How Vodafone TV works

How Vodafone TV works

How Vodafone TV works

Let's start with the basics: Vodafone TV is a service dedicated exclusively to customers of Vodafone landline who have signed an offer for the optical fiber or who are in possession of technology ADSL with speeds over 8 Mega.

The service, therefore, can be activated if you are already customers and the conditions are respected (if the subscribed subscription includes the activation option) or if you are not a customer yet but you want to become one, by activating a new line and subscribing to asuitable offer.

There is one of the most interesting Vodafone plans of the moment useful for this purpose Unlimited internet, which allows you to get an unlimited Internet connection (in optical fiber, up to 1 Gigabit in download or in ADSL, up to 20 Mega in download) and unlimited phone calls with no connection fee to all national fixed and mobile numbers, as well as the Vodafone Ready service and the Vodafone Station. The offer is possibly also available in a variant including a SIM for mobile phones, with an unlimited Internet traffic bundle (at the maximum speed of 10 Mega and with the possibility of using the smartphone as a hotspot) and unlimited minutes and SMS, and a data SIM with 30 GB of Internet traffic per month. For more details, click on the buttons below and consult my specific guide on Vodafone offers.

Are you wondering, however, what exactly Vodafone TV consists of? I'll explain it to you right away: this is a service linked to a TV Box 4K to be connected to the TV and an app for smartphones and tablets that allows the viewing of different contents from various platforms, such as NOW TV, DAZN e Prime Video. In addition, through the box to be connected to the TV, it also allows you to watch the channels of the DTT, being compatible with technology DVB-T2.

There are various subscription plans, the ones you find detailed below.

  • Vodafone TV + NOW TV Entertainment and TV Series - this plan includes all the shows, TV series and other contents of the NOW TV Entertainment Tickets and TV Series, as well as digital terrestrial channels and you have many other on-demand content designed for the family. The NOW TV Entertainment Ticket includes 13 channels so you don't miss the Sky Uno shows, as well as Eurosport TV series, news, documentaries, and sporting events, children's programs to watch even on demand and much more. Also included is 12 months of Amazon Prime with Prime Video. The cost of the plan is 10 euros / month.
  • Vodafone TV Sport Plus and NOW TV Sport - thanks to this plan it is possible to watch all the sport of Sky in Super HD, taking advantage of the vision of 23 channels to follow the Serie A live with 7 matches out of 10 for each round, the entire UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League in exclusive, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, MotoGP, Formula 1 and the main tennis, golf and much more tournaments. Also included are 12 months of Amazon Prime with Prime Video and 6 months of DAZN. The cost is € 30 / month, but a discount of € 10 / month is often offered for fiber customers.
  • Vodafone TV Sports Plus and Entertainment and NOW TV Sports, Entertainment and TV Series - the offer practically combines all the advantages of the plans already mentioned above, at a cost of 40 euros / month, but a discount of 10 euros / month is often applied for customers covered by optical fiber.

Vodafone, after the activation of the Vodafone TV option or the subscription to the subscription, will send you the complete activation kit which consists of a TV BOX, for an power pack, for an HDMI cable, for an Ethernet cable and remote control. Then, you can proceed with the first configuration of Vodafone TV and start using it

For further information regarding the activation of Vodafone TV and the available subscriptions, I suggest you read my guide specifically dedicated to the topic, where you will find all the answers.

How Vodafone TV Box works

How Vodafone TV works

Now that you have a little more information on the nature of this service, you can delve into the matter and find out how Vodafone TV works in details.

As I mentioned earlier, to access Vodafone TV you need to have one Vodafone landline, given that the TV Box it will identify your home internet connection and will only work if paired with the network the contract is associated with.

If the offer you have already subscribed to is compatible with the activation of the service, you will need to change your subscription by adding the Vodafone TV option to your subscription. To do this, go to the official Vodafone website and, through the area do-it-yourself, go to the summary page of your landline, then click on the button Attiva next to the item Vodafone TV and follow the on-screen wizard.

If, on the other hand, you are not yet a fixed network customer, you can choose a fiber offer, subscribe to it and select the Vodafone TV package you prefer from those available.

How to set up Vodafone TV

How Vodafone TV works

Once you have received the Vodafone TV TV Box, you are ready to set it up. Don't worry: this is a very simple procedure, which can be done even without being tech savvy. The box, in fact, will guide you step by step throughout the procedure.

The first thing you need to do, is obviously to connect thepower pack to the current and, subsequently, to the TV Box. Now repeat the same operation but with the HDMI cable, connecting the TV and the box. The last cable you will need to connect to the TV Box will be that of theAntenna, disconnecting it from the TV, to take advantage of the digital terrestrial channels.

Now turn on the TV and go to the page relating to video inputs. To do this, use the remote control, press the button Input (usually represented by the drawing of a cable or from that of a stylized television with an arrow entering) and select, by moving with the arrows, the item relating to HDMI port to which you connected the Vodafone TV box.

At the end of the procedure, turn on the Vodafone TV Box using its remote control (by first removing the tab on the back) and configure it by pressing, at the same time, the button 1 and yellow button for at least 5 seconds.

When the power button stops flashing, it means that the Vodafone remote control is paired with the TV Box. A message will appear on the screen confirming the configuration. Now you just have to press the button Continue and go on with the initial setup.

At this point, following the guided procedure, it is necessary to connect the TV Box to the Vodafone Internet connection. There are several ways to do this, depending on the location of yours Vodafone Station. If it is very close you can use the Ethernet cable supplied, connecting it to the two devices (Vodafone Station and TV Box). This solution is the most recommended, as it eliminates the typical Wi-Fi interference and has a more stable connection.

If, on the other hand, the Vodafone Station is positioned away from the router, you can connect it to the TV Box via Wi-Fi. To do this, when the message relating to the connection with the Ethernet cable appears, wait a few seconds. When the TV does not detect connections, the button will appear Connect to Wi-Fi; press it and select from the list of Wi-Fi the name of the one connected to the Vodafone TV option (subscribed with the subscription). Once done, enter the Password and press the button Connect. Once connected, a confirmation message will appear.

In case it is so far away that it does not allow the use of Wi-Fi, you can use a Wi-Fi extend or, better yet, a Powerline adapter (to connect the box via Ethernet even if you are away from the router). If you are looking for advice on Powerline adapters and Wi-Fi extenders to buy, check out my special guides.

Have you connected the Vodafone TV Box to the Internet? Well, now hit the button Continue and, in the new screen, enter the Activation code: if you don't know where to find it, the first place to look is yours email box. Vodafone should have sent you a message containing your Activation Code.

If you don't find anything in the email, you can call the 42005 from a Vodafone number or the number 199 900 900 by another operator. The last option to get it, however, is to connect to this page using yours IperFibra line (does not work with other offers).

When you have found the code in question, enter it and press the button Confirmation. The configuration is almost complete, there are only two steps left. The first is the selection of the Standby mode (switching on the TV Box slower and more attentive to energy saving) orQuick Startby clicking on the relevant button.

The second, and last, step is related to the channel tuning. You just have to press on the button Start Scan and wait. A completion bar will appear on the screen which, after a few minutes, will reach 100% (when the TV Box, connecting to the antenna, has detected all the digital terrestrial channels available in your area).

At the end of the operation, a message summarizing the channels found will appear. If everything is fine, press the button Log in to the service and wait for the update to complete to complete the initial setup and start using Vodafone TV. If something went wrong, press the button Try again to start tuning again.

How to use Vodafone TV Box

How Vodafone TV works

Now, the time has come to understand how to use the Vodafone TV Box to enjoy the content on your subscription. Well, first press the button Menu on the Vodafone remote control, to access the main menu of the platform.

As you can see, on the page, placed at the top, there are the functions Search (to quickly find the contents) and, next to it, the Settings (to change some options). Below, there are four columns that allow you to divide the contents by type. To access each of them it is necessary to move with the remote control arrows and press ▼ to view the complete section.

MY TV, the first column, is the “personalized” part of the service, where suggestions appear based on what you have watched previously and in which you can save your favorite programs, recordings as well as find the films you have started.

TV Guide, as the name suggests, it provides information on the programs or movies on air at the time you are watching. By pressing the down arrow you can find the complete programming of the channels.

The third column, from the name On Demand, represents a large film library that contains all the contents coming from the various active subscriptions. Inside you will find the movies included in Vodafone TV and those of all other applications active on your subscription.

The fourth and last column of the menu consists of App, which can be activated or added to your subscription. Vodafone TV, in fact, allows you to choose between NOW TV (and therefore to see some channels of Sky city), Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube/YouTube Kids, Infinity e CHILI.

If your subscription includes one of these apps, you need to activate the related services, with the exception of the two YouTube apps, which can be used independently of the subscription. To do this, press the key Menu on the remote control, go to the column App and select the application to activate. Later, if you already own a Profile (previously created on the official Internet pages of the services), enter Username e Password I will access.

Apart from this, there are other things you can do via your Vodafone TV such as reviewing the contents of last 7 days if you missed them while they were live or far restart an started program if you are late.

As you can see, there is plenty of choice between content, streaming services and functions.

How the Vodafone TV remote control works

How Vodafone TV works

As you may have noticed, the connection of the remote control is among the first operations that must be carried out when activating Vodafone TV. Its operation is extremely intuitive and is characterized by a simple design and few keys.

Through it you will be able raise / lower the volume, activate the mode Mute, turn on / off your Vodafone TV, access the main menu, move in every direction and naturally, change channels. However, you will not be able to turn off the TV.

Among its peculiarities is the R button which allows you to record your favorite programs, but only if recording is allowed. To perform this verification, you must go to TV Guide (the second column in the main menu) and check if there is an icon next to the program name "R" circled in red. The recordings, once started and completed, will be saved in the section MY TV (under the heading Recordings).

To check it battery status on the remote control, on the other hand, you can go to the Settings, select the item Other configurations and then press the button Remote control and then on the voice Battery status. Facile, see?

How Vodafone TV mobile works

How Vodafone TV works

Would you like to be able to watch Vodafone TV content even when you are not at home? Then I am happy to inform you that there is a solution to always carry Vodafone TV with you on your own smartphone o tablet.

It is Vodafone TV Mobile, the app available for devices Android (via the Play Store or alternative stores) e iOS / iPadOS which allows customers who have activated Vodafone TV through fixed line offers to be able to take advantage of various contents included in the service even on the move.

Have I intrigued you and you want to start using it? So, the first thing to do is download it. If you use an Android device, visit the relevant section of the Play Store (if it is not present and you have a smartphone without Google services, you can contact alternative stores) and type in the appropriate search bar "Vodafone TV". Once the results appear, select the first and tap the button Install. Wait a few seconds and press the button apri. Alternatively, go to the Home screen or in drawer of your device and tap on the new Vodafone TV icon.

If, on the other hand, you use iPhone o iPad, go toApp Store and, subsequently, in the card Search (by tapping on the icon marked with a magnifying glass). At this point, type the words in the search bar "Vodafone TV". Now, select the first result, press the button Get and lastly, confirm the installation via Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple. When installation is complete, press the button apri or tap on the new icon in the Home screen. or in the Library App.

When starting the application, if you use a Data connection or a Wi-Fi connection other than Vodafone, just enter the login credentials (username and password) of the Do it yourself Vodafone connected to your Vodafone TV subscription. Instead, if you are connected to the Wi-Fi of the Vodafone network on which the Vodafone TV service is active, access occurs automatically without the need to carry out any further operations.

The functioning of the app is in all respects similar to the service dedicated to TV. You will have the sections available MY TV, TV GUIDE e ON DEMAND, divided into columns, to watch your favorite or registered content, live channels and the entire catalog.

The option is also available WATCH ON TV, a feature that allows with a single tap to transfer a program from the mobile device to the TV (but only if the smartphone / tablet and TV Box are both connected to the fiber).

Via the button Search (the icon with a magnifying glass) you can then quickly find what you want to watch and, using the Settings (the icon with a gear) you can change some parameters. Even the functionalities remain the same: you will have the possibility to record episodes or entire TV series, to interrupt live programs, to start them all over again or to select content from the previous week's programming.

All you have to do is select the column based on what you want to watch, scroll down the list, tap on the movie, TV series or program to start and press the button Guarda. Quite comfortable, don't you think?

How Vodafone TV works

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