Top 10 Paid Android Apps Worth Buying

This site has always talked about Android applications that can be downloaded for free on the official Google Play store and that can be used without limitations or with the addition of advertising. However, there are also many on the Android store payment app: many of them offer a free version with lots of advertising and limited functionality, which we can unlock or remove by purchasing the Pro version or the paid full version.
Without wanting to advertise to anyone we will show you in this guide the best 10 android apps to buy on the Google Play Store. There are thousands of paid apps on the Store, but we have decided to select the ones that we believe are the best or that deserve particular attention for the features they offer in the full version (hardly comparable to the free version of the same app).

1) How to add a payment method to Google Play

To buy an application on Google Play you need to register a credit card (such as PostePay or PayPal card) or associate the PayPal account with the Play service, which manages all payments for us in a safe and effective way.
To add a payment method, just bring us to the web page to manage our Google Play account and click on the button Add a credit or debit card or on the button Add PayPal.

We enter all the data required in order to add a valid payment method to purchase any paid app, not just the ones that we will report to you in this guide.

2) Bags

The first app to consider for the purchase is definitely Bags, sold for € 2,99. With this app we can automate any function and any type of app, so as to be able to obtain automatic functions and processes based on our needs: we can raise the ringer when we are on the street, set the silent on automatic when we enter the cinema, answer automatically to calls with a WhatsApp message etc. The only real limit is the imagination, also aided by the numerous modules that we can add to the app capable of expanding its already great potential.

3) Nova Launcher Prime

The best launcher we can place on Android is definitely Nova Launcher, but many of the customization features are only offered in the paid version of the app. In order to unlock the full potential of this launcher we will have to add the call unlocking app to the free app Nova Launcher Prime, for sale at 4,5 €. By installing this app we will immediately unlock all the effects and voices that were previously obscured, thus being able to add many more gestures and customize every aspect of the launcher to make it unique.

4) TouchRetouch

One of the best instant photo editing apps is definitely TouchRetouch, on sale for € 1,99.
With this app we will be able to remove obstacles or unwanted objects inside the photo, so that we can improve the shot and make it perfect. Wires, houses, people and so on can be easily selected, the rest will be done by the advanced image editing software.

5) Camera ZOOM FX Premium

If we are looking for a professional camera with all the settings of an SLR, we can buy the app Camera ZOOM FX Premium, available for € 3,99.
With this app we will be able to take beautiful photos thanks to the numerous settings that we can set, including exposure, ISO value, white balance and type of light. In addition to the classic settings, it also offers super zoom and FX filters, so you can create unique photos of their kind.

6) Titanium Backup (telefoni root)

If we have unlocked the root permissions on Android the first app to install is Titanium Backup, to which we must add Titanium Backup Pro Key, sold for € 6,49.
With this app we will be able to make a complete backup of all the apps on the phone, including the app data (i.e. all progress and customizations).
Compared to other backup solutions, this app acts in the system areas (hence the root permissions) to recover every file and every data of the app, thus making a truly effective backup.

7) IPTV Extreme Pro

Do we have an IPTV list to view on the phone or on a TV Box with Android?
The best paid app definitely is IPTV Extreme Pro, sold for € 1,19.
This version does not include any kind of advertising, so we can take it into consideration to avoid having to close the advertising windows of the free version of the app every time (which appear when the flows are closed and can also occupy the entire screen). Given the negligible cost, it is absolutely worth helping the developer to keep this spectacular app on this app by paying for the Pro version, instead of settling for the free version.

8) BubbleUPnP

Still on the subject of multimedia, we recommend installing the app for all Chromecast and Smart TV owners BubbleUPnP and to join us next to the blocking app, called BubbleUPnP License>, sold for € 3,99.
With this app we will be able to effectively convert all types of videos stored on a PC or NAS, so as to make them compatible for viewing on Chromecast.
The app can both convert using the power of the smartphone's CPU (the more powerful the smartphone, the more effective the conversion) and using the conversion server that can be installed on PCs and other compatible devices.
In addition to conversion, it allows you to quickly access any DLNA server on the network and view videos, images and music on Smart TV, always using the DLNA protocol.
Excellent ability to play content saved on the most famous clouds, so as not to have to download them locally every time.

9) Unified Remote Full

The best app to remotely control a Windows PC and its programs is definitely Unified Remote Full, available for € 4,49.
With this app we will be able to control the keyboard and mouse of a Windows PC directly from the smartphone screen, using one special installable server as an auto-start program. In this paid version we will have access to all the modules and all the various special sections of the app, so as to be able to remotely control programs such as VLC, Windows Media Player, Netflix, iTunes but also the main web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

10 ) Airscreen

If we have a TV Box and want to receive video streams from an iPhone and an Android phone, the best app that brings together all the protocols is Airscreen, which can be purchased by subscription for € 20 per year (automatic renewal) with a free trial period of 14 days.
By installing this app on our TV Box we will be able to "transform" it into a Chromecast and an Apple TV, so as to immediately view every video and every screen of our portable devices on the TV at home. Absolutely a must if we have a TV Box at home, the only limitation is that the app works as a subscription, so the cost will be high over time (this repays the great work done to create such a complete app, the only of its kind).

11 ) Pocket Casts is the best app to listen to and manage Podcasts, mandatory to buy, at 4 Euros, for those who use them. The app supports Android Auto, Chromecast and Wear OS.

12 ) Press SMS is the best application to send and receive SMS on an Android smartphone, neat and clean. the special functions make Pulse SMS unique in its kind, with the possibility of synchronizing messages between different devices with computers or tablets.

13 ) Sleep as Android in its full version it costs 6 Euros, which is worth spending if you want a smart alarm clock that monitors your sleep precisely.

14 ) WolframAlpha costs about 3 Euros and is a mandatory app to buy for those who study Mathematics at High School or University (or even statistics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy) with the ability to solve graphs, equations, integrals, functions, etc. .

Top 10 Paid Android Apps Worth Buying

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