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What is and how it works

Before going into the specific procedure of using, you need to start this guide by explaining in detail what it actually is and how does it work. is a social network platform that allows interaction between users in order to indicate an appreciation by "like" and by answering specific mini quizzes. To be able to use it in all its aspects it is necessary to register an account for free: the purpose is, in fact, to share the link to your profile with other users, inviting other people to leave you a "like".

Users who register a, in fact, they usually share the link of their profile in other popular social networks (such as Facebook o Instagram, for example), inviting their friends to appreciate them through the special tools made available by the service.

Unlike other social networks, is characterized by its extreme ease of use and its really intuitive interface: there is no need for an application, since all its functions can be used from PC and Mac, through any desktop browser, and at the the same way also by surfing the Internet through a browser installed on smartphones and tablets.

In a nutshell the operation of is the following: just register your account, share the link of your wall and wait for others to send appreciation. Those who want to use to appreciate the profiles of other users, you do not have to create your own profile.

How to register for

If you want to use all the features of, you must register your profile on this social network. Keep in mind that the registration procedure I am about to tell you is the same, whether you are using a browser for PC or Mac (Google Chrome or Safari, for example), whether you are browsing the Internet from your Android smartphone or tablet or iOS.

Then open the browser you use to browse online and type in the address bar Then press the button to send the typed text: you will be able to find yourself on the Home Page of

From the main page of this social network, click on the button now Create your daily quiz profile: a new page of the website will open through which you can proceed to register your account.

Then fill in all the text fields you see on the screen: choose theusername, type the Password and yours email address, choose yours Tag Color (the reference color for your profile, which you can also change later) and press the button Create my CrushTag to confirm your willingness to create your user profile.

At this point you will be shown the reference URL for your profile: this link will be characterized by the common wording ttp:// followed by the username you indicated during registration (for example

This is your profile link and you can share it with other users to invite them to comment. If you forget the URL, know that you can retrieve it at any time; I'll explain how to do it in the following lines.

How to access

Now that you've registered yours Crushtag and you then proceeded to create your profile on, the time has come to see how it works in detail. But first you must log in with the data you registered.

Then go back to its main Internet page at the link and click on the button that presents the menu symbol (three horizontal lines). To log in, enter yours username and yours Password using the appropriate text fields: confirm the data entered and log in by pressing the button Login; you will then be redirected to your

To customize your profile, click on the button Profile Info. You can then change your username at any time (Display name), personalize your profile by indicating a description (Description) for your wall and indicate the links of your other social networks (for example Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr…etc. etc.).

Other types of customization you can make for your profile involve changing your profile photo (Edit picture). As I told you, you can also change the Tag Color: to do this, choose the new color from those in the drop-down menu Tag Color, confirm your choice by pressing the button Go.

How to use

As I told you, the purpose of is mainly to share the link of your user profile, inviting other users to leave a like (+1) or to indicate an appreciation through the mini quizzes available (What do you like about me? e My Previous Daily Quizes)

For this purpose, I invite you to read my guide on how to put on Instagram: many "quick like" on they arrive thanks to the sharing of their profile on the Facebook photo social network.

You no longer remember your profile link of Don't worry, retrieving it is very simple: once you're logged into your profile, just click on the address bar and copy the URL. I remind you that the link of a profile on è followed by the user's name, for example (the symbol ~ can also be removed).

Alternatively, to find yours Crushtag, by clicking on this link. In the text field you see on the screen, just type your username and press the button Get Code! You will be returned the referral link for your profile. Easy, right?

How works

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