Extensions for Whatsapp Web on Chrome

Those who use Whatsapp from a PC can find very convenient a series of tools that increase or improve the functionality of the whatsapp site.
To optimize the use of Whatsapp via the web, we can therefore install some extensions to add some features to Chrome.
For example, you can make it easier and faster to share photos and images found on the internet in Whatsapp chats or you can have a notification indicator that tells us how many unread messages are, even if we do not have the Whatsapp site open. .
To have these and other functions in Whatsapp on PC, we can then install these Chrome extensions to improve Whatsapp Web.

NOTE: In order for this tool to work with Chrome, you must first log in to Whatsapp via website which, remember, requires the smartphone to be connected to the internet and have Whatsapp active.

1) Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages is the extension to use to send personalized messages at once to many numbers together, even more than 100, via Whatsapp web.

2) WA Web Plus for WhatsApp is an extension that adds several features to Whatsapp Web, including night mode, additional Facebook-like emojis, the ability to chat with phone numbers not added to the address book and then features to improve privacy to hide all messages from recent chats, contact names, contact pictures, chat window.
3) Notifier for WhatsApp Web is another Chrome extension to integrate Whatsapp notifications so you don't miss any messages on your computer.

4) WebMessenger is an app to access Whatsapp Web from a dedicated window that allows you to keep Whatsapp active on your PC at any time, in the background, without having to open the site on a tab. The app also shows notifications with a popup and has a series of options arranged on a button bar at the top which also includes a bar for doing internet searches.

5) Hide Media is an extension that allows you to cover images in Whatsapp chats, in order to maintain some privacy in case you were in a place with other people.

6) WAToolkit is the extension to activate Whatsapp notifications in Chrome even without keeping the site active on a tab, ideal for those who work a lot on the computer and want to receive notifications of new incoming messages directly on the computer. The most useful thing is the WAToolkit icon on the taskbar which shows in Chrome the number of unread messages.

7) Finally, I remember the solution of Pushbullet, the app that shows mobile phone notifications on the PC, which allows, even before the Whatsapp website existed, to reply to Whatsapp messages from PC.

Extensions for Whatsapp Web on Chrome

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