How to use WhatsApp without number

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Using WhatsApp Web

Do you already have an active WhatsApp account and would you simply like to use it on a device on which there is no card with another phone number? In that case you can use WhatsApp Web, which, as you may already know, allows you to access your WhatsApp account from any browser (except Internet Explorer), both from a computer and from smartphones and tablets. As you may have already guessed, therefore, WhatsApp Web does not allow you to create a new account, but to "clone" an existing one.

To use the service, first open your browser (eg. Chrome, Safari, etc.) on the device from which you want to access your WhatsApp account, connected to WhatsApp Web by pressing this link or typing the address in address bar which is located at the top and activates the desktop view of the site (to do it on Chrome, presses the button depicting i three dots che si trova in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Request desktop site from the menu that appears, while on Safari tap on freccia rivolta verse l'alto e pulsing sul pulsating Request desktop site located at the bottom of the menu that appears).

From the WhatsApp app installed on your device, then, select the item Web WhatsApp From Settings and scan the QR code appeared on the web page opened on the device without a telephone number. Mission accomplished! From this moment on, you can also use your WhatsApp account on your "secondary" device, without a card with an active telephone number.

If using WhatsApp from the browser seems a bit inconvenient to you, know that it is also possible to use WhatsApp Web through some apps for Android (such as WhatsAppWeb WebLite) and iOS (such as Messenger for WhatsApp - iPad). To use them, you simply have to start them and follow the same procedure I indicated earlier to scan the QR code and access your WhatsApp account (these are, in fact, browsers preconfigured for the use of WhatsApp Web).

For more information on how to use WhatsApp Web, take a look at the in-depth article I just linked to. I also remind you that on your computer you can download the official WhatsApp client available for both Windows and macOS thanks to which it is possible to perform a procedure similar to the one I have just described without "bothering" the browser. I told you about it in depth in the guide on how to use WhatsApp on PC, remember?

If you do not want to emulate your WhatsApp account via the WhatsApp Web service, you can place your account on a phone number and then use it on a device that is not associated with the latter (for example a smartphone or tablet without a SIM) . Of course, when you go to access your WhatsApp account on one device, the other will be automatically disconnected, as WhatsApp (unlike Telegram and other similar services) does not allow you to use your account on multiple devices at the same time.

Buy a SIM for WhatsApp

Another solution that you can consider to use WhatsApp without a phone number is that of buy a SIM for WhatsApp, or one of those cards that are made to use the most famous instant messaging services (and therefore not just WhatsApp) at relatively low costs.

One of the most popular SIMs of this kind is ChatSim which, as its name suggests, was designed to facilitate the use of chat services - including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE and many others - in more than 150 countries around the world without having to face any limitations regarding international roaming.

Before talking to you in more detail about ChatSim, I want to tell you that using this solution is not very cheap: the card, in fact, costs 15 euro to which we must add, 5 € one-time fee for shipping the card and at least 10 euros / year of recharge necessary to obtain the credits necessary to use the service, for a total of at least 30 €. In case you are wondering, if the SIM is not recharged for a period equal to or greater than 12 months, it is automatically deactivated. In addition to this, it must be taken into account that there are traffic thresholds which should not be exceeded and which it is advisable to inquire about before proceeding with the purchase (for more information about it, please also consult this page).

If after carefully evaluating the "pros" and "cons" of ChatSim you decide to buy a Sim, know that you can order it both on the ChatSim website and on Amazon (in this case, you will already have 10 euro credit on the card), by the link you find below.

As soon as the SIM will be delivered to you, then, you will have to activate it: to do this you need to connect to this page, enter in the appropriate text fields the identification number of 19 or 20 digits which is present on the SIM and the telephone number associated with the ChatSim received, press the green button Proceed and wait for the operation to be successful. The last step you need to do to use the card is to insert the SIM in the appropriate compartment present on the device in which you want to use it, configure the APN following the instructions provided by ChatSim and that's it.

Use a temporary number

If you want use WhatsApp without number, you can try use a temporary number through which to receive the activation code of the popular instant messaging platform. If you do not know, there are in fact online services that allow you to have "disposable" telephone numbers to be used when activating services such as WhatsApp (if we want to make a comparison, they work more or less like those that allow you to create temporary emails).

Before explaining how to best use these services, it is my duty to inform you that the numbers provided by these services are few and, therefore, many of them have already been used for other WhatsApp activations: this means that it is very difficult. find one that works. If, despite this, you want to try one, all you have to do is search on Google (or any other search engine), terms such as "fake phone number for verification”And, on the page that opens, identify the service that seems to you best suited to your needs.

Caution: the sites through which to use a temporary telephone number, do not require you to enter your personal data to register, so beware of portals that ask you to enter your personal data or even those that require money. Most likely, in fact, these are gimmicks to perpetrate identity theft or real scams. Understood?

After identifying one of the services that allow you to obtain a temporary telephone number, all you have to do is start WhatsApp on your Android device, on your iPhone or on your Windows 10 Mobile device, enter the temporary number in the appropriate text field and press on NEXT. Then go to the page of the service from which you took the temporary number and, if this was not used to validate other WhatsApp accounts, you should be able to obtain the verification code through which to activate your account.

If you can't find a "free" number at the first try, you can try to identify others: maybe choose (if possible) identify a number that has received a few SMS and check that among the messages received there is none containing a code of activation of WhatsApp. Know, however, that finding useful numbers for this purpose is a rather difficult undertaking.

As for the creation of phone numbers, know that there are also many apps that allow you to create them (for example VoIP ones), but you cannot use them because the numbers they provide are not accepted by WhatsApp to validate the account.

How to use WhatsApp without number

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