How to get free potions on Adopt Me

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How to get free potions on Adopt Me

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to get free potions on Adopt Me, I think you might be interested in learning more about this game mechanic.

Well, within the title of DreamCraft there are several objects that can have various effects on the Pet, or the animals, or on your character. To give you concrete examples, there is a potion that can make a flying Pet forever, as well as another that can increase the speed of your character.

By using these items, you can also get "on the saddle" of a Pet, as well as make it temporarily smaller or larger. There are also potions to increase the size of the character head, to do it jump higher and even do it lift in the air.

In short, you can do a bit of everything with potions on Adopt Me and the latter certainly make the gameplay more fun. In some cases, they can even be useful. I know: the list of potions mentioned above is not complete, but I don't want to spoil you too much (although you will still find out about all the potions in the course of the tutorial).

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

In any case, you have surely noticed the fact that, in certain cases, it is required to spend some Robux, which is the currency that can be purchased with real money, to be able to obtain some potions. The doubt therefore arises spontaneously: it is necessarily necessary to go through the micro-transactions to get these items? The answer is no.

In fact, there are methods that allow you to get potions for free, without shelling out a penny of real money. On the other hand, this guide is here for precisely this: to explain everything you need to know about the free ways to get these items in Adopt Me.

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

After having explained the situation to you in general, I think it is time to take action and show you how to actually obtain, for free, the potions on Adopt Me.

I want to immediately dispel "a myth": if you are wondering how to get a free Fly potion on Adopt Me (to be clear, the one that allows you to fly a Pet), you must know that this is not possible, or at least it can be particularly complex.

In fact, the Fly potion is being sold to 295 Robux within the game. I remind you that this currency can be bought with real money, so getting the involved item for free isn't easy. In fact, you should get someone to give you one card to redeem, as I illustrated in the tutorial on how to get Robux for free.

Alternatively, you could try get you to trade the potion from someone, but I remind you that unfortunately there are many malicious people on the servers and it is therefore difficult to get the element involved in this way. In short, the choice is yours, but in general I invite you to stay away from exchanges with strangers.

In addition to this, do not listen to those who promise you "magical" methods (even if we are talking about potions!) to get free or low cost items in Adopt Me, as they are probably "pranksters" or, at worst, scammers. In short, it is good to rely only on what is made possible by the game and stay away from "strange" proposals.

Having made this premise, I get to the point: Adopt Me allows you to obtain certain types of potions for free. In fact, the latter can be purchased with the Buck, which is the currency that can be obtained simply by playing the DreamCraft title.

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

Let me explain: Buck (dollars) can be earned carrying out the actions foreseen by the game, for example taking care of eggs, animals and characters. Also, often the game gives Buck after a certain number of minutes played or following consecutive daily accesses.

In short, probably, if you have already played a little to the title of DreamCraft, you will already know these mechanics. In any case, if you want to deepen the subject properly, I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to get free money on Adopt Me, in which I explained in detail how to save a good number of Bucks.

For the rest, as I said earlier, through the latter it is then possible buy certain potions. Going into more detail, the basic objects related to Five you can buy them in the Potion Shop.

The latter is located in theAdoption Island (once you leave the house, you have to enter the appropriate tunnel). More precisely, the structure resides to the left of the "thermal baths", in the "street" where you can also find a red and white building. Either way, you shouldn't struggle to find the Potion Shop - it's about a small "house" with branches that start from the roof and go upwards.

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

Once you enter the Potion Shop, you will need to jump over some mushrooms to reach the second floor: here you will find for sale 5 potions. Generally the latter are Small Sip Potion (duration 10 minutes, 250 Buck), Big Brew Potion (10 minutes, 350 Buck), Translucent Tea (10 minutes, 600 Buck), Fly-A-Pet-Potion (295 Robux) and Ride-A-Pet-Potion (150 Robux).

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

The names are essentially "self-explanatory". In any case, the first three potions can be bought through the Buck obtainable for free, while the last two require i Robux, which is the currency associated with real money. For the rest, you will surely have noticed that in this case it is Pet related potions.

You should know that there is another building, less known by novice users, which allows you to buy potions, this time related to their own characterIt is called Sky Castle and it is actually positioned in a very visible way, but only for those who "know where to look".

In fact, I advise you to go in front of the Nursery, where you can buy eggs, and move the camera up. You will notice that it is present a "flying" building. Well, to reach it, go to the area of hot air balloon, that is to the left of the Nursery (looking at it a bit from "far"), and you will find the NPC (non-player character) named Captain Arg.

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

The latter will explain to you that you can get on board. So jump on the balloon and press the button Buy, In order to buy the ticket for 5 Buck to go to the Sky Castle. You will have to wait 60 seconds for the journey to begin.

After that, you can get off the balloon and enter the Sky Castle. Here you will find several potions for sale, in this case for yours character. More precisely, there are usually: Hyperspeed Potion (40 Buck), Big Head Potion (10 Buck), Levitation Potion (995 Buck), Grow Potion (395 Buck) e Anti-Gravity Potion (99 Buck).

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

Another way to get free potions is to go through the cauldrons. In fact, by going inside your own home and pressing the button first Edit House and in no time his quello Stuff, it is then possible to buy 3 interesting elements.

I mean Big Head Cauldron (200 Buck), Speed Cauldron (650 Buck) e Anti-Gravity Cauldron (3.000 Buck). The latter allow you to create the respective potions after a certain number of MAIN CORSE. I mean, you might think about placing these cauldrons in your home for "Create" the potions.

Always in the section Stuff of the modification of the house, you can also find Collector’s Potion, which can be purchased through Buck. Don't be "fooled": the latter simply represent gods elementi esthetic to beautify the house, then they are not "real potions".

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

For completeness of information, you must also know that, in the course of certain promotional events, Adopt Me players in the past have managed to get gods gifts (called Gift from the game), which contained exclusive potions.

Obviously, you shouldn't bet much on this last mechanic, as it is the developers who decide when to make these elements available, but I thought it right to inform you also about the existence of this possibility.

How potions work on Adopt Me

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

How do you say? You managed to get free potions by following the instructions in the previous chapter, but you didn't quite understand how do they work? No problem, I'll explain the situation right away!

There are two types of potions: those for the Five (which you can get from the Potion Shop) and those for yours character (which you buy from Sky Castle). To use the former you have to press on yours Five, select the option Feed and give it the potion. By doing so, for example, it will become smaller (or "suffer"effect of the potion involved).

As for, however, the potions related to yours character, once purchased you just need to press onappropriate icon, present at the bottom center of the screen, to use the object and “apply” the effect (for example, faster running).

In short, the game mechanics are very simple. On the other hand, Adopt Me is a video game that is mainly aimed at a young audience. In any case, I remind you what the DreamCraft title is constantly changing and therefore developers could perform changes at any moment.

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

However, you now have all the information you need to get e use many free potions present within the game. I just have to wish you, once again, have fun!

How to get free potions on Adopt Me

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