Driving simulators on PC for free to learn how to drive the car

In car games, the aim is always to run faster than the opponent, without absolutely paying attention to safety or compliance with the highway code.
Ma to get a driving license and in order not to have to pay hefty fines, you certainly can't run like crazy trying to get there before someone else. You must respect intersections, traffic lights, precedence, prohibition and danger road signs, you must never crash and, above all, you must not put under people walking or crossing the street.
This is called to drive and, on the computer, you can simulate driving to learn how to use the car in the city, in daily traffic.
I don't think so, some games, in addition to being useful for those who have to learn, also become very fun for experienced drivers.

In this article we see the best online driving simulators to use on PC
to play directly from the web browser, without downloading and installing anything, with two sites that teach how to bring the car, park and respect the rules of the road. If you want a real and realistic simulator, a test drive not only to drive the car but also trucks, planes, ships, off-road vehicles and much more, you can read the review on Rigs of Rods.

1) Rigs of Rods, realistic driving simulator is a free open source game that you can download and install on your PC to test any type of vehicle in 3D. This game, still super updated today, is certainly the best of simulators.

2) Simraceway is a racing game on circuits, which deserves to be mentioned here for how realistic and detailed it is in the driving mechanics, great for learning and having fun.

3) Raceroom Racing Experience is a very realistic and complex free to play car simulator that gives you the opportunity to try different cars on the road as if you were actually driving, with maximum realism.

4) On the site Learn4good there is a driving simulator called Driver Education.
Although this is an English site that teaches the theory of getting a driver's license, there is also the practice exam and, for that, you don't need to speak a foreign language, you just have to turn the steering wheel and press the accelerator or the brake. Just for the record, at the start of the game, the warning appears not to replace the real driving lessons with this game to learn how to drive the car.

At the beginning you choose the instructor among the 4 available.
Lessons then they are divided into 5 sections: car park, turn left at a Stop, turn left at an intersection with traffic lights, proceed through a 4-way intersection and exit the car park. To drive the car (with an overhead view) the arrows on the keyboard are used: going up accelerates, down brakes.
When starting the final exam, there is a 15 minute practice test with all 5 lessons seen above. In short, until you pass the virtual practical exam for the driving license, you cannot take the car.

5) 2D Driving Simulator is a driving simulator with a view from above, where you play with keyboard darts and where you can learn to park your car and follow the right path without bumping into or against traffic. There are several courses to follow which represent levels to overcome.
From the same author, there is also a 3D driving simulator based on Google Earth to drive in the streets of the real world virtually.

6) Park your car is the perfect game for anyone in need learn to park the car correctly, without rubbing the cars close and putting your car straight. Always using the darts, with a view from above, it is necessary to carry out the right maneuvers to park in the assigned place, without entangling and denting the bodywork.

7) DriversEd is an online game for practicing road rules, also very good for not missing the license exam. There are theory and practice mini-games with animated quizzes where you have to make the right choice.

8) Finally, for the theory of examination of the license, they can be supported quiz simulations which are presented during the theoretical tests on the website licensed.

If you like them parking games, there are many on the site The Parking Games.

9) Finally, if you are willing to pay $ 15, you can download and install the game Driving School Simulator from Steam, perfect 3D driving simulation in which traffic rules must be respected international speed limits and without bumping into other drivers.

In another article then there are the games to manage a Formula One or Moto GP team.

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Driving simulators on PC for free to learn how to drive the car

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