How to get free chests on Brawl Stars

Preliminary information

How to get free chests on Brawl Stars

Before explaining to you how to get free chests on Brawl Stars, I have to give you some preliminary information about it. You must, in fact, know that the brawl speakers are one of the main rewards of Brawl Stars and it is possible to get them for free on several occasions simply by playing the title developed by Supercell.

Going into more detail, it is one of the rewards given to players for achieving some particular objectives and, therefore, to obtain them, it is necessary to actively play Brawl Stars. It is not possible to obtain them for free without playing, except in some special cases in which they are given for free, in a limited way, through the Today's Offers of Shop.

However, if your intent is to get them in large quantities, I would be happy to know that there is no problem whatsoever as there are several activities that you can do in game in order to get them with little or no effort.

That said, in the next chapters of this guide of mine I will explain in detail what strategies to implement to play Brawl Stars and get a much higher number of brawl speakers in the shortest possible time. Read on to find out more.

How to get free mega chests on Brawl Stars

The procedures I am about to tell you about in the next chapters of this guide concern what are the best activities to do while actively playing Brawl Stars to get the brawl speakers: keep in mind that these operations can be carried out to obtain any type of brawl cases and, therefore, also the huge crates and mega speakers.

Level up on the trophy path

How to get free chests on Brawl Stars

The first game strategy you need to put in place to get free brawl speakers su Brawl Stars is that relating to the need to level up in Walk of trophies, that is in what is the main objective path of the game developed by Supercell.

Il Walk of trophies, in fact, it is a path to objectives that requires you to obtain trophies in order to unlock the rewards provided by the various degrees: among these, there are the brawl speakers and you can get the huge crates and mega speakers.

Level up in Path of trophies it's super simple: all you have to do is play Brawl Stars and win games against other players. Only in this way will you get the trophies (following the victory) and you can, therefore, progress in the various degrees provided by the path to objectives.

Il Walk of trophies offers many possibilities to get brawl cases since, for example, when you reach 5 trophies you can get one cassa brawl. Of course, the best rewards come from longtime players: upon achieving 150 trophies it is indeed possible to get one huge chest, while reaching 5.000 trophies you can get one mega crate.

Play events

How to get free chests on Brawl Stars

Though avere casse free your Brawl Stars it is in itself a rather simple operation, it is necessary to implement different optimization strategies, in order to be able to obtain as many boxes as possible in a short period of time.

In this regard, to optimize the time you spend playing Brawl Stars, you must level up the trophy path by playing the Events whenever these are reset. In this way, in fact, you can level up faster and therefore you can get more trophies in a short time, in order to be able to reach the thresholds that offer the brawl speakers as a reward.

As said, play a Brawl Stars it is not enough to win trophies, since these are obtained only after the victory. Therefore, I suggest that you pay particular attention to what are the objectives that must be achieved in order to win games by playing Events.

There are, in fact, different types of events and therefore the challenge changes depending on theEvent same. Just to give you an example, if you play the called event Arraffagemme you have to take into account that to win you have to get, together with your teammates, at least 10 gems before the game ends.

Always respect the rules of the game, because losing matches will be completely to your disadvantage, as it will not allow you to get trophies, and therefore not even the brawl speakers provided as a reward.

Play the missions

How to get free chests on Brawl Stars

If you want to speed up the process of getting as many brawl speakers, you have to consider another optimization strategy, namely that of playing the private events according to the indications provided by missions.

Le missionsin fact, they are goals that must be completed daily o weekly and require, for example, to play a specific event or a particular champion of Brawl Stars.

Therefore, let's say there are two daily missions: the first one requiring you to cause 6.000 damage with El primo and the second which requires you to win games in Survival. This means that you must play with the champion in question in the event Survival until you reach your goal.

Activate the Brawl Pass

How to get free chests on Brawl Stars

By implementing the strategies that I have indicated to you in the previous chapters and, therefore, by playing them Events in accordance with the provisions of Missions di Brawl Stars, you will get, following the victory, i trophies which are used to level up in the Walk of trophies and, consequently, obtain the brawl speakers provided among the rewards.

Furthermore, following the completion of the Missions you will also get the coin, which are another virtual game currency and are used to progress Thresholds of the Seasons. In this regard, you must know that relative to the Season di Brawl Stars you can get the rewards provided by the Brawl pass in its free version, but also in the a payment which allows you to get more brawl speakers.

Il Brawl Pass a pagamento you buy through the gem, which can be obtained for a fee with prices starting from € 2,29 (30 gems) and reaching € 109,99 (2.000 gems). But if your intent is to get as many of as possible brawl speakers completely free of charge, I advise you to keep aside the gems that, little by little, you will get by playing Brawl Stars, so that you can use them to buy the Brawl Pass a pagamento, costing 169 gems.

Alternatively, in case you have set aside a higher number of gem, you can activate the Brawl Pass da 249 gemme which allows you to automatically progress even in certain thresholds of the season and, therefore, allows you to obtain the brawl speakers provided as rewards.

The rewards of the Brawl Pass a pagamento they are definitely advantageous, since they allow to obtain a greater number of brawl speakers. In fact, by way of example, you must know that the reward provided by the threshold 6 of Free Brawl Pass and of 50 coins; by activating the Brawl Pass a pagamentoinstead, you will get one huge chest. The difference, therefore, is considerable.

How to get free chests on Brawl Stars

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