Best Sim City games where to create the city and manage it as a mayor

Many, many people of my age and even younger have spent hours and hours in front of the computer, day and night in the build your own virtual city on your computer with Sim City.
Not only in Sim City you have to build buildings, houses, roads and industries but you also have to take care of the infrastructure of the city, finances, the electrical and energy system, waste disposal, the sewage system, the school, the water distribution. , purification plants and so on. Citizens raise their complaints and it is necessary to manage traffic, pollution, workers' protests and many other things that are part of the activities of the mayor. Eventually, when you are fed up, you can unleash environmental disasters or monsters that tear down and destroy the city.

First of all, Sim City the original cannot be downloaded for free, the direct download of the SimCity version the PC version for sale on the EA website at a price of 13 Euros.
Per Android e iPhonand, instead, you can download it for free Simcity BuildIt.

1) In the Play Classic Games site, you can play the original version of SimCity 2000, the one for PC DOS from the 90s, complete and free.

2) To have a remake of SimCity instead you have to look at Lin City-NG which is precisely the base game where you have to create the city, building palaces and industrial buildings, roads, infrastructures, electric poles, pipes and so on, you have to manage the budget of expenses, govern taxes and please citizens trying to make them live as best as possible.

3) Micropolis is a game to download on the PC, where you have to build a city and manage it as best as possible to make it develop and grow. This open source game has distinctive 8-bit, top-view graphics very similar to that of the first Sim City.

4) Megapolis for Windows 10 is a very good city building and management game for experts, where you must not only build, but also collect taxes, provide services to citizens and ensure that the adequate supply of resources.

4) Without considering the flash versions that lack depth and have limited functions, let's see i best online games similar to the original Sim City to play to create and manage your own city on the browser, without downloading anything. OpenCity is a "serious" game of very realistic city management where you can play as a city planning councilor. Those involved in urban planning will be able to find strategies and advice to make the city ecologically and socially sustainable. Players must take care of traffic management, water management, banking and retail supply chains through a series of crisis scenarios. It is necessary to balance the financial, environmental and sociological interests of the city, make decisions to improve the city and achieve the objectives of turnover and profits, increasing the satisfaction of citizens, making the environment greener, always without exceeding the budget.

5) Many SimCity-like games have been listed in the article with i strategic "Tycoon" games where you can manage companies, manage empires, countries and cities.

6) City Creator it's not really a game, it's more of an application to draw, with a series of landscapes in which to insert buildings and houses. Once you have chosen the city among the three available, you can change the backgrounds and drag the various buildings as you prefer, then the vehicles, the streets and the roofs. By registering on the site you can save your creations so that you can review them whenever you want.

7) Virtual city is a game for Windows 10 where you have to build a city by arranging the various blocks that will form the various buildings. Instead of building prefabricated structures, in this case you really have to create buildings and houses combining the pieces. To start playing you need to register on the site or you can choose a city from the drop-down menu to see what others have built by exploring and moving with the darts.

8) City mania is a 3D city simulator for Windows 10 Android and iPhone, free to download, from Gameloft. We therefore play to be the mayor to manage services, resources and businesses in order to increase the wealth and happiness of citizens.

9) To try is the web application of the site Isle of Tune where a city is built by arranging roads, trees and houses. The goal of the game, however, is not management and no matter how the houses are arranged visually, the important thing is create a musical melody which is played by the movement of cars on the streets. The music plays differently depending on the building or tree the car passes by on the way. At the end you can hear a complete melody that is repeated according to the size of the city.

Best Sim City games where to create the city and manage it as a mayor

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