Change font and font on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook (Android)

Change font and font on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook (Android) In this article, we see a list of 10 free Android apps to generate and change stylish and beautiful writing fonts, other than the default smartphone ones, ideal for writing text on photos, on Instagram stories, on Facebook posts and even in Whatsapp or Messenger messages. Technically these are not tools for adding a character set to the phone, but they are font converters to Unicode characters, so, in other words, they are easy to use, require no setting changes and can only be used when needed, when you want, without overlapping the default settings. You can then generate posts, stories and chat messages written with fictional characters, colored writings, upside down writings, special characters of all kinds and customized words.
The font changes automatically to the chosen text style and the text can be copied with a single tap within Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook or other sharing or message apps. In addition to creating fonts, these apps work for creating decorative text, creating emojis with fancy symbols, numbers and elegant text, captions and lettering on photos, and much more.

1) Cool Fonts

As the name suggests, Cool Fonts is a collection of special fonts to write in a fun and captivating way, to capture attention in shared images and messages in Whatsapp groups. The app is very simple to use: when you open the app, the list of different fonts appears divided into many categories such as bubbles, small caps, magic, paranormal, strikethrough, thin, lowercase, etc. To copy the character, simply touch the character. Once you've copied the font, you can paste it wherever you want. Before choosing and copying the font, it is possible to preview the writing that will be sent as a message or shared in a story.
You can use this app to decorate text by tapping the Text Decorator.

2) Stylish Text

Stylish Text is a font generator can be used in any app where you write text, which integrates within it. To use it, you must first provide permissions in the options screen. Once done, you can open Whatsapp or any other app where you can write, type the words and then tap and select them, bringing up the copy and paste menu. Instead of copying and pasting, tap the three-dot button that appears next to it to see other options and find Stylish. You can then choose the type of font with which to transform the text. Alternatively you can copy the text directly from Stylish.

3) Text Font Generator

Text Font Generator is a free Android application to generate any type of font with which to write messages on Whatsapp, posts and stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social networks. After opening the app, you can write the text to share and then choose the font. Once you have copied this text, you can paste it into any text field you want. Key features include cool fonts, elegant text for writing Instagram biographies and stories, rare symbols, decorations, encrypted messages, link generator, flipped or flipped text and the random generator.

4) Cool Text Styles

Cool Text Styles is another app to use as a font generator for Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. The app has a nice collection of fonts for you to preview. The Effect Maker allows you to convert normal text with an elegant or fun font. To generate fonts, you have to write in the text field at the top and then copy it to paste it in the app you want such as Instagram or Whatsapp.

5) Chat Styles

Chat Styles is an app designed for Whatsapp and other Messenger, which allows you to send messages written in a nice or cool way. To use the app, just write the message or post directly into Chat Styles, then choose the font and share it as a message.

6) Fontify

Fontify is another simple app, free and similar to the others, which allows you to write in a special font among those available and to copy and paste in other apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or others.

7) Cool Fonts for Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

Cool Fonts it is similar to other applications, with as many as 50 fonts to choose from. The app also has a feature to decorate the text in a personalized way.

8) Source for instagram

There are several apps, similar to those seen above, which are specialized to add funny and different writing in Instagram stories or posts or even in the biography. Among these, one of the best is Instagram Font Style, with 30 different font styles.

9) Fancy Fonts

Fancy fonts is another app to create fonts on Instagram and Whatsapp for Android, free to use, with many different fonts to choose from. There are also the Font decorator and the emoticons. To use the special writings you have to copy and paste from the app.

10) Change fonts on Android

If you wanted a way to completely change the font of the phone and, therefore, replace the default one, there are some applications to use, even if on many smartphones they require root permissions (except in some smartphones such as the Huawei P, the Honor and i Samsung Galaxy). Among these we can mention HiFont and iFont, similar to each other, which allow you to download a new font and apply it to the phone theme. Both apps are only partially free and with limitations.

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