How to use Waze offline

How to use Waze offline on Android

How to use Waze offline

You are interested in understanding how to use Waze offline su Android? Perfect, then this is the section of my guide that suits you best. First of all, if you have not already done so before, download and install the Waze app directly from the appropriate section of the Play Store: the app is completely free and, at the moment, does not include advertising or purchases in -app.

Once the download is complete, make sure your device is connected to the Internet (via Wi-Fi or via data network) and have GPS active, then open Waze and wait a few minutes for the app to automatically download the data relating to the voice and maps in the surroundings.

Once this operation is complete, tap the button in the shape of magnifying glass located at the bottom and, in the sidebar that opens, tap on the item Not registered, present at the top. Once in the next screen, presses on the item Account and Login and choose the option that suits you best: Create account, if this is the first time you use the app and / or you have never created a personal profile (in this case, you will be asked to log in via Facebook or complete the registration by entering the telephone number), Or Log in to your account > I already have an account, if you already have a Waze profile available.

Then, confirm your willingness to accept the user license and the privacy policy: then scroll the page, put the check marks next to the appropriate items and press the button Accept placed at the bottom.

At this point, if necessary, you can finally finalize the creation of the Waze profile using the phone number or Facebook account: in the first case, simply enter a valid number in order to receive, via SMS, the access code for the account; in the second case, simply enter the login credentials of your active Facebook account and authorize the app to retrieve information from it.

After associating the Waze account, you can save the offline maps completely automatically, simply by starting the search for an itinerary: to proceed, press the button in the shape of a magnifying glass located at the bottom, touch the search bar identified by the wording Where do we go? and indicate, where required, the destination of your interest, choosing the most relevant item among those proposed.

When you're done, press the button vai and wait a few seconds: if everything went the right way, a summary screen should open, from which you have to choose the item Contents. At this point, Waze should show you the entire route of the itinerary on the map and automatically save it in its cache.

At this point, press the button Go back of Android to return to the page relative to the directions and freely disable the Internet connection of the phone: starting from this moment, you can continue with the navigation in offline mode to the destination of your choice, using only the GPS.

It goes without saying that, while browsing offline, you will not receive any information in real time from the app. In addition, if you change your destination, the previous maps are automatically deleted. If, on the other hand, you close the app and reopen it, Waze will ask you if you want to resume the last trip saved: in this way you can continue to take advantage of the offline maps, until you reach your destination.

How to use Waze offline on iPhone

How to use Waze offline

Exactly as previously seen, it is possible to use Waze offline also on iPhone, using the free app available directly on the App Store. Before proceeding, make sure your iPhone's internet connection and GPS sensor are both active.

Once you have the app, start it from the home screen of the "iPhone by" and tap the button several times Allow, to grant you the necessary permissions for its proper functioning. Once in the home screen, presses on the item Do you have an account? Log in, scroll down the page dedicated to the terms of use of the service and put the check mark next to the items I agree to the Waze Terms of Use e I accept the Waze Privacy Policy, then tap the button Accept.

At this point, the login panel should open: if you have an account Facebook and you intend to use it to speed up access to the service (without, therefore, making any additional registration), tap the button Accedi con Facebook and, if the social network app is installed on your phone, grant Waze permission to access your data; alternatively, indicate your account credentials in the screen that is proposed to you and follow the instructions provided on the screen to complete the login.

Alternatively, you can use the login credentials to an existing Waze profile or create an account directly from within the app, following the same instructions seen above for Android.

Once you have completed pairing the app with the Waze profile, tap the button in the shape of magnifying glass placed at the bottom and, subsequently, on the bar indicated with the inscription Where do we go?. At this point, you must follow the same steps illustrated in the section relating to Android: with the phone connected to the Internet, enter a valid destination, tap the button vai and then on the button Overview located in the itinerary preview screen. At this point, wait a few minutes for the app to download the map locally, then go back and tap the button Departure to start navigation.

From this moment on, the entire map of the route will be usable from the copy downloaded just in the phone's memory: even in the event of disconnection from the Wi-Fi or data network, Waze will be able to guide you correctly to your destination (without however, receive interactive content or updates in real time).

If you have come this far, it means that you have understood perfectly how to use Waze offline and that, intrigued by the power of this app, you want to know more about how it works: in this regard, I suggest you read my guide on how Waze works, in which I explained in detail the most important features of this excellent browser GPS.

If, on the other hand, Waze has not been able to fully satisfy you and you are looking for other navigators who can guide you during your travels, strictly at no cost, you can take a look at my in-depth study dedicated to free navigators, where you can find numerous alternatives to app illustrated throughout this guide. Trust me, you won't regret it!

How to use Waze offline

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