How to edit and fill out PDFs from Android and iPhone

For years, PDFs have been the most used documents for sharing documents in the office and at home, and not even the advent of smartphones and tablets has changed this trend. Compared to the computer, however, we may find ourselves in difficulty when we try to edit and fill in PDFs on the screen of tablets and smartphones, since the lack of a mouse could make it difficult to select the right fields in which to sign or edit.
To avoid all these problems we will show you in this guide the best apps to edit and compile PDF from Android and iOS, so as to be able to act in complete autonomy without having to turn on a computer each time to make the changes. For the guide we will only recommend free apps, so you can edit PDFs without spending a penny.

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To edit or sign PDF documents, we will have to use one of the following free apps, so that we can achieve this by simply moving your finger on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

As with the computer program, the Adobe Acrobat Reader it is definitely the best solution to be able to manage and edit PDFs from a smartphone or tablet. With it we will be able to make any type of change, insert a signature by drawing, by photograph or by digital signature and also apply checks on questionnaires or company documents. Excellent integration with Adobe's cloud, so that we can bring PDF documents and related changes to any device in our possession.
We can download this app for free from here -> Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android and Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS.

Foxit Mobile PDF

If we are looking for a real Adobe alternative, we recommend trying the app right away Foxit Mobile PDF, which has many interesting features such as editing text fields, the ability to upload a signature in different ways, a special function to merge multiple PDFs together and an efficient converter, so that you can convert to and from any other PDF document in our possession, with lots of changes already applied.
We can download this app for free from here -> Foxit Mobile PDF for Android and Foxit Mobile PDF for iOS.

Xodo PDF Editor

After trying the two apps mentioned above, the only other app that deserves to be tried on your smartphones and tablets is definitely Xodo PDF Editor.
This app contains many of the features seen in the other apps, including editing text fields and signature fields, the ability to merge multiple PDFs together and generate previews of all sheets, so you can better organize each page to create a new PDF according to our needs.
We can download this app for free from here -> Xodo PDF Editor for Android and Xodo PDF Editor for iOS.

Other apps to edit PDF on Android

After seeing the apps available on both mobile operating systems, we decided to collect them in a dedicated list apps available exclusively for Android.
Also in this case we have given preference to apps available for free, so that you can edit and fill in PDFs without problems.

  • Pdf Text Editor
  • WPS Office
  • MaxiEdit PDF Editor
  • PDF Reader - Scan, Edit & Share
  • PDFfiller

Let's try one of the apps on the list as valid alternatives to the apps already reported, since all (with different interfaces and different file opening speeds) allow you to change the text fields and apply the signature in the appropriate field, it's up to us choose the one that best suits our needs.

Other apps to edit PDF on iOS

Also for iPhone and iPad owners many are available alternative apps to edit and compile PDFs, even if catching the free ones is definitely more difficult (since iOS is also designed to be used in the business environment, where there is certainly no shortage of money for apps).
Below we will report a list of free apps or offers with free trial for all iOS devices still supported by Apple.

  • PDFelement
  • PDF Viewer Pro by PSPDFKit
  • LiquidText

We recommend trying these apps only if those recommended at the beginning of the guide did not satisfy you or did not convince you from a graphic point of view, so you can try alternatives to the most famous and well-known products.


Now we know all the apps that we can use on a smartphone or tablet to edit and fill out PDFs without necessarily having to go through a computer.
Let's look for a way to compile PDFs from PC without having to print the sheet and rescan it?
In a dedicated guide we have shown you how to use the various programs to directly edit and print ready-made PDFs; the guide is available here -> How to fill out PDF forms without printing them.

Instead of changing PDFs we want to convert into documents for Word, so that you can apply a lot more changes than the Adobe format?
In this case we recommend reading our guide How to edit PDF files and convert them into documents, where we will find the best tools to convert the PDFs in our possession into various formats.

We have in the hands of the Edit-protected PDFs but we want to find a way to be able to apply the changes anyway?
Assuming that those who apply the block may have good reasons (for example they want to protect their work with copyright or prevent it from being copied by other users), by reading our dedicated guide we will be able to Unlock a password protected PDF file, so that it can be opened, edited, read and printed without any limitation.

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