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How to know how long the Internet remains Vodafone: online

The simplest method of know how much the Internet remains Vodafone consists in using the online services made available by the red operator, usable through an app or website.

My Vodafone App

The simplest system is certainly to use the official application My Vodafone, available for Android (even on devices not equipped with Google services) and on iOS / iPadOS. To get it, open the reference store of your device, tap on the bar or on the button search, type il app name in the appropriate field and go on Submit. Alternatively, you can directly access the dedicated section, using the links I reported to you a little while ago.

Once you've found the correct app, tap the button Installa / Ottieni and, if required by your device, authenticate using facial recognition, Fingerprint o Password account, to complete the download. Finally, start the application by pressing the button apri, or through the icon that, in the meantime, has been added to the drawer or to the home screen of the device.

At the first launch, you will be asked to perform a quick configuration of the app: then tap on the button Accept, provide permissions for access to telephone calls, position e notifications (if necessary), by responding affirmatively to the warning messages that are shown to you and, if you do not want to authorize Vodafone to process your personal data for "commercial, profiling, localization, enrichment and communication to third parties", tap the button Customize e denies consent by placing the check mark next to the wording No present in the various panels.

Finally, tap the button Confirmation to confirm your preferences and tap the (X) located at the top of the subsequent panels for a few consecutive times (if necessary), in order to close any proposed offers (which appear only at the first start or when a new promotion is introduced).

The game is practically done: if you are connected via the Internet network generated by your SIM, you will immediately see the offer counters, in the form of a large button located at the top of the screen: to switch from one information to another (give, voice ed SMS), swipe gently to the left or right. To view the details of the counters, tap the item instead See all located at the bottom of the box itself.

If you are using a Wi-Fi network, you will be asked to access the My Vodafone customer area: then touch the button Log in and, if you have already registered on the platform and associate your Vodafone phone number, enter the username and Password in the appropriate fields and tap the button Log in.

If everything went smoothly, you should see on the display a screen very similar to the one I showed you previously, with almost identical functioning; if your My Vodafone account has more than one SIM / subscription paired, you can switch from one number to another by tapping on the active numbering visible at the top right and selecting the card of your interest, among those listed.

If you have not yet signed up for the My Vodafone service, tap on the item instead Not yet registered on My Vodafone? and follow the registration procedure that you find explained later in this guide.


If you cannot (or do not want to) use the My Vodafone app, know that you can quickly trace the amount of Giga left on your SIM by querying Tobi, Vodafone's virtual assistant, accessible via the Web every day, 24 hours a day.

To use it, connect to the Vodafone website and tap on the item Support visible at the top, if you use a smartphone / tablet, or on the icon of Tobi (the'little man with the red hat) visible at the bottom right, if you are using your computer instead.

If everything went smoothly, a virtual chat window should open with TOBi: therefore it indicates the telephone number for which you want to receive information in the appropriate text field, come on Submit and wait for the virtual assistant to ask you some predefined questions.

At this point, don't press any buttons, just type the sentence how many gigs I have left in the appropriate field and go on Submit: at this point, TOBi should ask you to pass a security check, to verify that you are the legitimate user of the card.

To proceed, tap on the box Access with code, wait for the disposable code will be delivered to you via SMS, type it in the chat window with TOBi and give Submit, to pass the security check.

If the previous option is not available, click on the box instead Access with questions and answer correctly the three questions that are asked, which can be multiple: tax code of the holder, date of birth, age, address / house number of residence, name of the active offer, minutes / gigs and so on.

After correctly answering all the questions, TOBi will inform you of the total amount of Internet available for your offer, the Giga used and the residual ones, also giving you the possibility to quickly view all the other meters.

User area Do it yourself

If you are registered on the platform My Vodafone, you can use the website of the same name to quickly view the counters of your offer: to do this, connect to the Internet page I have reported to you and, if you are acting as a computer, click on the buttons do-it-yourself e Log in; if, on the other hand, you use a smartphone or tablet, tap the ☰ button located at the top right, select the item do-it-yourself from the menu that appears and then press the button Log in.

From now on, the procedures are the same (except for the physical location of menus and options): enter i access data My Vodafone account (username and password) in the appropriate fields, press the button Log in and that's it: on the next screen, you should see the details of the offer active on your SIM, with the relative counters.

If multiple phone numbers are associated with your account, make sure you have selected the one you are interested in, by intervening on the options available under the item You are browsing with.

If you have not yet signed up to the My Vodafone platform, access the menu do-it-yourself as I indicated earlier and press, this time, on the button Subscribe. Now, enter the telephone number of your Vodafone SIM in the appropriate field and press the button Confirm number, to receive a verification code via SMS and go to the next step.

Once this is done, indicate the aforementioned code in the appropriate text field, choose whether or not to provide the commercial consent to the processing of data, by placing the check mark next to the option you prefer, then press the button Continue and complete the registration process by providing yours email address (which will be used as the login username) and one Password to protect the account, to be repeated twice consecutively.

Finally, check the box next to thePrivacy Policy, award-winning Confirmation and activate your profile by visiting the verification link which, in the meantime, has been delivered to the e-mail address specified above.

From this moment on, you can use the credentials thus created to access Vodafone services online via the dedicated website (as explained above), the My Vodafone app and, if necessary, also TOBi.

Note: if you already have a My Vodafone / account but have not paired the SIM you currently use with it, you can do it very easily. After logging into your account, press the button for Register a new number placed at the top, type the SIM number in the appropriate field and, after pressing the button Confirmation, insertion il disposable code received via SMS, to complete the association of the SIM and to be able to view the counters.

How to know how much Internet remains Vodafone by phone

If you do not have the possibility to use your Giga (or a Wi-Fi connection) to check the residual Giga of your offer, you can contact the TOBi virtual assistant by telephone, by contacting the Vodafone customer service to the number 190. The call is free if made from the Vodafone network, it can be started even in the absence of telephone credit (or from a SIM that only provides data connection) and the service is available tutti i giorni, 24 hours on 24.

To succeed, open the dialer (i.e. the area for manual dialing of telephone numbers) of your smartphone / tablet, enter the number 190 and press on the symbol of handset, to initiate the call.

After a few moments, you should hear a short welcome message and a notice regarding the privacy policy and, afterwards, you will be automatically put in contact with the assistant Tobi, who will ask you some questions, which you will have to answer with your voice.

First, TOBi should ask you to indicate the type of line for which you intend to receive support: after having said the word “mobile”, wait for TOBi to ask you if the number for which to receive assistance is the one you are calling from.

When this happens, say the word "Yes" and wait for TOBi to ask you to indicate your specific request: at this point, say the sentence "How many gigs do I have left" and wait a few seconds, after which the Vodafone virtual assistant will notify you of the traffic threshold envisaged by your offer, the Giga used and those currently available.

Please note that you can also carry out the same steps by calling from a SIM or a Vodafone fixed line that does not belong to you: in this case, when TOBi asks you if the number for which to receive assistance is the one in use, answer "do not" e say the phone number for which you want to receive the requested information. You will then be asked to answer a few questions, as a security measure, to complete the request.

Another number you can use to get information about the amount of Internet left on your Vodafone SIM is the 414, available tutti i giorni, 24 hours on 24: after starting the call, an automatic voice will notify you of all the thresholds of your offer, including the minutes, SMS and Giga not yet used. But keep in mind that the call to 414 is not free and is charged according to the plan active on the SIM in use.

How to know how much the Internet remains Vodafone

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