How to get verified on Ask

Criteria to be met in order to be verified on Ask

Before submitting your request to obtain the "blue rosette" that distinguishes the accounts verified on Ask, it is good that you are sure to fully satisfy all the criteria needed to get the account verified. Yep, because not everyone can “show off” the coveted Ask!

In the “Verification” section of the Ask website there is a support page (unfortunately it is only available in English and Russian) which lists some of the basic requirements for asking the social network to verify your account.

A first criterion that you must meet is that of be active on Ask. If you log in to your Ask account a few times a month, the service staff will not consider your request and will not allow you to obtain the "blue rosette" of verified accounts. If you are not currently very active on the social network, remedy the situation by answering at least a couple of questions a day and do this for several months in order to make your profile active. Of course, all the questions you create and all the answers you send on Ask must not in any way violate the terms and conditions of use of the service: in this case you will not only be denied the possibility of obtaining a verified profile, but you may even risk having your account closed!

La popularity is another fundamental requirement that must be met in order to get the account verified. Accounts that are followed by a small number of users are not even taken into consideration by Ask staff to be subjected to account verification.

When verifying an account, the Ask team also takes into account theoriginality of posted content: therefore, the more original and creative the questions and answers you give, the more likely you are to get a verified account.

In addition to originality, however, another important requirement must also transpire from your account:authenticity. On Ask, as on any other social network, it is forbidden to create fake profiles. Speaking of authenticity… your face is easily recognizable in yours profilo's photo? Pay close attention to this aspect, because if your profile photo does not represent you it could somehow compromise the acceptance of the request you wish to forward to the Ask team. Don't tell me then that I didn't warn you!

Submit your request to be verified on Ask

Have you just realized that you fully meet the requirements that I have listed above and that you must necessarily have to receive the "blue rosette" of the verified Ask profiles? Fantastic! If so, you can take action right away by submitting the request for have the verified on Ask. To do this, all you have to do is use the appropriate form found on the social network website and cross your fingers!

Before explaining how to use the form in question, however, I would like to tell you that while meeting the criteria necessary to send the request, Ask may deem it appropriate not to verify your account. Naturally, should this happen, the social network will contact you explaining the reason (or reasons) for which he opted for this choice.

That said, let's see how to forward the request to the Ask team using the form I mentioned earlier. First, go to the Ask support page by clicking on this link (as I have already told you a few lines above, the Ask help desk is currently not available in cittàn) and, as soon as you arrive there, presses the button Contact Us which is placed at the top right. Subsequently, on the page that opens, fill in the form that is proposed to you by entering, in the appropriate fields, all the data necessary to get back in touch with the Ask team.

In the text field placed under the heading E-mail address to contact you, type the e-mail address at which you wish to be contacted; specify the reason why you are contacting Ask by selecting the item Account Verification from the drop-down menu located under the item Enquiry type; type your full name in the field Full name; write your mobile number in the text field located under the heading Phone Number; select your country from the drop-down menu located under the item Country and explain the details of your request (possibly by writing a message in English) in the text field placed under the heading Please describe in details; enter theusername of the account you want to verify in the relevant text field and write the exact number of followers you have obtained so far in the text box placed under the heading Your username. If, on the other hand, you need to send attachments, click on the link Add file and upload the file from the window that opens.

After having double checked the data entered in the form, click on the red button Submit to submit your request to get your account verified on Ask. Within 24 hours, the social network's support team should respond by providing you with some instructions that you will need to follow to get the account verified or, in the worst case scenario, by giving you a negative result on your request.

If your Ask account is verified, remember that this "recognition" is not a sort of "pass" that allows you to do whatever you want within the social network. If you start to behave badly by violating the conditions of use of the service, Ask will not only revoke the “blue cockade” that distinguishes the verified profiles from your profile, but it could even close your account! Therefore, continue to behave as well as you have done so far, proving that you deserve the "title" that has been granted to you.

What to do if the answer is no

If Ask's answer is no, resist the temptation to keep contacting the social network. By doing this, you will only make the situation worse and not benefit from it. Instead, try to figure out why your account has not been verified by Ask (the email sent to you most likely contains suggestions for improvement).

Do not submit further inquiries using "alternative" methods. Some users in the past have tried to insist by sending requests to the official profile of the social network @askfmhelp or on the other social profiles of the service: this kind of requests will be ignored.

As indicated on one of the Ask support pages, you can submit a new request to verify your account after at least two months from the last request. In this period of time, try to improve the gaps that unfortunately penalized you and that did not allow the Ask team to grant you the much desired "blue cockade". Understood?

How to get verified on Ask

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