How to get free Pokéballs on Pokémon GO

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Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to get free Pokéball on Pokémon GO, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, there are various ways to get Pokéballs without having to shell out money inside Pokémon GO. The simplest one is to wait for the developers to deliver free codes to get this game element.

Let me explain: during the 2020 lockdown, Niantic provided players with promotional codes that allowed you to redeem Pokéballs and other in-game items. In addition, in some cases Token cost Pokéballs in the Shop of the game.

All of this was obviously aimed at keeping people at home. In fact, Pokémon GO is a title that generally requires you to physically move from your home, but in the case of the 2020 lockdown, various features were made available that allowed you to play while staying at home.

In support of the latter, free Pokéballs have therefore been provided through the aforementioned methods, in order to allow fans to never find themselves short of balls to be used to catch Pokémon.

In any case, there are also other methods to obtain Pokéballs without necessarily having to go through the micro-transactions present within the game developed by Niantic. In fact, that's enough perform certain actions within the game to get some rewards, including Pokéballs.

The goal of this guide is therefore to show you all the possible methods to get Pokéballs on Pokémon GO without spending even a cent.

How to get free Pokéballs on Pokémon GO

After explaining what the situation is, I'd say it's time to take action and learn how to actually get free Pokéballs in Pokémon GO.


If you have a code for free Pokéballs, perhaps obtained during one of the promotional initiatives launched by Niantic, you can redeem it through two methods.

The first, which only works on devices Android, it's very simple: just log in to the Shop of Pokémon GO, scroll down the page, type the promotional code and tap the button REDEEM.

I remind you that, to access the Shop, just click on thePokèball icon present at the bottom and tap on theshopping bag icon. The game will warn you if the code you entered is no longer valid.

Alternatively, you can redeem the codes for Pokémon GO by connecting to the official Niantic website: just make the login with your profile Google, Facebook o Niantic Kids. You shouldn't have too much trouble logging in, as this is the same method you logged into Pokémon GO on your mobile device.

At this point, just type the promotional code in the space provided, or just below the item Enter offer code, and tap the button Submit. The system will notify you if the code has expired. If it is valid, however, you will find your items the next time you log in to the game.

Perfect, now you know everything there is to know about the ability to redeem codes for Pokémon GO. For more information, you can refer to the official Niantic guidelines.


Another interesting method of obtaining Free Pokéball is to check often the Shop present within the game.

The latter is accessible simply by tapping on thePokèball icon present at the bottom and pressing on the box Shop. In it you can find all the appropriate offers. To give you a concrete example, during the 2020 lockdown Niantic allowed players to get 100 Pokéballs at the symbolic cost of 1 coin.

In addition, there are so-called free parcels, which can also be made available on a basis daily. To redeem them, just click on theparcel icon and tap the button United States. Generally speaking, these packages often include Pokeball.

In short, giving daydreams a look at the Shop is certainly a good way to stock up on orbs to catch Pokémon.

Initial Pokéballs and other in-game methods

How do you say? Would you like to know more ways to get Pokéballs totally free? No problem: I'll immediately explain all the possibilities of the case offered by the title of Niantic.

Well, you probably already know this, but just to be sure I remind you: the prima volta che si inizia il gioco, Pokémon GO gives the user several Pokéballs, which are enough to initially set up their team.

To find out if you still have the latter available, simply tap on thePokéball icon ì present at the bottom and press the icon MY BAG. Scrolling down, you will find the Pokéball number that have remained available to you.

Per il resto, è possibile ottenere sfere spinning Pokestops, or those places marked on the map, which are usually found in real points of interest (eg war memorial). In addition, you can also receive Pokéballs by doing to level up your character or defending the gyms. There are also some target that allow you to take home Pokéballs as rewards.

In short, in simple terms, it is possible to get free spheres simply by playing the Niantic title and following the simple tricks that I have shown you in this guide. In this regard, you may be interested in my tutorial on how Pokémon GO works.

Small gem: a method that few people know to get new Pokéballs, even if they are not the classic ones but their own white variant (usable only in certain contexts), is that of widen the game view and look for the Team Rocket balloons.

Pressing on them, it will start a fight against a member of Team Rocket and, at the end of the game, they are given White Pokéballs. The latter can then be used for catch special Pokémon which are proposed immediately after finishing the fight.

In short, the methods to "put in the bag" of the Pokéballs without going through the micro-transactions are not lacking. It's up to you to make the most of them.

How to get free Pokéballs on Pokémon GO

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