Change Whatsapp Wallpaper and customize chats

By default, all chats in Whatsapp have the same light background, which isn't bad, but it doesn't help distinguish between different conversations and doesn't have a dark background night mode at the moment.
Among the options for customize Whatsapp there is also the one for change the background of chats all or even single conversations (in order to make them easier to recognize and not to send messages to the wrong people), in order to give a different aspect to the various conversations on the phone, be it an Android or an iPhone. The only thing you need is only the image to use as a background, which can be a photograph or a more suitable background that does not disturb the reading.

In addition to the background, it is possible customize individual Whatsapp chats with different images, even for groups, with the use of emoticons other than the predefined ones.

First of all, to change wallpaper to Whatsapp there is a general option that applies to all within the settings. Then press the button that leads to Settings, then go to Chat to find the Background option that allows you to change it for all chats.
On Android smartphones and iPhones you can choose to use any photo of the camera roll or the gallery or even one background with solid color, so as to put maybe a black or dark colored background that is less annoying in the evening.

You can change wallpaper in Whatsapp even just on a chat, single or group: Open the conversation with a contact or group, then press the key with three dots at the top right and tap on Background. The background chosen here, which can also be a photograph, will be applied only to that chat, so as to make it different from all other conversations. To make the chat more readable, you can choose a degree of transparency of the background so that it does not bother reading.

The option to use a custom image is not available on the Whatsapp web version, where it is however possible to change the color of the chat background in the general settings.

If you want to use a custom background in Whatsapp chats, you can download it and save it in the gallery without any problems. To make things easier you can download an application to download and choose wallpapers for the chat.
For Android, Whatsapp provides a separate wallpaper app called Whatsapp Wallpaper which is automatically downloaded if you choose to use the Wallpaper Library when selecting the wallpaper. This collection, however, is really limited to very few images and has been like this for several years now, with no additions or changes.

Better then to use wallpaper and image applications different that we can identify in the stores:

- Per Android HD Wallpapers app, not specific for Whatsapp, but can be used to download images to use on chats.

- For iPhone you can use the Wallpapers HD app or the super popular Vellum Wallpapers.

More app to download wallpapers for Android and iPhone for free I'm in another article.

As mentioned above, it is possible customize Whatsapp chats by changing the group conversation icon in order to make them easier to recognize. To do this, you have to open the conversation, then touch the title at the top to enter the information and touch the image at the top to be able to change it. Anyone can change the image of a group, unless the administrator has changed the group settings limiting the ability to change the image and description for all participants.

Another way to personalize Whatsapp is, as written in another article, that of add Emoticons and Smilies in Whatsapp, other than the default ones.

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