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How to open XPS files on PC

Open XPS files on PC it's very simple: all you need is the necessary software! Below I will explain how to proceed on computers animated by Windows, on Macs and via the browser (in the latter case, it is not necessary to install anything).

How to open XPS files on Windows

The easiest way to be able to open XPS files on Windows consists of using the XPS Viewer made available by Microsoft itself. The software is available in Windows 10 (versions prior to 1803), Windows 8.x and Windows 7 and can be easily accessed from the Start menu.

So, if you have one of the operating systems mentioned above, there is no need to install any program: just double-click on the XPS file in your possession to open it in the viewer. If double-clicking doesn't work, do it click destroy on the file to open and select the XPS viewer from the menu Open with.

If, on the other hand, you are using a version of Windows 10 after 1803 or you perform a clean installation of the operating system, you may not have the software I told you about immediately available; To work around this, you can easily enable the optional Windows feature for the viewer in question.

You ask me how to do it? It's that simple. First, right click on the button Home of Windows 10 (the icon in the shape of pennant located in the lower left corner of the screen), select the item Settings from the menu that is proposed to you and reach the section Appby clicking on the relevant icon in the window that opens.

Now, click on the option App and features which resides in the left sidebar, then on the link Optional features which is located on the right side of the window (immediately under the heading App and features) and click on the button Add a feature, placed at the top of the screen that appears next.

The game is practically done: locate the voice XPS Viewer from the list of additional features available (if you don't find it, you can sort the list items by Your name, using the top drop-down menu, or search for it directly, using the search bar located at the top), put the check mark in its correspondence and click on the button Install [1], located at the bottom.

If everything went smoothly, you should return to the Windows Optional Features screen, where the progress bar relating to the installation of the component you just selected will be displayed.

Once setup is complete, you should be able to open the XPS file you have by simply double clicking on it; if not, call back XPS Viewer from the folder Windows Accessories from the Start menu, go to the menu File> Open… located at the top and, using the File Explorer screen that is proposed to you, select the XPS document to open. That's all!

How to open XPS files on Mac

If it is your interest open XPS files on Mac, you can consider the software Master PDF Editor: in fact, it is not exactly an XPS viewer, but an editor capable of converting multiple file formats (including XPS, in fact) to PDF. In its free version, Master PDF Editor allows you to read documents in XPS format without limitations, but applies a watermark if they are to be converted to PDF.

To download the software in question, linked to its official web page, click on the button Download placed at the top and then on the link Download Master PDF Editor for macOS XX.YY or later, located on the page that appears later. Once the download is complete, launch the file obtained (eg. MasterPDFEditor.dmg) and drag the program icon to the folder Applications of the Mac, using the window displayed on the desktop.

Once the copy is complete, open the folder Applications on your Mac, double-click the program icon and then the button apri, in order to overcome the limitations of macOS towards non-certified developers (you only have to do it the first time).

Once you have reached the initial screen of the software, click on the button Open document (or use the menu File> Open program) and, using the Finder panel displayed on the screen, choose the file XPS of your interest (after providing the necessary permissions to access the folders, if required).

From this moment on, you should be able to open the .xps files with the software in question by simply double clicking on them: if not, find out how to change the default programs on Mac through the guide I made on the subject.

How to open XPS files online

If, for some reason, you can't or don't want to install programs on your computer, you can open XPS files online taking advantage of one of the many viewers designed for the purpose, which can be easily employed via any compatible browser.

One of the best, in my opinion, is the free platform made available by Fviewer: it is a web service that allows, among other things, to view documents in XPS format within a couple of clicks.

The terms of use of Fviewer explicitly indicate that the data processed by the service are not transferred to third parties, unless explicitly consented (or unless a request arrives from the judicial authorities), but since it is an online service on which we, the user, do not we can have direct control, I advise against using it if the XPS files you intend to view contain strictly confidential data.

All clear? OK, let's get started. To use the Fviewer XPS viewer, visit the web page of the service using the Internet browser program you prefer, click on the button Select a local file resident at the top and, making use of the window of Esplora File / Finder opened, choose the XPS document to open. Wait, therefore, a few seconds for it to be displayed in the browser and to navigate within it, use the virtual keyboard located at the top right or the mouse. It was very easy, wasn't it?

Open XPS files on smartphones and tablets

You urgently need to open XPS files on smartphones and tablets? Don't worry, on the Android and iPhone / iPad device stores there are numerous apps that allow you to get the result you are looking for.

How to open XPS files with Android

If yours is an animated device from Android, for example, you can consider XPS Viewer: an app that allows you to view documents in XPS format in a couple of taps. XPS Viewer is free and can be obtained through the Play Store and other alternative stores for Android.

After downloading and installing the app (just search for it in the store in use on your device and press the button Install), launch it, tap the buttons OK e Allow (to allow access to multimedia content and files stored on the device), put the check mark next to the item Viewer, tocca il pulsating Open XPS located at the top left and wait a few moments for the app to analyze the device memory, looking for available XPS files.

Following this operation, you should be offered a list containing all the XPS documents present in the device storage space: put the check mark next to the name of the file of your interest and touch the item Done, located at the top right, to import it into the app. Finally, tap the button View XPS to view it.

How to open XPS files with iPhone

One of the coolest apps for open XPS files with iPhone e iPad is definitely MuPDF: it was born with the intention of converting files of various types into PDF format, however it includes a viewer capable of managing documents in XPS / OXPS format in a very simple way. MuPDF is available for free on the App Store.

After downloading and installing MuPDF (just search for it in App Store, press the button Ottieni / Installa and verify your own identity), open the app that contains the file XPS of your interest (eg. Fillet o Mail), tap on its icon and then on the button sharing (the square with the up arrow). Finally, tap on the icon MuPDF resident in the panel displayed on the screen and wait a few seconds for the XPS document to open within the app.

How to open .XPS file

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