How to get free skins on Brawl Stars

How to get all free skins on Brawl Stars

From the moment you want to know how to get free skins on Brawl Stars, you have to keep in mind that there are two types of skin that you can get for free: le skin and stellar skins. In the next chapters I will explain in detail how to do this.

How to get free skins on Brawl Stars

If you wish to obtain skin your free Brawl Stars, the first thing you need to know is that these objects of aesthetics can only be obtained by purchasing them in shop via the gem, which represents the main, as well as the most coveted, virtual currency of the Supercell title.

Le gem you can buy them with real money with prices starting from 2,29 € and reach a maximum of € 109,99. In this regard, since your goal is not to put your wallet in your hand, you have to take into account that although it is possible to get the gems for free, it is necessary to spend several hours in the game to be able to succeed.

Le gem, in fact, they are a very rare loot: they are given randomly as a reward when opening the brawl speakers or, in a greater number (10 gems), upon reaching specific thresholds in the season by Brawl Stars.

Having said that, what you need to do to get them is first of all to level up in the path of trophies, playing the private events and by winning games, in order to obtain the brawl speakers and have some chance of receiving some gem.

After starting the Supercell title on your smartphone or tablet, then, select thespecial event you want to play among those available and win the game, strictly following the rules of the game. The private events they are, in fact, the main game mode of Brawl Stars and require you to take on other players in short-term discounts.

The game mode, however, changes depending on the selected event: for example thespecial event named Arraffagemme requires players to clash in a 3vs3 map in order to collect the gems that emerge from the mine located in the center of the map or by stealing them, defeating the opponents. The team that gets at least 10 gems at the end of the countdown wins.

By winning the games they are obtained trophies, coin e experience points: accumulating trophies e experience points it is possible to level up in the path of trophies and, in so doing, obtain the brawl speakers, in the hope that these contain some gem.

Also, since more chances of getting gems are given by thresholds area of season, you need to optimize this progress by completing the daily missions, seasonal and those dedicated to special events.

Le missions require you to complete the private events, providing specific indications that must be respected, in order to obtain the coin and, in so doing, progress in thresholds of the seasons to get the brawl speakers or directly gem provided as a reward.

In order to complete the missions you must strictly follow what is indicated by them. For example, in case you are asked to win 5 games with Shelly you have to play the private events and win games with this specific brawler. In the event that, on the other hand, the mission plans to win 5 games in siege it means you have to play this specific event, regardless of which brawler you intend to use.

Once the gem necessary to get the skin you want, all you have to do to unlock it is to go to the Shop and tap on the menu item Skin. Then select the skin you want to unlock and press the button Buy Now, to confirm unlocking. After unlocking it, it will be available in the section Brawler and you can select it by pressing the button Select.

How to get free star skins on Brawl Stars

Le stellar skins di Brawl Stars, on the other hand, they are special skins that are obtained by spending in the shop i stellar points acquired.

Obtaining Star Skins is therefore more difficult, as Star Points are only obtained as a final reward at the end of the trophy league. You must, in fact, know that when the league of trophies ends, the trophies of the brawlers obtained that are equal to or greater than 550 are reduced and the amount lost is converted into stellar points.

Therefore, in order to succeed in obtaining the stellar points and, consequently, the stellar skins, you have to accumulate trophies playing Brawl Stars with as many samples as possible. You can then select the samples from the menu Brawler and start the private events in order of availability, or following the indications provided by missions, in order to optimize the gaming experience and also achieve other goals.

After obtaining the stellar points enough to get the star skin you want, go to the shop and tap on the menu item Stellar shop. Then select the stellar skin of your interest and presses the button Buy Now, to confirm unlocking.

After unlocking the costume, it will be added to the section Brawler and you can select the star skin by pressing the button Select.

How to get free skins on Brawl Stars

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