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Before showing you how to succeed in know if a number is Vodafone or not, it seems only right to point out that to find out which operator a given numbering refers to, you can also rely on the prefix, provided that the portability of the number (in this case, the prefix could in fact refer to a different carrier).

The prefixes provided by Vodafone are all those starting with 34 (e.g. 340, 342, 343, 345, 346 etc.). However, it should be borne in mind that, as anticipated, if until a few years ago, or rather until before the introduction of portability, the prefix represented the only real system to be able to understand which telephone operator a specific number belonged to, today, that the entire number is "sold" to the user and as the owner of the same can freely decide to migrate from one manager to another, the rules have changed.

The prefix can therefore constitute a clue to be taken into consideration but does not give the absolute certainty that the relative number is under the Vodafone network or another operator.

Know if a number is Vodafone

As I said at the beginning of the article, to find out if a number is Vodafone just take advantage of a special free service made available directly by the operator and usable both phone that through SMS. Choose how to proceed according to your personal preferences. To find out more, please continue reading.

By phone call

To understand if a number is Vodafone, you can first make a simple call from a line of the same operator. More precisely, all you have to do is contact the service 4563, which allows you to find out for free whether a number belongs to the British company network or not.

To use it, just call the number 4563 and follow the instructions of the automatic service. After hearing the welcome message, then press the key 2 on the keyboard of your mobile phone and, when prompted, type the telephone number you want to analyze followed by the symbol of hashtag (#). For example, if you want to know if the number 333123456 is Vodafone or not, on the numeric keypad of your mobile you have to type 333123456 #.

In a few seconds you will be able to know if the line to which the number refers is Vodafone or belongs to another operator and also what rates will be applied in order to get in touch with the same.


Don't have time or desire to make phone calls? No problem. You can take advantage of the service 4563 also by SMS. Then grab your phone and start creating a new message by typing the telephone number you want to identify and sending it to 4563.

Within a few seconds, you will receive a reply SMS that will tell you whether the number sent as the text of the message belongs to the Vodafone network or not. Even in the case of SMS, the 4563 service is completely free.

In case of dubbi or problem

Did you strictly follow my instructions on what to do but something went wrong or did you have any other doubts? Then I can not help but suggest you put yourself in direct contact with the customer care of the manager. I am sure that in this way you will be able to resolve the situation.

To do this, just make a call to 190 and select the key combination to speak to a consultant, namely: the button 1 (the one for the mobile), the button 4 (the one to receive assistance from a consultant) and to conclude the button 3 (the one for talk to Vodafone). Keep in mind that the combination of keys to press that I have just indicated may be subject to changes so, in order to avoid errors and unnecessary waste of time, always listen to the indications of the recorded voice.

Alternatively, you can contact Vodafone customer service also through social networks, using Facebook or Twitter.

In the first case, you can do this by going to the operator's fanpage, clicking on the button for to send a message and thus starting the composition of a private message to Vodafone (briefly indicating your needs and the number for which you are requesting assistance). You should receive an answer shortly. If you receive a message from Tobi, the Vodafone bot, type several times speak to an operator to be able to get in touch with a "human" operator.

In the case of Twitterinstead, you can contact Vodafone by quoting @VodafoneIT (i.e. the official account of the manager) at the beginning of a new message in which you have to enter a brief description of your needs and possibly also the hashtag # tw190. You will soon be contacted in turn by a Vodafone operator, who will invite you to continue the conversation through direct messages and through which you can also communicate your personal data (if requested). Please do not enter your number or other private data in the first message sent to the manager, as this will be public and therefore visible to all.

If you think you need more explanations in this regard, I suggest you read my post on how to contact Vodafone operator, in which I proceeded to talk to you about the subject in great detail.

Other useful resources

I mentioned it to you in the previous lines: in addition to calling or sending an SMS to the number above, you can find out if a number is Vodafone by helping you with some smartphone app e online services born to avoid and identify the calls of the so-called nuisances but which thanks to the features offered can also be convenient for the purpose in question. To find out more, please continue reading.


One of the first third-party resources I want to recommend is called Truecaller. Its real purpose is to allow you to identify and block calls from spammers and telemarketing companies in a simple and effective way but it also allows you to find out which manager the numbers searched for. It's free and works on both Android and iOS.

To use it for your purpose, first download the app on your device by connecting to the relevant section of the Play Store (on Android) or the App Store (on iOS). Subsequently, start the app by pressing on the relative icon that has been added to the screen where all the applications are grouped.

Once the main screen of Truecaller is displayed, carry out the registration procedure indicating the Country where you reside and yours telephone number and grant the app i permits necessary for its operation (if required). Meanwhile, you should have received an SMS containing a code of confirmation: write it down so you can insert it at the right time.

Finally, type yours name and yours last name in the appropriate fields shown on the display and indicates how advertisements are managed within the app. Also check that the Who can have my contacts is set to Requests only, in order to prevent your contacts from being visible to everyone.

It should be noted that, after registration, Truecaller inserts the user's number into its public database, which can pose a fair amount of privacy risk. If you decide not to use the app anymore, deactivate your account (by going to the Truecaller settings) and ask for your number to be removed from the service database.

Now, you can finally use the application to understand if a number is Vodafone or not. To do this, type the telephone number about which you would like to obtained the info in question in the appropriate field attached to the screen Home of the app, press the button Send / Search on the keyboard, select the relevant result from the list that appears (if available) and corresponding to the section Mobile phone, in the form that will open, you will find the operator of origin. Easier than that?

I would also like to point out that Truecaller is possibly also usable from the web browser (therefore also from a computer), without having to download absolutely anything on the devices used. The operation is good or bad similar to that of the app I described to you a little while ago.

Another tool that can come in handy is Sync.Me. It is a portal through which it is possible to obtain information of various kinds regarding the numbers entered, including the operator of origin, based on user reports and on the information collected on the various social networking services. It is only available in English but is so simple to use that it shouldn't be a problem.

You ask me what to do to be able to use it for your purpose? I'll point it out to you right away. First, connect to the home page of the service and select from the menu with the pennant on the left, in correspondence with the item Find out who calLED you, the cittàn prefix (prefix). Then type the telephone number that you are interested in finding out if it is Vodafone or not in the search field located in the center and presses the button Search.

In the new page that will open at this point, if the number you entered has been registered in the service database, you will immediately be shown all the information relating to it, including the relevant telephony operator. If, on the other hand, no information is available regarding the number searched for, this will be notified to you by the appearance of a specific message on the screen.

If you are interested, I point out that you can also use Sync.ME directly from your smartphone. To do this, all you have to do is download and install the application available for Android and iOS. The operation is almost identical to that of the Web version of the service that I have reported to you just now.

Know if a number belongs to another manager

Are you also interested in knowing if a number belongs to another telephone operator? This is feasible, of course. In particular, if you are interested in knowing if a number is TIM you can refer to my tutorial dedicated to how to know if a number is TIM, while if you are interested in understanding if a number is wind you can refer to my post on how to know if a number is Wind. If you want to know if a number is Three, read my post dedicated specifically to how to know if a number is Three to find out how to proceed.

How to know if a number is Vodafone

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