HiJackThis and anti-rootkit protections and hidden threats on Windows

After having already dealt with the protection against Spyware we need to talk about Rootkit.

A rootkit itself is neither a virus nor a malicious program, a rootkit is software that comes hidden from the operating system: it starts with it with root or administrator privileges and then remains active making all traces disappear and becoming un terminable; an example trivial, they are i driver.

Unfortunately lately I am used to spread viruses and Trojans becoming very dangerous and difficult to detect even by the best antivirus.

For the best security and the best protection against external threats, as well as having the best antivirus, the best anti Spyware and the best firewall, you need to have the best antirootkit.

In another article updated to 2013 the best programs to find and eliminate rootkit viruses automatically.

the advice though, for those who are more experienced, is to check with a free program called Hijackthis.
After pressing the Scan button, HijackThis will show all the current settings of the registry keys, of the services, of the specific files that regulate the behavior of Internet Explorer and, in general, of the system; when you notice something strange, after a backup, select and click "fix checked".
CAUTION: never press the "Fix checked" button before knowing exactly the meaning of each item selected from the list, you could compromise the system.

The problem is certainly recognizing the dangers, "With the naked eye"; in support we must certainly use Google and the appropriate forums, certainly when you meet a voice called BHO or noname you have to be careful.
In another article we wrote a guide for making one scan software loaded at Windows startup with Hijackthis.

For LSP errors that hijackthis cannot resolve (O10 - Unknown file in Winsock LSP) you can use LSP Fix.

Some programs similar to Hijackthis they are covered in other posts such as those to clean up the malware-infected PC by eliminating all traces and those to find hidden processes and suspicious programs to remove in Windows.

Finally, we have found the perfect companion for Hijackthis in order to not having to do the analysis of the scan by eye naked but using a tool that generates more complete and exhaustive log files on rootkits, processes, services, drivers and everything inside the system.
The program is called RSIT, integrates with Hijackthis and generates text files that can be analyzed by the online service VirusTotal.

Finally, keep in mind that prevention is better than cure e some of the most dangerous sites and more infected than the internet are known therefore are to be blocked the worst websites on this list.

HiJackThis and anti-rootkit protections and hidden threats on Windows

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