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If you are interested in understanding how to contact Sony customer service to receive assistance regarding one of the products of the Japanese giant, this is the section of the tutorial that is right for you: below, in fact, I show you some simple steps to take to succeed in this intent.

Contacting Sony: PS4

Contacting Sony

If you encounter a console issue PlayStation or one of the products related to the latter, you will be pleased to know that Sony offers a special call center dedicated to owners of PS4, PS5 e PlayStation VR; in some cases, it is also possible to receive assistance and support regarding any problems, malfunctions or other disservices connected to the accounts PlayStation Network (PSN) e PlayStation Plus (PS Plus).

The number to dial for contact Sony PlayStation is the 02.36009081: the service is available from Monday to Saturday, from PM10:00 pm PM19:00. The phone call costs one telephone call to fixed numbering, charged according to the plan active on your line.

I anticipate immediately that this service, purely dedicated to technical assistance, does not provide information on the supply of specific products, delivery dates or any supplies dedicated to physical and / or online stores.

All clear? All right, then let's get started. After starting a phone call to the number I indicated a little while ago, listen carefully to the instructions of the voice guide, in order to access the section that best suits your problem: then press the key 1 for console support PlayStation 5, or the key 2 to get assistance on PlayStation 4 o PlayStation VR.

Once you have made your choice, proceed according to the instructions you receive later: for example, in the case of the PlayStation 4, you must then press the button 1, to get in touch with an operator in flesh and blood, and then again the button 1, to accept any registration of the phone call, in order to improve the service. Once this is done, you just have to wait for the operator to respond to the request for assistance.

However, keep in mind that the keys to press to access the various sections of Sony assistance may change at any time; therefore, in order to avoid repetitions and unnecessary waste of time, listen carefully to the indications of the guide voice and adjust according to them.

If, on the other hand, your problem concerns the virtual content connected to the PlayStation universe (games, pre-orders, subscriptions and the like), you can use the appropriate support page to get in direct contact with Sony: therefore connect to this website and, to get started, indicate the reason for your request (eg. PlayStation Store refunds and cancellations, if you want to request a refund for a game you haven't played yet) using the drop-down menu Select a topic.

Next, fill out the proposed form with the required information (name, ID PSN, contact email address e email address associated with PSN) and specifies, using the options proposed, the additional details regarding the request in question: typology, name content and so on.

Finally, if necessary, pass the check CAPTCHA e email all by pressing the appropriate button located at the bottom of the page: you should receive an answer from Sony within a few hours or a few days, at the contact email address you indicated above.

Contacting Sony: other products

Contacting Sony

How do you say? Your problem does not concern the PlayStation or the contents connected to it, but another type of product (eg TV / Smart TV, smartphone, cameras and so on)? In this case, you can request direct assistance from Sony in at least two ways: via the call center or via email.

In the first case, the number to contact is 02.69682104: the service, which has the cost of a local call charged according to the active voice plan, has been active since Monday to Friday, from PM09:00 PM18:00.

After starting a call to the number I reported to you a moment ago, wait for the welcome message from the voice guide, press the key 1 to indicate your willingness to start one new request and then press the button most suitable for the type of product for which you wish to obtain assistance: 0 to obtain replacement parts; 1 to TV, Smart TV e projectors; 2 to headphones and home audio systems; 3 to cameras and lenses; 4 to PC e tablet; 5 to PlayStation; 6 to smartphone; is 7 for all other requests.

Then, follow the instructions given to you to get in touch with a professional: generally, all you have to do is listen to the message of the voice guide and, when prompted, press the button to accept the recording of the call for purposes. qualitative (usually it is 1). Remember, in any case, that the keys to press to access the various sections could change at any time; in order to avoid useless waste of time, therefore, always listen to the automatic messages before pressing any key.

If you are unable to contact a Sony operator by phone or prefer to receive support via email, you can use the appropriate form, available on the manufacturer's website: therefore connect to this web page and click on the item Contact support, located at the bottom of the page.

Next, select the typology of product of your interest (eg. Televisions and projectors) and, if required, specify the precise category (With art. Android TV BRAVIA OLED), using the options on the next page. Following this operation, you should be able to access the contact options - locate the section Send us your question and help yourself to a drop-down menu Have you already purchased the product? to specify whether or not the hardware in question is in your possession.

Next, indicate the product category for which to receive assistance, the model exact and the serial number of the same (the latter is optional), the reason of the request and one short description of the same. Now, click on the button Continue and, if the proposed solutions do not solve your problem, press it again to bring up the contact form, at the bottom of the same page.

When this happens, fill in the form displayed with the requested information: name, last name, email address, nation e telephone number. Indicate, therefore, if you want receive advertising messages in the future by clicking on the appropriate box and, if you deem it appropriate, attach a file to better identify the problem, using the appropriate button located at the top of the form.

Finally, enter the captcha number displayed in the appropriate box and click on the button Send, to make your request: depending on the nature of the request, you should be contacted by Sony via email or by phone at the number specified above, within a few hours or a few days.

Contacting Sony Music

Contacting Sony

The information I have given you so far has not been useful for you, as you do not need to communicate with the Sony hardware division, but you need to contact Sony Music?

In this case, you can put yourself in direct communication with the office Sony Music Entertainment British di Milan calling the number 02.85361, at the cost of an urban call charged according to the plan active on your line. The service should be active during office hours, so from PM09:00 PM18:00, but Sony does not provide specific guidance on this.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to act via chat, you can visit the Facebook and Twitter social profiles of Sony Music British and send a private message to them: if you do not know how, I refer you to reading my guides on how to write on Facebook and how to chat on Twitter. I warn you, however: in this way the answer is not guaranteed!

Contacting Sony

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