How to contact TIM if you are not a customer

Contact TIM if you are not a customer via social network

As mentioned a few lines above, you can contact TIM if you are not a customer through social networks. To succeed, you just need to use Facebook or Twitter. On both platforms, in fact, the famous operator offers official channels to be used to obtain information and assistance for free (obviously excluding any costs of the Internet connection that you are going to use). For more information, please read on: everything is explained below.


A first way to get in touch with TIM online, even from non-customers, is to use Facebook. You ask me how? I'll explain it to you right away, it's very easy. First of all, connect to the social network with your account and go to the official TIM page and press the button Message placed at the top.

In the chat window that you see appear on the screen, write the message to send, briefly explaining your doubt or in any case exposing your question. In the text you can add the hashtag #TIMmobile, if you need information about the mobile line, or the hashtag #TIMfisso, if you need to get clarifications about the fixed line. Then press the button Submit, if you are working as a computer, or the button with thepaper airplane, if you're operating from a mobile device, and that's it.

In a short time, you will receive an answer from TIM. Keep in mind that you can write to TIM customer service on Facebook at any time, but you will receive answers only from 07:00 to 24.00.


You have an account Twitter and do you prefer to get in touch with TIM through the famous microblogging service? Then connect to Twitter with your profile and start composing a new tweet mentioning at the beginning one of the following official accounts of the manager, according to your needs.

  • For the mobile line you can write to @ TIM4USara, @ TIM4ULuca and @ TIM4UFabio.
  • For the landline you can write to @ TIM4UStefano, and @ TIM4UGiulia.

In the message, after mentioning the TIM account, you must briefly describe the reasons that are pushing you to contact TIM. Then press the button Tweet to send it. Keep in mind that the message is public, so remember to do not enter telephone numbers or sensitive data.

Then wait for the TIM operator you have chosen to contact to answer you. At that point, you can continue the conversation privately, via DM, providing any additional information that will be requested.

Even in the case of Twitter, you can write to TIM's customer service at any time, but you will receive an answer only from 07:00 to 24:00 (every day).

Contact TIM if you are not a customer by phone

As anticipated a few lines above, you can contact TIM if you are not already a customer also through phone. To do this, you can take two different paths: talking to the customer care real or with the commercial department. It all depends on your needs. To find out how to do it in both cases, keep reading: find all the explanations you need below.

Costumer Services

Even if you do not yet have a TIM SIM or if you have not activated a fixed line offer with the famous operator, you can contact its customer service without any problems. In this case, however, it is good to keep in mind, the call is not free (as it would be if calling from the TIM line from the city): you pay based on the rate active on your line.

Having made this necessary clarification, to contact TIM's customer service for questions relating to mobile, just make a call to 339 911 9119 and follow the instructions of the voice guide to speak with an operator, or in any case to receive the desired information.

As regards, however, the fixed line, the number to call is 187. Also in this case, once the call has started, just follow the instructions of the voice guide to speak with an operator or, in any case, to obtain the desired information.

Both numbers are active every day of the week 24 hours a day, but only in the time slot between 24:07 and 00:22 is it possible to contact the operators "in the flesh" to obtain commercial information and administrative.

Commercial department

If you are thinking of switching to TIM but you do not yet know if there is a plan that really suits your needs, you can get in touch with the operator by having a consultant call you. To do this, just contact the service Switch to TIM with operator which is free and is active from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00, or on the weekend from 09:00 to 18:00.

To proceed, connected to the TIM website, click on the button Discover attached to any of the offers that scroll through the home page and, in the new page that opened, click on the button Call me. Then put the check mark on the box No, to indicate that you are not a TIM customer, provide yours telephone number in the appropriate field and click on the button Call me right away. In a short time you will receive a call (with prefix 06) from the commercial department of the provider.

Otherwise, another thing you can do is contact the TIM commercial department, through the toll-free number 800 583 993, active from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 19:00.

Online solutions

Lastly, I would like to show you some online solutions which, while not allowing you to contact TIM directly, can still prove useful to dispel any doubts you may have regarding the mobile and fixed line services of the famous operator. I'm talking about the TIM official community and section dedicated to assistance of the website of the operator. To know all the details, please read on.


If you want, you can contact the official TIM community: a sort of forum in which the users of the operator (and those who would like to become one) exchange opinions with each other on relevant issues, ask questions and try to help each other.

To explore the various discussions already started and find those relating to the topics of your interest, you can select the category of your interest from the main page (eg. Activation and portability, Rates and offers, etc.) or you can use the appropriate one Search field placed at the top center of the home page, then typing in the keywords you are interested in and selecting the most relevant suggestion among those proposed to you.

In addition to what I have just indicated, you can try to see if there are interesting topics for you by consulting the sections The latest requests e The best answers, always present on the home page of the community (you can see them by scrolling the page) and which allow you to access, respectively, the requests recently posted on the forum and those that have received the best answers. Further down, however, you will find the section videoguides, which contains links to tutorials related to the TIM world.

If by doing so you cannot find anything that interests you, you can directly ask your question to other users by clicking on the button Ask the community that you find located in the top right of the site's home page.


As I told you, you can also try to take a look at the Assistance section of the TIM website. Inside, you will find fairly in-depth documentation and answers to various frequently asked questions relating to TIM lines.

Of course, it is a solution mostly oriented to those who are already customers of the manager, but it could still be useful to solve any doubts or problems without necessarily having to go through social networks, telephone customer service or community. In short, I advise you to take a look at it, you never know!

To create among the various topics and documentation available, you can use the appropriate Search field at the top or you can explore the sections that you find immediately below (eg. Line and service management). Further down, you will find the section instead Recommended with all the most important topics, which you can access "on the fly" without having to carry out special searches.

How to contact TIM if you are not a customer

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