How Flowe Works

Flowe: costs

Before getting to the heart of the tutorial and explaining how to open and manage your account on Flowe, it seems only right to illustrate the plans and costs of the service.

  • Piano Fan - is Flowe's basic plan with no monthly fee. It includes an account with an in your languagen IBAN, a virtual debit card Mastercard (the natural wood debit card can be requested for 15 euros, FREE if you use the code Ridingworks during registration!), free ATM withdrawals in euros (with a 2% commission in another currency with min.3 euros), free SEPA transfers, top-ups with other accounts for free, self-top-ups from other cards for 1 euros, 3 drops for achieve their savings goals and 1 group for shared expenses. Maximum balance 10.000 euros.
  • Piano Friend - is Flowe's most comprehensive plan. It costs 10 euros / month and is without restrictions (you can come and go whenever you want). It includes all the benefits of the Fan plan plus unlimited savings drops, unlimited shared expense groups, free ATM withdrawals in any currency, free auto-top-ups from other cards and a maximum balance of 75.000 euros. In addition, it includes the EcoBalance functionality where for all the expenses made with the card the Co2 produced is estimated which is then compensated by planting trees with the monthly and annual limits seen above.

Flowe: paper

Sustainability is one of the issues that lie at the heart of Flowe's action, and this can also be understood from physical debit card that you can request.

La Flowe Cardin fact, it is a Mastercard debit card made from natural wood from responsibly managed forests. It respects rigorous environmental standards, in addition, when required, thanks to the collaboration with ZeroCo2, a tree planted is dedicated to compensate for the CO2 emissions produced.

The card contains microchip, magnetic stripe and support for contactless technology and, as well as the virtual card provided when opening the account, it can be added to systems such as Google Pay and Apple Pay with the possibility of managing it conveniently from an app.

In fact, selecting your own paper in the Flowe app, you can put in break the latter, adjust i spending limits and choose whether or not to activate it for it shopping online. From the same screen it is also possible request the physical card by following the quick on-screen directions. The card can be received comfortably at home within a few days. And if you enter the code Ridingworks during registration, you will get the wooden card for free!

Flowe: sustainability

Flowe embraces the philosophy of BetterBeing Economy, whereby each of us is committed to having a healthier and healthier lifestyle sustainable, to be in harmony with the others sharing their results and taking care ofenvironment.

All this is translated into concrete actions thanks to the activities that Flowe carries out with its people sustainable partners and which are promoted directly within the service app.

For example, thanks to the collaboration with the fin-tech startup Doconomy, Flowe can estimate the CO2 emitted by your Flowe Card expenses and try to compensate for it, in order to have a cleaner planet. Compensation takes place through cooperation with ZeroCO2, an innovative startup that deals with reforestation projects that generate food security and economic support for local communities.

Together with ZeroCO2, Flowe allows its customers to offset the CO2 emissions generated by their Flowe Card expenses by planting new trees. You can activate the Eco Balance Flowe by subscribing to the Friend plan.

By accessing, instead, the section Mewe application is possible find out the results personal and community (the so-called Flome) as regards the steps taken (remember to grant the app permissions to access physical activity data), the minutes of training newspapers, theinteraction with other users of the community, the courses on personal growth followed in Flowe, the savings added to the Drop and kg of CO2 offset.

Finally, in the section Explore of the app, by pressing on the appropriate tabs dedicated to partner, you can find information and join other sustainable initiatives.

For more information on Flowe's sustainability activities, visit the official website. If, on the other hand, you want to know all the costs and info in detail, go to in the transparency section. Here you will find the rules and the account information sheet.

Flowe: personal growth

To be in harmony with others and try to build a better world, one must first of all be in harmony with oneself. Therefore, in Flowe there is a large section dedicated to personal growth, in which you vary GoodLuck Creators (ordinary boys and girls who, at some point in their lives, felt the need to change, creating their own luck) tell their stories and give useful insights on how to grow in various fields, both personal and professional, through courses divided into short videos.

You can find these courses in the section Mewe Flowe app, by accessing the tabs in the area Focus. For more details on promoting personal growth in Flowe, however, consult the official website.

Flowe: Arcadia, badges, points and gems

Who said that being sustainable and improving yourself can't also be fun and convenient from an economic point of view?

With Arcadia, Flowe offers a nice system of achievements and rewards, through which you can unlock gods badge related to various activities and obtaining gods points to accumulate over time (Friend users get more).

There are various types of badges. Those Empower they are unlocked by performing some basic app activities for the first time (e.g. opening an account or setting a passcode in the app); those Discovery they are unlocked after discovering and using Flowe's more advanced features (e.g. exchanging money or taking 10.000 steps a day); those The Real FloMe relate to activities related to lifestyle (eg redemption of cashback), while those The Real FloWe are related to activities shared with the community (e.g. inviting friends to Flowe). Then there are the badges Better me that relate to personal growth and those Master Planner which concern, instead, the organization of resources.

It is then possible to earn gem, through which you can buy services and subscriptions in Flowe or convert your treasure into gift cards and experiences to buy in Bazaar of the app (accessible from the Explore). Gems can be obtained by completing various missions, such as bring friends to Flowe by having them register with their friend code (there are 100 free gems for each friend made to sign up, with an extra bonus of 200 gems for the first 10 friends brought to Flowe).

The Arcadia area with all the data on badges, points and accumulated gems is accessible from the page of your own Profile in the Flowe app, by pressing on the tab Arcadia.

How to use Flowe

Now that you know all the features that distinguish Flowe, I think the time has come to go to practice and see how to open and manage an account through the official app of the service. Here is all explained in detail.

How to open an account on Flowe

The first step you need to take for open an account on Flowe is to download the official app of the service, which is available for both Android and iOS. If you don't know how to do it, visit the links I just provided you directly from your device, or look for the app in your device's store and select it from the results (the colored bubble icon on a black background); then press the button Installa / Ottieni. If you are using an iPhone, you may be asked to verify your identity.

Once the download is complete, start the Flowe app, grant it permission to send you notifications and press pulsating Subscribe. At this point, scroll through the presentation pages and press the button Registration begins, I will continue.

Then enter yours telephone number on the page that is proposed to you, go forward and type il verification code you received via SMS, in order to verify your number. Once this is done, you need to set up a pass code of 5 digits to protect access to the app: to do this, press the arrow, type il code you want to use, go forward and repeat entering the code.

If you have a smartphone with face recognition o fingerprint sensor, you will be asked if you also want to use this system to access the Flowe app: choose freely according to your preferences.

Now you need to verify your e-mail address: then type the address you want to use to register with Flowe in the field Email, or forward and type il verification code that is sent to you by e-mail.

Once this has been verified, type a promotional code (if you enter the code Ridingworks, you will get the wooden card for free!) and read i carefully Flowe and InfoCert documents: after having read the texts in question, check the box you see below and go forward. Then choose which ones consents give about the data processing and press once again on the arrow, in order to proceed with the procedure.

Now you have to follow the final "flow" necessary to open the account, which is made up of four steps: entering the tax code, take a photo of your ID, entering some personal information e recording a short selfie video. The process can be interrupted and resumed where it left off at any time.

To begin, press on the arrow and choose which document to use to verify your identity between electronic identity card, passport, license e paper identity card (the first two guarantee faster recording times). Once you have made your choice, follow the on-screen directions for take a picture of the front side it's a retro photo of the chosen document, making sure that the result is clear and legible.

Then check that the information on the document shown on the screen is correct (otherwise change it) and, in the case of an electronic identity card, if you have a smartphone that supports NFC technology, press the button Read document to scan the document with the phone's NFC reader and automatically "capture" all the information contained within it; otherwise press the button Proceed without reading and provide the information manually, following the instructions on the screen.

Once you have entered and / or verified the document data, confirm if yours domicile and residence match (otherwise enter your residence information) and follow the on-screen instructions to make a selfie video in which to recover from the front following the instructions given by the app (eg turn your head left or right, or close your eyes). Make sure the footage is clear and that you are recognizable.

Even after making the video, you have to answer a few questions, for example if you are opening an account for personal or family expenses, what's yours profession, what's your tax residence, what is yours gross annual income and yours total assets and what's your main one source of income; finally, you have to say if you are US citizen and if you are (or have been) politically exposed (this is information to be entered by law, based on anti-money laundering regulations).

You're almost there! Then press the button for request the certificate necessary to digitally sign the contract for opening the Flowe account; then read the contract and click on Accept, to accept it. Then press the button Accept, to also accept the documentation on unfair terms; enter the code you receive via SMS, to sign the contract, and that's it.

Now you just have to wait for the Flowe staff to do all the necessary checks and activate your account. Generally, it takes a few hours. However, you will be notified as soon as your account is active.

Once you have access to your account, the Flowe app will ask you to set up your own when you first start it Security Token: a personalized 5-digit code that you will be asked for for payments in case of expenses over 25 euros, when you reach the threshold of 100 euros with consecutive expenses below 25 euros and after the fourth expense below 25 euros. If you have a smartphone with biometric recognition system (fingerprint / face), you can choose whether to use the latter as well.

Once the code has been set, you will have access to the screen Home Flowe app containing the current balance, the last expense, quick links to yours Profile (top), to the management panel of the paper and the buttons for Cash In (account top-up) e Cash out (payments). At the bottom, however, there is the menu to navigate in the various sections of the app.

In the menu you find the item Money, which allows you to manage movements, savings drops, spending groups and Cashback; Mewe provides access to Flowe's sustainability and personal growth initiatives, while in Explore there are the Bazaar with offers, gift cards and experiences to buy in cash or with gems and partner initiatives.

How to top up your Flowe account

There are basically three ways to go top up a Flowe account: by performing a transfer to the IBAN of the latter (which I remind you to be an in your languagen IBAN); using a paper (in case of self-recharge, the first recharge is free, the others cost 1 euro) or asking other Flowe users for money present in the address book.

To proceed, press the button Cash In present nella schermata Home app and select the tab recharge, to view theIBAN of your account and top up by bank transfer (the cost of the operation will be that provided by the bank from which the transfer is made; credit times are also variable, generally equal to a couple of working days).

Alternatively, click on the button À la Carte, to top up by debit / credit card, specifying the amount to top up and then entering the card details. In this case, the credit is immediate. As already mentioned, the first top-up, in case of self-top-up, is free, while the others cost 1 euro.

Finally, you can select the tab Request to select your contact who also uses Flowe and request a sum to be credited to your account. Also in this case, the credit will be immediate.

How to pay with Flowe

You can use your Flowe account and card (both virtual and physical) to make various payments.

First, you can carry out Online shopping using the details of your Flowe card, virtual or physical, which you can find in the appropriate section of the app. As for the purchases in physical stores, you can use the virtual Flowe card with Google Pay o Apple Pay, in shops that support contactless payments (you can add the card to these systems by pressing the button in the application). If you have requested the physical Flowe card, you can use the latter by physically inserting it into the POS of the store or using, again, the contactless technology.

You can also send money at no cost to other Flowe users by pressing the button Cash out present nella schermata Home of the app and going to the tab Flowe friends. You can also make free SEPA transfers by going to the tab Operations (always in the section Cash out of the app) and pressing on the appropriate item.

How to get Cashback with Flowe

Flowe also allows you to participate in the State cashback, the initiative of the in your languagen government that allows for up to 150 euros in reimbursement every 6 months for purchases made with electronic money at physical stores throughout the country; all without obtaining the SPID credentials and without going through the IO app of the Public Administration.

To participate in the State Cashback with Flowe, just go to the section Money app, select the tab Cashback, press the button Attiva, follow the short presentation and then press the buttons Activate Cashback e OK, in order to register Flowe as a valid payment system for the initiative and set the Flowe IBAN as the IBAN for the reimbursement destination. Later, always through the section Cashback of the app, you will be able to see how much cashback you have accumulated and what ranking position you are in.

With Flowe you can also get a cashback for online purchases on over 700 selected brands (in collaboration with BuyOn). To find out more, go to the Cashback section of the application and press the button Earn. You will be able to redeem your cashbacks after accumulating at least 15 euros in refunds.

How to save and manage expenses with Flowe

Other Flowe features that are definitely worth mentioning are i Savings drop, to save in view of achieving your goals (eg a vacation or the purchase of a new smartphone) and Expense groups, for expenses shared with friends and / or relatives. You can create and manage both i Drop that Expense groups by accessing the section Money of the app.

As for the Drops, to create one, press the appropriate button and type the Title that you want to assign (eg. New smartphone); then sets thegoal to reach (i.e. the sum to be set aside), indicates his topical (i.e. the category to which it belongs, eg. Travel o Hi-Tech) and enter a Expiration date. With the latter figure, the app will also tell you how much you should set aside, on average, each day to reach your goal on time.

Then choose whether to set the goal, going forward, or whether to continue without goal. Finally, choose how to set aside the money for your Drop: with Auto Cash In, that is, with the automatic addition of the necessary funds to your Drop on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; or with Rounding, that is, putting aside the "change" for each expense of 1, 5 or 10 euros made with Flowe. You can then monitor the progress, modify, pause or even delete your Drop by selecting it from the screen Money of Flowe.

To set a new Expense groupinstead, press the appropriate button (always in the section Money of the app) and follow the presentation. Then assign a name to the group you intend to create, indicate it category of belonging (eg. Home, Travel o Family) and select i contact Flowe to be involved in it.

In this way you will be able to divide the expenses in common, divide the expenses equally, customize the figures or assign multiple shares to a single friend, as needed, being sure that everyone does their part.

For more information

You should now be pretty clear about Flowe and how it works. In case of further doubts, however, you can contact the virtual assistant WAI, who is available 24/24 to answer all Flowe questions. To interact with the latter and ask him your questions, click here.

If, on the other hand, you want to know all the costs and info in detail, go to in the transparency section. Here you will find the rules and the account information sheet.

Article created in collaboration with Flowe.

How Flowe Works

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