DropPay: what it is and how it works

How to open a DropPay account

Open a DropPay account it's super simple: just have one Android smartphone or iPhone with the installedofficial app of the service, one SIM active (useful for receiving verification SMS during the account creation procedure) and a identification document valid (e.g. identity card, driving license or passport) to be sent electronically to DropPay staff for identity verification. As noted above, there is no need for bank accounts or cards - it all works through the app.

The first step you must take, therefore, is to open the store of your device and, if you have not already done so, install the DropPay app on it. Up Android just start the Play Store (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol icon located on the home screen), search DropPay in the appropriate text field, select the application icon from the search results and press the button Install. If you are reading this post from your Android smartphone, you can directly open the Play Store and install the DropPay app by pressing here.

Su iPhone, the procedure to follow is practically the same: you have to open theApp Store (the blue icon with the white letter “A” on the home screen), select the tab Search located at the bottom right, look for DropPay in the appropriate text field and press the button Ottieni / Installa present next to the app icon in the search results. If you are reading this post from iPhone, you can open the App Store and directly install DropPay by pressing here. To complete the operation, you may be asked to authenticate with an Apple ID password, Touch ID or Face ID.

Once installation is complete, start the DropPay app, browse the information sheets that illustrate the main features of the service and "tap" on the item Subscribe to start opening your personal account.

In the screen that opens, fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing yours in the appropriate text fields telephone number and Password you want to use to access the DropPay account (to be repeated later in the field Confirm password), then presses on NEXT and accept the conditions of use of the service by pressing the appropriate button that appears on the smartphone screen.

A verification code via SMS. Make sure, therefore, that the phone has good signal reception, wait a few moments and, when you receive the message, type the code contained in the latter in the appropriate field of the DropPay app.

Successively, pigia sul pulsating OK, answer in the affirmative to the request of access to contacts by the DropPay application (you will need it to exchange money with other users registered on the service) and choose whether or not to activate access via Fingerprint (o face recognition if you have an iPhone X or other smartphone with face unlock).

After completing the process of verifying your number and choosing whether or not to use fingerprint unlocking, you can start the actual account opening procedure on DropPay. So choose the option to create a personal account, type il tuo fiscal Code in the screen that opens and "tap" on the button NEXT.

Then fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering, in the appropriate text fields, name, last name, sex, date of birth, nation of birth e City of Birth. Once you have filled in all the fields, press again on NEXT to continue opening your account.

Now you have to enter the data relating to your residence: country of residence, address, city, Province e POSTAL CODE; you must therefore press the button NEXT and give the consent relating to the self-certification of residence by tapping the button Accept that appears on the screen.

After this step too, you must provide a valid identification document: then choose between identity card, license o passport, or forward and presses on the squares Open exterior e Open interior to take photos of the document or upload photos of the document already on your smartphone memory. The photos must be clear, of good quality and the data contained in them must be legible.

After taking or selecting the photos, tap the buttons NEXT e I understand and agree and make a selfie while holding the document in your hand. The photo must not be moved, the document must be legible, the face recognizable and there must be no other subjects, apart from you, portrayed in the shot.

After taking the selfie, press the button NEXT and fill out the questionnaire you see on the screen indicating whether you are a politically exposed person, what is your profession (employee, self-employed, entrepreneur, student, etc.), what is the prevailing source of your funds (e.g. work activity, financing or collection from private individuals) e if you carry out transactions with foreign countries.

At this point, press the button NEXT, "tap" on the box where it is written Touch to sign and choose whether to insert your handwritten signature by making one signature by hand free on the phone screen, taking a picture with the camera phone or by importing an existing image from gallery of the device. Proceed to create your signature or select a photo that portrays it, type yours email address in the appropriate text field and go forward.

You will be sent an email containing the link to verify your email address: then access your inbox, open the message received from DropPay and press the button Confirm the email. In the web page that opens, log in to DropPay using the credentials of the account you just created and you should see the message Your email has been verified.

Now, opening the DropPay app, you should be in front of the message Pending due diligence: this means that your account is open but not yet usable as the service staff has not yet completed all the checks relating to your identity (checking the documents and photos you attached during the account opening procedure ).

So wait a few minutes, or a few hours (times may vary depending on the workload that the DropPay staff has to dispose of) and you will receive the outcome of the operation: if successful, you will receive an email and a notification on the smartphone with written Your DropPay account is active! Start using it.

You now have an active DropPay account, but before you can start using it you need to set up a Device PIN, that is a personalized code useful to confirm DropPay provisions and operate in absolute safety on the platform.

To set your device PIN, open the DropPay app and press the item first Choose Device PIN present in Home and then on the voice Request verification code located in the center of the screen that opens.

Then type the verification code that is delivered to you via SMS, "tap" on NEXT and set your own Device PIN (which must consist of 6 digits) by typing it twice consecutively in the appropriate fields.

the message PIN successfully set will confirm the completion of the operation and, consequently, the possibility to start using DropPay to make purchases and exchange money with other people. How? Read on and you will find out!

Please note: this operation will be repeated even in case of installation of DropPay on another device and access to the app with the data of the same account.

Business account

Do you have a store and would like to offer your customers the option to use DropPay for payments? No problem, open a business account on DropPay and you will be able to receive payments, send and receive money, make transfers, make purchases, view receipts and much more, without paying any commission.

To open a business account on DropPay, choose the appropriate item during the initial app configuration procedure and follow the instructions on the screen: it is necessary to enter the personal data, provide a identity card valid (identity card and tax code) and upload i company documents required (Certificate of attribution with VAT number for freelancers or Company Registration Certificate for business owners).

Once you have provided all the required data, you will need to configure the section My stores DropPay and so you can collect your customers' payments by providing them with the QR code identifying your Pos (in digital or paper format). More info here.

If you don't have a physical store, you have a E-commerce, you can take advantage of the API on DropPay to allow your customers to pay for the products or services you sell through this platform. You can find more information on this on the DropPay website.

Please note: if you have already opened a personal account on DropPay, you can open a business one by pressing the button [+] located in Home and selecting the voice Business give the menu check if you press.

How to top up your DropPay account

Once you have activated your DropPay account, to start making purchases and exchanging money with other users, you need to top up. You have three options at your disposal: let's examine them all in detail.


One of the easiest ways to top up a DropPay account is to make a transfer towards the latter. In fact, every DropPay account has a code IBAN which allows you to make transfers to the latter.

To find the IBAN code of your DropPay account, start the official app of the service and press the button (I) present nella schermata Home, next to your name: a menu will open with all the information relating to your account, such as IBAN, email address and QR code etc. If you want to quickly share the IBAN, tap on the item Share IBAN and select the app to share the code in (or select the option Copy to copy it to the clipboard).

The transfer can be made from any account, even if it is made out to a different person than the holder of the DropPay account. The timing of the credit varies according to the bank from which the transfer is made (although usually they are 1-2 working days).

Request money

If you do not want to wait for the technical time for a credit transfer to be credited, you can top up your DropPay account by asking for money from relatives or friends who use it. To request money on DropPay, start the official app of the service and enter the menu Operations (which on Android is accessible by pressing the icon of two arrows located at the bottom right, while on iPhone it is in the menu located at the bottom of the screen).

Successively, I went his Request moneyselect il contact to which you want to request money (DropPay automatically detects the contacts in the address book who are subscribed to the service and therefore can exchange money on the platform) and enter the sum you would like to get. Then press the button Continue, check the summary of the operation and, if there are no errors, "tap" on the item Request to submit your payment request.

If the contact you have selected accepts the funds transfer request, your DropPay account will be instantly refilled.

Credit for the change in the shop

If you want, you can also go to one of the many stores that support DropPay, pay in cash and have the rest sent to your DropPay account via your QR code.

To find the QR code of your DropPay account, start the official app of the service and press the button (I) located on the screen Home, next to your name. Then "tap" on the item Show my QR and let the merchant use the code to send you the rest.

How to pay with DropPay

Once you top up your account, you can start making purchases in the stores and pay with DropPay. In addition, you can send money to relatives and friends, create an expense fund to pay for the purchases of other people, make transfers, pay bills and make phone top-ups: everything is explained in detail below.

Make purchases via QR code

As already mentioned above, make purchases with DropPay is disarmingly simple: just go to a partner shop, scan the QR code provided by the seller and you're done!

To find the merchants that support DropPay in your area, start the official app of the service and select the item Discover from its main menu (which on Android can be called up by pressing the ☰ button located at the top left, while on iPhone it is at the bottom of the screen). If prompted, allow the app to access your smartphone's geo-location features.

Once you have found the affiliated stores, you can use DropPay to pay in the latter by requesting the appropriate one QR code and framing it with the phone's camera. To scan a QR code with DropPay's official app for Android, first presses the icon with the two arrows located at the bottom right and then on the item Frame it present in the screen that opens. If you use a iPhone, you can access the same menu by opening the DropPay application and selecting the item Frame it from the menu at the bottom.

After framing the QR code provided by the merchant, check that all the correct data are entered in the summary screen and confirm the payment by pressing the appropriate button. Easier than that ?!

Send money

Do you want to send a sum of money to a friend or relative? With DropPay it's very simple, as well as 100% free. To send a sum of money to a person, start the official app of the service, go to the menu Operations and "tap" on the item Send money. If you do not know, the “Operations” menu can be reached by pressing the icon of two arrows which is located at the bottom right on Android or on the item Operations located at the bottom left of the iPhone.

At this point, select the contact to whom you wish to send money (it must be a user already registered with DropPay in the address book of your smartphone), enter the sum you want to give him and presses the button Continue. Then check the correctness of the data entered and, if there are no errors, start the transaction by "tapping" on the item Send.

If you want to send a sum of money to a user who is not yet subscribed to DropPay, access the menu Operations> Send money (as I explained to you earlier), presses on the voice Invite, select a e-mail client from the menu that opens and send the email with the invitation to try DropPay to the person with whom you would like to exchange money.

Create a Grant

With the DropPay app you can also create gods Grant. Don't you know what it is? A Grant is an expense fund that allows you to pay for purchases of specific goods and services on behalf of another person.

To create a Grant and purchase goods or services on behalf of another person, start the official DropPay app, select the item Grant – PagaPer located on the screen Home e pulsing sul pulsating [+] located at the top right. Then select the contact on whose behalf you want to open the Grant (must be a user already registered with DropPay present in the address book of your smartphone), enter the sum you want to add to the expense fund and "tap" the button Continue.

At this point, fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering, in the appropriate text fields, the start date of Grant, that of deadline, the modalities of renewal it's a Description of the expense fund. Finally, indicate the product categories which can be understood in the Grant and presses on the voice Authorize to make the fund active.

Subsequently, you can monitor and change the Grant settings by selecting the appropriate item from the screen Home DropPay app.

Make a bank transfer

With DropPay you can also make transfers to any bank account or any card with an IBAN code. To access this feature, go to the menu Operations DropPay app and presses on the voice Make a bank transfer.

Then type in the name of the beneficiary and its Iban code in the appropriate text fields (leave the option active Save to IBAN address book to store the IBAN and reuse it in other operations), "tap" the button Confirmation, type l 'amount transfer and complete the operation by pressing first on Continue and then Run (make sure that the summary screen contains all the data correctly).

Pay a bulletin

Are you tired of queuing at the post office? Then know that with DropPay you can pay bills simply by framing their QR code or typing their data on your smartphone.

To pay a bulletin with the DropPay app, access the menu Operations and select the item Pay bulletin from the latter. Then choose if frame the code present on the bulletin or if fill in manually all fields.

In the case of scanning the QR code, all you have to do is frame the code with the smartphone camera and confirm the payment. In the case of manual data entry, however, you must first find the beneficiary of the bulletin (via the search bar), then you have to type theamount to be paid and you have to "tap" on the items Continue e Pay per confermare l'operazione.

Charge the phone

Among the functions offered by the DropPay app there is also one for top up your mobile phone credit: to access it, go to the section Operations, select the voice Phone top-up and select il number to top up from the address book of your smartphone. If, on the other hand, you want to top up a number that is not included in your smartphone's address book, tap on the item New number.

Next, select theoperator of the number to top up, set theamount of the recharge by pressing on the appropriate items of the module that is proposed to you and presses the button Run but I will complete the operation.

How to use the DropPay web application

DropPay is designed to be used mainly in the mobile environment. However, if you connect to the DropPay web application from your PC and log in with your credentials, you can consult all your movements, view your account documents and change your account password. Furthermore, if you are a business customer, you can use the service to create Pos and manage the permissions of the checkpoints of the sales-enabled tills.

The DropPay web application can also be accessed from smartphones and tablets via the browser: just connect to the home page of the service, log in with your credentials and you're done.

In case of problems or doubts

By now you should be pretty clear about what is DropPay and how it works. In any case, if you still have doubts about some aspects of the service and / or have encountered some difficulties in opening an account, you can rely on one of the many support channels made available by DropPay.

  • The Help section of the DropPay app - contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the functioning of the service. If you use a terminal Android, you can access it by pressing the ☰ button located at the top left and selecting the item Quick from the menu that appears on the side. If you use a iPhone, instead, you can access it by pressing on the item Quick which is located at the bottom right.
  • The FAQ section of the DropPay site contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the functioning of the service. In the left sidebar you can browse the questions based on the categories they belong to: Generic info, Registration, App, Operations, Business e Safety, while clicking on the button Chat located at the bottom right, it is possible to contact an operator to receive support in real time (the option is available only from 09.00 to 21.00).
  • The email address support@drop-pay.com allows you to receive support from DropPay assistance in case of disservices or problems of various kinds. The technicians respond as soon as possible.
  • The telephone number 02.320.69.600 offers assistance every day from 09.00 to 21.00. It is the number to contact even if you decide to close your account.
  • The DropPay online form allows you to contact DropPay assistance when the answers in the FAQ section are not exhaustive and / or when the chat service is not available.

Finally, I would like to point out the DropPay Facebook and Twitter profiles, through which you can always stay updated on the latest news offered by the service.

Article created in collaboration with DropPay.

DropPay: what it is and how it works

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