Best keyboards for Android, to change the way you type

    Best keyboards for Android, to change the way you type Since on Android every feature is based on an application, even the keyboard we use to write messages and texts on the mobile is an app, which is obviously always included in the operating system. Depending on the brand of the phone (Samsung, Huawei, etc.), the keyboard is based on a different app, which can almost always be improved with a different app.
    On any Android smartphone you can then download and install a different method of writing in the form of an app that improves the text entry method using your fingers on the touchscreen. The keyboards can therefore be different from each other for the ability to guess the words that are being written by autocompleting them, for the ability to correct writing errors, for the functions related to finger gestures, for the emoticons they support and for the graphics of the keys, which can be more customizable.
    Some focus more on fun and personalization, some focus on better typing and some do both !.

    In this article we find out then the best keyboards for android, smartphones Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, OnePlus and all others.

    1) to Gboard is Google's official keyboard, which can often also be found pre-installed as the default app in some smartphone models. Gboard includes basic features like autocorrect, multi-language typing, and various customization features. Its best feature, however, is to have integrated the Google search within it, so that you can search the internet without abandoning writing and therefore including links and texts extracted from the web in the messages.
    There is also a GIF search, voice typing and Google Translate to automatically translate text into other languages. The Google keyboard is also an optimal choice because it is completely free in all functions, without in-app purchases.

    NOTE: Google Freehand writing is the keyboard where you can use your finger on the screen as if it were a pen on a sheet of paper, drawing freehand letters and symbols.

    2) SwiftKey It is certainly one of the best keyboards ever for Android, present for many years and owned by Microsoft. The Microsoft ownership has led SwiftKey to be pre-installed in many smartphones of partner companies, but also to be snubbed by the toughest and purest Android users. SwiftKey's functions are automatic word prediction and correction, gesture typing, cloud synchronization of personal vocabulary so that all devices (including Windows) can stay up to date, themes to change appearance, keyboard customization, number row and more.
    The application has a prediction algorithm capable of knowing what you are trying to type even if you were wrong to touch. Basically you can write quickly by tapping even in the wrong way and leaving the application to guess what you really meant. The keyboard, after installing SwiftKey, asks to analyze past SMS or Facebook posts to understand the user's way of writing and the most commonly used words.

    3) Openboard is an open source app that wants to be a Gboard clone, but without the presence of Google. The aim is therefore to have a performing keyboard complete with every tool, which is certainly protective of users' privacy, to be absolutely sure that what we write can be recorded or sent to companies like Google.
    The best features include text correction, suggestions, multilingual support including english, appearance options. After installing it on your device, you need to set it as the default keyboard before you can use it.
    4) Flesky it can be considered number three in this category behind GBoard and SwiftKey, very popular and more particular than the other two. Fleksy obviously includes all the basic functions, including scroll controls and gestures, web search, GIF and meme support, themes, extensions, and more. The keyboard is customizable in graphics, is elegant and feels really comfortable on the finger. You can create shortcuts for words in order to write using abbreviations. The future of Fleky still remains to be seen, because it was acquired by the Pinterest company that does not seem to be aiming much at it.

    5) Typewise is another special keyboard for Android smartphones, with a completely different layout from the traditional GBoard and SwiftKey keyboards, made up of exclusive hexagon-shaped keys. The developers claim that with this keyboard style there is an approximately 80% reduction in typing errors, thanks to the larger keys. To delete text, there is no key, you have to gently swipe left on the keyboard. Autocorrect is really good and themes other than the default are supported.

    6) Multiling O is the ideal keyboard to install for those who write in multiple languages. This keyboard app supports over 200 languages, more than all other Android keyboards. In addition to superior language support, there are features such as gesture typing, the ability to configure a PC-style keyboard layout, options to resize and reposition the keyboard, themes, emojis, different layouts, and the all-important number row .

    7) Minuum Keyboard it is the one with the most original and particular keyboard, with a mini appearance that takes up little space on the screen while remaining functional and usable.
    Minuum narrows the entire keyboard into a single line and just tap in the letter area, to type it.
    You don't need to be too precise because the keyboard guesses the words you intend to write and types the correct letter.
    Of course, you can also choose the classic look if you prefer.

    8) Simple Keyboard is the most minimal Android keyboard on the list, for those who just want the essential keyboard with a few customization settings and themes. The only permission it has is to use vibration for haptic feedback as you type, it has no ads, no premium versions, no in-app purchases, and is open source (the spell checker is also missing). It is great for old smartphones with little space and little memory.

    9) MessagEase Keyboard takes a completely different approach to typing on Android's touchscreen. This time the letters are arranged in a 3X3 dot grid that can be dragged to any position on the screen. This keyboard takes up very little space which requires some training but could really satisfy the disaffected with the QWERTY system looking for quicker solutions.

    10 ) AI Type It is also a very popular app, which includes word prediction, autocomplete, emoji and keyboard customization options with so many themes to choose from. The free version, however, is limited in its use so, to get the most out of it, you have to buy the plus version for 4 Euros.

    More keyboards to try on Android I'm:
    - Thumb Keyboard
    . AnySoftKeyboard is an open source app among the most complete alternatives to switch keyboards on Android, with predictive features, custom dictionaries, themes, customizable interface and voice input.
    - Smart Keyboard Pro, excellent but for a fee.

    With Android, I remember that after installing another application, you can change keyboards configure the text input method from the general settings in the language and input section.

    In another article, the guide for use an external keyboard, that of the PC, USB or Bluetooth, with Android.

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