free version that for a fee, on offer at $ 39 and $ 199, using it you will be able to recover files from HFS +, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, NTFS, FAT etc. partitions.

Then start the download of Pandora Recovery by pressing the green button of the official website, install it and start the software. Select the hard disk containing the deleted files and press on Recover to start a quick scan.

Once completed, you will see one list of files that are recoverable, complete and meticulously divided into categories (eg: images, videos, audio and documents). However, if your file is not listed, you can make one thorough scan, with the knowledge that it will take much longer.

If you have located the folders or data you have deleted and need to be recovered, click on Recover to, indicate the destination folder and then click on Recover. You should now be able to view and open your files!


Also worthy of mention is the EaseUS program, free and compatible with both Windows PCs and Macs. Then download the official version from the site, install and start it, possibly not in the same drive from which you try to recover the files.

La free version however, it allows you a recovery overall only 500MB, but it is extremely effective in recovering file systems such as HFS +, HFS X, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS / NTFS5 and EXT2 / EXT3. The recovery of deleted data is quite simple, thanks to its intuitive interface.

After starting it, in fact, you just need to:

  • select the file type to be recovered (email, document, audio, video, etc.) or press on All types of files if you are undecided
  • Click on Next and indicates the saving path of the recovered files
  • Click on Scan and wait for the end of the procedure to view the files to restore
  • Select the deleted folders to recover or put the tick next to Your name up
  • Press on Recovery to bring them back
  • Select the destination, possibly a USB stick or other different disk and press on OK to complete the recovery

It is important to know that the free version of EaseUS also allows you to make one thorough research, being able then to export the state of the latter. By doing this you will be able to search for those hidden files that are not detected by the simplified searches

Tips for recovering deleted files

Accidentally deleting important data from our computer is a frustrating time that requires a lot of concentration and searching for the right program to recover lost files.

In most cases, you can restore what we were looking for, in other circumstances, however, it may have been too long from the deletion of data in order to have a chance of success.

In any circumstance, we always recommend paying attention to small tricks in order to be able to optimize the chances of recovering what has been lost. Therefore, we recommend the following:

  • As soon as we realize that we have lost important data, avoid carrying out further operations on our pc to avoid overwriting the files that, instead, we intend to recover
  • Also to avoid overwriting the files to be restored, we recommend download the recovery program to be used on a portable device
  • Always try to keep the external memory as free as possible. In this way, the operating system of our computer will not be forced to separate the files and place them in other free spaces on the hard disk.


There are many questions we ask ourselves when we are faced with an unpleasant situation like that of having accidentally deleted important files. To shed some light on any doubts in this regard, we invite you to consult the following questions:

What are the causes of data loss due to an external hard drive?

Loss of data from a hard drive is a real and more frequent risk than you can imagine.

To prevent this from happening, first of all you must always pay particular attention to how this portable database is handled, and then it is necessary carry out small maintenance actions, to always guarantee the perfect functioning of the device.

In addition to being lost suddenly, mostly for technical reasons, i files can also be deleted by mistake, in case when transferring data from one hard drive to another, or due to one accidental formatting.

How much does it cost to recover data from an external hard drive?

The cost of recovering data from a hard drive It depends on many factors such as, for example: the type of damage that the device has suffered, the condition in which the files to be recovered are located and the time factor. In general, with the help of a professional you can spend from € 20 to € 200, if not more.

However, if you are familiar with computers, it is possible use special programs and try to recover lost data by yourself. Some of these software are available to download for free, while others are paid, but their cost is quite reasonable.

Where does data deleted from a hard drive go?

In most cases, when files are deleted they are not permanently deleted from the hard drive, but they are simply moved to another location. In this case, their recovery requires simple operations, and will take place according to the type of device you are using.

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