How to get WhatsApp for free

Free WhatsApp for Android

If you are using an Android smartphone, open the Google Play Store (the white bag icon with the “play” symbol in the center) and search WhatsApp in the search bar at the top. Then select the icon WhatsApp Messenger (the green balloon with the white handset inside) present in the screen that opens and first presses the button Install e poi quello Accept to start the application download.

At the end of the download (it should take just a few seconds), go to the screen with all the apps installed on your smartphone and start WhatsApp. Pulia quindi sul pulsating Accetta and continue to accept the terms of use of the application, type yours cellphone number in the appropriate text field, press the green button with right arrow and rispondi OK to the message that appears on the screen.

Within a few seconds you should receive a confirmation code via SMS: digit it in the screen that opens and presses on check mark button to verify your identity. If you do not receive any code, select the item Call me which is located at the bottom and waits for the call through which you will be dictated your verification code by voice.

After this step too, choose the name and profilo's photo to be used on WhatsApp, press the button NEXT twice in a row and start using the application. Your friends who use WhatsApp will be automatically added to contacts via the Android address book.

The rest is almost useless to explain. To start a conversation on WhatsApp, go to the tab Contacts application and choose the name of the person you want to contact. To initiate an internet call or send a file, use the icons in the handset and clip which are located at the top right.

Alternative method

Can't find the Google Play Store on your smartphone? Then you probably have a cheap phone that doesn't include Google services for licensing issues. To remedy the problem, download WhatsApp from its official website and install it "manually", it is not difficult.

All you have to do is open the browser of your smartphone (eg. Chrome) and connect to the website On the page that opens, presses the button Download Now, choose to open the link with the browser you are using (eg Chrome), answer OK at the notice that appears below and wait for the WhatsApp installation package to be downloaded to your phone.

Once the download is complete, expand the Android notification menu (swipe down from the top of the screen) or open the app Download and select the file WhatsApp.apk. In the screen that opens, presses the buttons Install e apri and follow the initial WhatsApp configuration procedure as explained a few lines above.

If when you open the WhatsApp installation package you see an error message, you need to activate support for applications from unknown sources (i.e. from sources other than the Play Store) on your smartphone. Then go to the settings Android (the gear icon), select the item Safety from the menu that opens, activate the option Unknown origin and rispondi OK to the warning that appears on the screen.

Free WhatsApp for iPhone

have WhatsApp for free on iPhone, open theApp Store (the blue icon with the letter “A” printed in the center), select the card Search which is at the bottom right and search WhatsApp in the search bar located at the top.

Next, locate the icon of WhatsApp Messenger (the green balloon with the white handset inside) among the search results, presses the button Ottieni / Installa located next to it and, if necessary, authenticate using your Apple ID password or by placing your finger on the Home button (if you have an iPhone model with a Touch ID sensor).

When the download is complete, start WhatsApp by selecting its icon on the home screen of the "iPhone by", allow access to the address book and notifications from the application and press the button Accetta and continue to start its initial setup procedure.

Then type yours cellphone number in the appropriate text field, presses the buttons end e Yes and confirm your identity by typing the code you will receive via SMS. If the message does not arrive, wait for the 5-minute countdown to finish and select the item Call me to receive the verification code via a voice call.

Finally, choose the name and profilo's photo you want to use on WhatsApp, go to the tab Add to Wishlist application and start messaging with friends, colleagues, etc. selecting their names.

Free WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp is also compatible with Windows Phone. If you have a smartphone equipped with this operating system, to install the application open the Windows Phone Store (the bag icon with the Windows flag "printed" in the center) and presses the icon of magnifying glass placed in the lower center.

Seek therefore WhatsApp, select the application icon that appears on the screen and press the button Install to start the download. When finished, go back to the main Windows Phone screen, swipe from right to left and select WhatsApp from the list of applications installed on your phone.

At this point, accept the terms of use of the app, type yours cellphone number and confirm your identity using the verification code that is sent to you via SMS. The procedure to follow is practically identical to the one we have already seen for Android and iPhone.

Free WhatsApp for PC

Would you like to use WhatsApp on your PC? It can be done, but don't give in to easy enthusiasm. The only way to have WhatsApp on your computer is to "duplicate" the application from your smartphone using the WhatsApp Web service or the official WhatsApp client for Windows and macOS, which is nothing more than a simplified interface for WhatsApp Web.

To access WhatsApp Web, connect to the home page of the service using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Microsoft Edge and scan the QR code that appears at the top left with the smartphone camera. To scan the QR code, open WhatsApp, press the button (...) and select the item Web WhatsApp from the menu that opens. The procedure is valid on both Android and Windows Phone, on the iPhone you have to go to the tab instead Settings of WhatsApp and select the item Web WhatsApp from the screen that opens.

If you prefer to use the official WhatsApp client for Windows or macOS, connect to the WhatsApp website and click on the button Download for Windows / Download for Mac OS X to download the program to your computer.

When the download is complete, if you are using a Windows PC, open the file WhatsAppSetup.exe and wait a few seconds for the WhatsApp installation procedure to be completed automatically. If you're using a Mac, open the folder instead Applications macOS and drag the WhatsApp client icon into it.

At this point, start WhatsApp for Windows or macOS, scan the QR code as explained above for WhatsApp Web and start using WhatsApp on your computer. For the service to continue to work, the smartphone on which WhatsApp is installed must be turned on and connected to the Internet (not necessarily to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer). To learn more, read my guide dedicated to WhatsApp for PC.

Free WhatsApp for tablets

Officially, WhatsApp is not compatible with tablets. However, there are apps and "subterfuges" that allow you to bypass this limit and use the service even on Android tablets and iPads.

As for tablets Android, there are devices equipped with voice line support that allow you to install WhatsApp and activate it with your SIM number. On tablets without voice line support, however, WhatsApp must be activated using the number of an external phone (phone on which a copy of WhatsApp must not already be active). Or you can turn to applications such as Messenger Tablet for Android that allow you to use WhatsApp Web from your tablet. For more information see my guide on how to install WhatsApp on Android tablets.

Su iPad things get more difficult: to install WhatsApp you have to unlock the device by jailbreak and "physically" move the application from an iPhone, as explained in my tutorial on how to install WhatsApp on iPad. Alternatively, you can turn to apps that allow you to use WhatsApp Web from your tablet, such as WhatsPad Messenger.

How to get WhatsApp for free

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