Change and download wallpapers on Android phones and tablets

    Change and download wallpapers on Android phones and tablets Everyone knows how to download wallpapers on your computer for the desktop, Microsoft itself takes care of providing many and there are many free sites where you can download desktop wallpapers for each monitor.
    However, there are few and not too organized sites or applications where to download wallpapers for smartphones and tablets Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Android in general.
    Among the various applications in the Google Play store, one is certainly the best of all, easy to use to browse all the images compatible with the screen of Android devices which, unlike an iPhone, is wider and scrolls together with the home screens where we are the icons and widgets.

    1) To download wallpapers for use on Samsung smartphones, Nexus tablets and all Android devices you have to install the application HD Wallpapers. You can search for images with specific keywords or colors, browse popular or random wallpapers, keep saved wallpapers you like. Searching for images can be done by previewing the backgrounds so you can see which one you like before saving it. This also makes searching from a relatively large screen like the Galaxy S effective. Once you find the wallpaper you like, tap it to see it larger and then save it. In the options you can narrow your search based on the size of the images so as to exclude those that are too large.

    2) Another nice application to change wallpaper on Android is Flat Wallpapers which features a collection of images with flat and elegant design as it is in fashion today.

    3) Abstruct - Wallpapers in 4K includes a decent range of abstract-style wallpapers, each with a 4K resolution. There are also all the OnePlus wallpapers, very colorful and vibrant.

    4) With Colors instead it is possible to set a background of a color of your choice, without drawings and without images, for those who want a clean screen.

    5) Google offers its own application to browse background images, which also works to change them automatically every day. It is about Google Wallpapers, app to choose the wallpaper.

    6) The application is also excellent M, which allows you to change wallpaper every day.

    7) If you like the idea of change wallpaper periodically and automatically every certain period of time, but you want to use different images or wallpapers maybe downloaded from Wallbase then you can use the application WallPaper Changer, simple and lightweight, the best for rotating background images on Android phones and tablets. The application is optimized to minimize the impact on the battery and also allows you to activate the automatic rotation only if the mobile phone is charging. You can specify the time interval in which to change the background image and use an on-screen widget to manually switch to a different image.

    8) Swift Wall - Wallpaper Manager is a small and light phone wallpaper manager app that allows you to edit images to your own taste. For example, you can change the brightness of the image, give it a blurred background or apply filters, and even adjust the color of widgets and icons on the home screen.

    9) Walli is an application that offers one of the best collections of wallpapers for Android smartphones around, of almost every imaginable type and artistic style. Thanks to the playlist function, you can select a group of favorite images to be rotated automatically.

    10 ) Resplash is one of the best apps to customize Android graphics, with the choice of wallpaper from the huge gallery of the Unsplash site, completely free.

    To conclude, I would like to advise you never to use animated wallpapers if you do not want to drain your mobile phone battery quickly and I remember the guide for put a photo as a screen wallpaper on android mobiles.

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