App to convert units of measure on Android and iPhone

Every day we have to deal with different units of measurement, necessary to give a shape and a dimension to everything that surrounds us.
How to convert kilometers per hour to miles per hour or vice versa? What is the speed of sound or light?
How many pounds does a kilogram correspond to?
Conversions between units of measurement are not always easy to do in mind (in the end they are simple calculations) and for this reason there are numerous apps, to be used on the spot to make a quick conversion between different units of measurement.
Let's find out in this guide all of them the best apps to convert units of measure on Android devices and Apple devices (both iPhone and iPad).

App to convert units of measure on Android

Let's find out immediately in this part of the guide the best apps to convert units of measurement on Android.
Since the names are very similar, we have added the name of the developer or company that developed the app to effectively distinguish them,

1) Unit converter (Smart Tools co.)

Among the best apps to convert units of measurement on Android, the one produced by Smart Tools certainly stands out.
With this app you can choose a category from those available at the top (Basic, Life, Science, Miscellaneous) and browse through the numerous sub-categories, where you can choose from numerous units of measurement.
The automatic converter in the lower part is excellent, so as to immediately obtain a conversion into several units.
We can download this app from here -> Unit converter (Smart Tools co.)

2) Unit Converter (Digit Drove)

If we are looking for an app to make conversions between units that is beautiful to look at, we must try the app provided by Digit Drove.
The interface is really very pleasant to see, with icons of the various categories of units and the various units of measurement well characterized.
We can customize the interface so as to highlight the most searched categories or the units of measurement that interest us most, or use the search bar to quickly find among all the indexed units.
Also available is the currency converter, which is great for understanding the various exchange rates between international currencies.
We can download this app from here -> Unit Converter (Digit Drove)

3) Unit Converter (Aevumsoft)

Another valid app to use as a unit of measurement converter is the one offered by Aevumsoft.
Simple interface, with all the macro categories and the most used units of measurement on display.
We can enter the preferred units in the Favorites menu using the star next to each item, and modify the conversion parameters at any time (to invert we use the three dots at the top right).
We can download this app from here -> Unit Converter (Aevumsoft)

4) Unit Converter Ultimate

Another very elegant app from a graphic point of view is Unit Converter Ultimate, developed by physphil.
The app fully complies with the Android Material Design directives, integrating perfectly with the latest versions of the operating system.
In addition to the graphic aspect, it offers numerous units of measurement between which to make conversions, simply choose a category, two units of measurement and enter the required numerical data.
It also has a currency converter with real-time updating of the conversion rate, so you always know how many Euros a US Dollar (or other currencies) corresponds to.
We can download the app from here -> Unit Converter Ultimate

5) Unit Converter (UUCMobile)

The last app that we want to point out for Android is provided by UUCMobile and has a very similar aspect to a calculator.
In this way we will be able to carry out conversions in a precise manner and at the same time carry out calculations, so as to carry out precise conversions, in particular if we have to use percentage calculations.
The app offered to UUCMobile can be downloaded here -> Unit Converter (UUCMobile)

App to convert units of measurement on iPhone

There are numerous apps to convert units of measure for Apple devices as well, with the difference that the names on the App Store are quite different from each other, so each app will be easy to recognize.

1) Unit and currency converter

Among the best apps for converting to iOS, the one developed by oWorld Software certainly stands out.
The perfect integration with the iPhone interface (also in the X version) will allow you to quickly convert each unit of measurement by choosing from the available categories.
The built-in calculator will make calculating and converting even easier.
We can download the app from here -> Unit and currency converter

2) Amount - Unit converter

There's even a bit of a city among apps to convert units of measure on iPhone!
The app developed by Marco Torretta is one of the best for iPhone, capable of providing a large number of categories and units of measurement.
We can also customize individual categories, so as to add only the units of measurement that we use most frequently.
The app is paid and can be downloaded from here -> Amount - Unit converter

3) Unit & Measurement Converter

Among the apps to convert units of measurement there is also this one, developed by Rastko Petkovic and able to provide numerous categories and units, even the most "strange" ones.
The integrated currency converter is excellent, so you can check the value of a certain amount of money in various currencies, all visible in the interface (we can customize the currencies to be shown).
We can download the app from here -> Unit & Measurement Converter (no longer exists)

4) Lite Converter

Another iPhone and iPad app for conversions is developed by Droxic OOD and is one of the simplest to use: you select the category then scroll through the units of measurement using the two virtual "rollers", until you find the desired units of measurement; enter the numerical data in the left roll with the keypad at the bottom and the conversion will be automatically made in the right roll.
We can download the app from here -> Lite Converter

5) Unit converter

The last app that we recommend you try on iOS is provided by Intemodino Group sro and has a simple and immediate interface, where you can enter the units of measurement to be converted in the two fields at the top of the app.
Using the keys below it will be possible to enter the digit to be converted, using the Equal key to obtain the conversion.
We can download the app from here -> Unit converter

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