Extract music from an audio cd and convert it to mp3 (CD Ripping)

The goal is to find the better programs for Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8 to convert the audio tracks of a cd-rom into mp3 files that can be read by any mp3 player.
The problem is that Windows alone does not allow this conversion and if you try to copy music from a cd to a folder on your computer you may notice that the file has a .cda extension and takes up at least 70 80 MB of space.
After all, the main reason for the success of the mp3 file is its compression and the fact that it manages to keep the same sound quality as a normal cd track.
The best programs to extract audio tracks .cda from a cd-rom (the cd ripping ) and convert it in mp3 I'm:

EAC (Exact Audio Copy) is the best for perfection and conversion power, objectively recognized as the best by any blog, forum or specialized magazine.
EAC converts the tracks of a CD perfectly and allows you to check, at the end of the extraction, the quality of the same compared to the original.
EAC is however for perfectionists and quality freaks because in the face of so much perfection and fidelity you have to pay for the fact that you have to waste some time setting it up, while the others work immediately.
By ear with normal perception, such differences in quality are imperceptible.
On Programmifree.com there is a perfect guide to EAC and its configuration.

CDEX è the simplest program, immediate to understand and use even if it does not have the perfection of EAC, which, as mentioned, is not necessary.
It also allows you to convert from one format to another with some ease.

DBPowerAmp it is very fast at ripping CDs and converts well from one audio format to another (mp3, wma, mpc, ape, ogg, aac, etc.)
Unfortunately, the new versions are paid in case you want to save in mp3 format, so either you look for version 9 or you have to save in wav format and then convert it to mp3 (to convert audio from one format to another you can use Freemake audio converter or DBPowerAmp).

EASY CD-DA Extractor is the best program that mixes simplicity e power:
Yes they can extract audio tracks and music from CDs and convert audio tracks from one format to another.
Characterized by aexcellent conversion quality, it's a lot simple to use and fast.
It allows you to extract CDs in the format you want (mp3, ogg, mpc, wma, wav, mpc, APE - MonkeyAudio, etc.), to convert from one format to another and to burn Audio CDs starting from all the formats it supports. .
Unfortunately it's not free, and costs around $ 30 ...

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