Change Name, Photo and Personal Info on Whatsapp

In Whatsapp, each user is not only identified with his / her phone number, but also with a name, a profile photo and then, optionally, also a description of his / her status, called generically, "Info".
This info is not to be confused with Whatsapp status, the one that can be published on the Application Status tab with a photo or writing that remains visible to contacts for 24 hours.
Whatsapp Info I'm there instead description of your availability status, so that the contacts can have an indication if we are unavailable, if we are at work, if we are sleeping and so on. Info can be anything and those who don't want to change it often can just put it there a motto, a description of themselves or whatever they want.
The info of each contact can be read under the name, with a short writing.

Those who have never modified it in their life will find the default text "Hello! I'm using Whatsapp", in english or even in English "Hey There! I am using Whatsapp".
To go and edit the Whatsapp Info text, you have to tap the button with three dots at the top right, open the Settings and then tap on the profile picture or name at the top.
From the personal card of the Whatsapp profile, it is possible to change the Name that appears to others, the profile photo and then also the telephone number and the field of Info that would the old Whatsapp status.
You can then write whatever you want in 140 Characters or choose one of the predefined states, such as busy, at the cinema, at work, etc.
Ideally, this information or status field serves to communicate to others whether or not we are available to chat and text or if we are busy and will not be able to respond right away.

Note that in the section Settings> Account> Privacy it is possible to define the visibility of both the name and the profile photo and Info, that is, of this state with text, so as to show it only to friends, to everyone or to deactivate it and not make it visible at all.
In the same Privacy screen it is also possible to decide the visibility of the State, which is instead understood as the one with photos or videos.

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