Internet Smart TV problems how to reset the connection

How to solve connection and network problems if the Smart TV does not connect to the Internet

Internet Smart TV problems how to reset the connection Our Smart TV allows us to view streaming content via the Internet without having to turn on the PC or notebook every time and, given the larger screen size, at a much higher quality (often in FullHD or 4K HDR quality). But like everything technological, even Smart TV can suddenly stop working: while TV channels are seen normally, all streaming apps show an error window or a black screen as soon as you select an on-demand or live content. stream to view.
Fortunately, the problem is often trivial and we can solve it ourselves without having to call a computer expert or without throwing the TV out of the window! In this guide we will show you in fact how to solve the vast majority of Internet problems on Smart TV, so you can immediately restore the desired stream.
Most of the problems are due to the connection between the smart TV and the modem, especially if we use the Wi-Fi connection. If, on the other hand, the television is connected via cable, the problem often concerns exclusively the modem, which may have lost the carrier with the telephone exchange or present various problems.

Check the Wi-Fi connection

If the problematic Smart TV is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, let's first check it is when connected to 2,4GHz network or 5GHz network: in fact, we always try to connect it to the latter because it is faster and less subject to interference.
Internet Smart TV problems how to reset the connection

If we do not have a modem with 5 GHz Wi-Fi, we can fix it immediately by purchasing a new dual-band modem as a total replacement for the device provided by the telephone operator or a new router to be placed in cascade to our modem.
Since 5 GHz may not take in all rooms (it is a physical limit of the technology), we advise you to expand the coverage of the fast network by using one of the Wi-Fi repeaters seen in the guide to Best 5 GHz WiFi repeaters, to increase internet coverage.
We avoid using 2,4 GHz in every scenario - this frequency is not suitable for HD streaming streams and could cause numerous connection problems or frequent app buffering.

Connect the TV via Ethernet cable

One of the best tests we can do on our Smart TV to see if the problem is the connection plans to connect the TV to the Ethernet cable modem.
Internet Smart TV problems how to reset the connection

We connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the modem and the other end into the socket LAN, Internet o Ethernet present on the back of the Smart TV, so let's immediately try to surf the Internet on one of the streaming apps that created problems. If the connection is restored, the problem is probably only with the Wi-Fi network used, perhaps due to interference with neighbors' networks.
If the Ethernet cable is long enough we can easily hide it behind the furniture and pass it on the skirting boards, so as to always obtain a stable and fast connection for our Smart TV. Is the modem too far from the TV to run such a long cable? We can always bring the speed of the cable connection by taking advantage of the electrical outlets at home, as seen in our guide Internet on the electrical outlet with the Powerline.

Check the Internet modem

If the cable connection does not work either, we will have to turn our attention to the modem, probably causing Internet problems on the TV. First we always connect a laptop via Ethernet cable, then we try to surf the Internet and perform a speedtest.
Internet Smart TV problems how to reset the connection

If the speetest is good, the problem could be with the Ethernet ports of the modem: so let's try to change the port assigned to the Smart TV to see if the connection resumes and the streaming apps return to work regularly.
If not even so we solve, the problem could be with the Ethernet port on the TV: in this scenario we can only take advantage of the 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection and, if the TV is still under warranty, try to replace it with a new one at the retailer or electronics store where we bought it.

Other tricks to troubleshoot Internet connection problems

Even if the methods seen so far are the ones that will allow you to solve most of the Internet problems on Smart TVs, it is also worth trying. one of the tricks visible in the list below, so you can really try them all before taking the TV to service:
  • We remove the socket of the Smart TV: even if it might seem trivial, instead of turning off the TV via the remote control, let's try to unplug it, wait at least 2 minutes and reconnect everything; many times this is enough to restore the TV's operating system, even restarting apps that are blocked or without a connection;
  • Let's restart the modem: the modem may also need to be restarted from time to time, in order to restore any parameters that are out of place or empty the internal cache; for the purpose we can either turn the button off and on again Power (usually found on the rear of the modem) either remove the power plug and plug it back in after 2 minutes.
  • Let's reset the modem: If the connection doesn't work even on computers and smartphones, it may be a good idea reset the modem to its default settings, so as to start from scratch and try to resolve the situation before contacting the operator's assistance.
  • Let's reset the Smart TV: if the other devices navigate correctly, we check if an item is available in the TV settings to restore the default settings or to restart the start-up procedure, so as to delete all the installed apps and also reset some parameters out of place (perhaps during some our test or experiment we touched something and we could no longer restore).


If all the advice we have provided has not solved the problem with the Smart TV or worse has allowed you to discover an even bigger problem (no device browses the Internet), now is the time to contact our telephone operator, asking to restore the correct functioning of the ADSL or fiber optic line.

Still on home internet connection malfunctions, we recommend that you read our guides If the PC is not connected to the internet, how to reset the network and web browsing e Modem red LED (Internet absent): what to do before calling for assistance, so as to find other very valid tips to try to restore the connection necessary to continue enjoying our Smart TV.

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