How to use Memoji on WhatsApp

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Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to use Memoji on WhatsApp I have to give you some preliminary information about it.

You must, in fact, know that the Memoji they are stickers that depict animals or other entities and that follow facial expressions, such as a smile or a laugh. These can also be created in your own image and likeness. They are available "standard" on the iPhone equipped with iOS 13 (or later) and on iPad with iPadOS.

For Android, on the other hand, solutions similar to Memoji they are available by default only on some smartphone models, such as the most recent ones Samsung, thanks to functionality Emoji AR. On all different Android models, however, in order to use them, you must have already created them through third-party apps.

Having said that, in the next few lines of this guide, I will explain how to use the Memoji you have previously created, showing you how to proceed from iPhone, Android and computer.

How to use Memoji on Whatsapp on iPhone

Le Memoji iPhone default, or those created in your own image and likeness, can be sent to friends via the chat WhatsApp, using the default iOS virtual keyboard.

That said, to succeed, start the WhatsApp that you have downloaded on your "iPhone by", identify the user to whom you want to send the Memoji, through the section Chat, and presses on his name, to open the dedicated conversation.

At this point, tap on the text field dedicated to sending messages to open the virtual keyboard. Then he presses onmappamondo icon and, in the screen that is shown to you, tap onicon dell'orologio, to view all recently used smilies.

Now, swipe left to see the Memoji used frequently then, to send them, tap on one of those that are shown to you. Alternatively, click on the icon (...), to open the panel named Memoji stickers and view the complete list of all the others Memoji that can be sent.

If you don't like the default Memoji and would like to create new ones, you can do so via the default feature (the [+]) and following the directions I gave you in my guide on how to create Memoji on iPhone.

How to use Memoji on Whatsapp on Android

As mentioned in the previous chapter, on Android solutions similar to Memoji from Apple are available "standard" only on some models, such as the most recent smartphones Samsung, where the manufacturer's app called Emoji AR, dedicated specifically to the creation and personalization of these stickers.

On all other Android models, however, in order to create them and therefore to be able to consequently use them, it is necessary to make use of third-party apps, such as Bitmoji or Wemoji: tools that I told you about in detail in my guide dedicated to topic or the one dedicated to the creation of personalized stickers.

That said, if you already have them or if you have created them using one of the solutions indicated above, you can use them on WhatsApp referring to the indications I am about to give you.

To get started, start the WhatsApp that you have downloaded on your device and locate, through the section Chat, the person you want to interact with.

Then tap on his name to open the dedicated private conversation, then press theemoticon icon located in the text field located at the bottom.

Once this is done, press on Memoji icon added, to see all the stickers you have previously imported (via the [+]), in the WhatsApp stickers menu (the sheet icon). Finally, to send the Memoji in the chat, you just have to tap on the one you are interested in.

Also, in case an iOS user has sent you Memoji in the chat of WhatsApp, you can also save them in your favorites, to be able to use them in turn. In this case, keep your finger pressed on the sticker in question and tap thestarlet icon which appears at the top.

The saved Memoji are in the same section I told you about in the previous lines, as they are visible in the tab Add to Wishlist (the star icon) located in the stickers section of WhatsApp (the sheet).

How to use Memoji on Whatsapp on computer

Purposes WhatsApp from a PC, via its official desktop client or via WhatsApp Web? In this case you must know that, in this specific case, the Memoji they can only be used if they have previously been imported as stickers within the WhatsApp app.

However, this operation is only possible on Android where, thanks to the help of third-party apps dedicated to the creation of the same but also to import, such as Wemoji, it is possible to create personalized stickers. Up iPhoneHowever, this is not possible, as Memoji are not a feature that is directly integrated into WhatsApp (you can only create stickers).

That said, in order to use Memoji on WhatsApp Web or in the WhatsApp destkop client, access it by scanning the QR code with the smartphone, in order to view the active chats on the computer, in mirroring.

At this point, locate the conversation of your interest and click on the name of the user you want to chat with. Then press onemoticon icon and then onsheet icon, to open the sticker menu.

Identify, therefore, the Memoji previously added and, finally, click on the one you want to use, to send it in the chat.

How to use Memoji on WhatsApp

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