How to call Wind operator

Assistenza telefonica wind

How to call Wind operator

Let's start with the classic telephone assistance service that many know ... and many hate! For call Wind operator by phone, dial the 155 from your mobile phone and listen to the instructions of the automatic service.

Then press the button related to the support service for mobile lines (it should be the 2) and choose to speak to an operator by pressing the key indicated by the recorded voice (this should be the number 1).

If you want to request assistance for a line other than the one you are calling from, press the button 1 and enter the number you need support for. Otherwise, stay online and wait for the next instructions from the automated service.

Finally, confirm that you want to speak to a Wind operator by pressing the appropriate key (which should be the number 3) and choose the topic for which you need assistance (eg tariffs and problems with the line, Internet connection, etc.). For general assistance the key to press should be the number1.

In summary, to speak with a Wind operator just contact the 155 and press sequence 2-1-3-1. However, it should be noted that this type of service is subject to constant changes and therefore the “right” combination could change from one day to the next. To be sure not to make mistakes, carefully follow the instructions in the guide, please.

Don't have your cell phone handy because it was stolen or is it dead? No problem, you can request assistance for your mobile even from the landline. All you have to do is call the 155 from the home phone, press the key 1 and enter the number of the line for which you need assistance (that is, that of your mobile phone).

Wind assistance online

How to call Wind operator

If you are tired of the “labyrinths” imposed by the Wind telephone assistance service, you can try to contact the operator through one of its social channels.


If you are subscribed to Facebook you can contact Wind by connecting to the official page of the operator and pressing the button Message located at the top right. The classic Facebook chat box will open.

At this point, write a message including a brief description of the problem for which you are contacting the operator, your personal data (primarily the mobile number) and send your support request.

If all goes well, within a few minutes you will receive an answer from the Wind operators who will invite you to provide more details on the problem you encountered and will try to solve it.


In the event that the support via Facebook proves to be unresponsive, you can try to contact Wind's customer care also via Twitter. All you have to do is send a direct message to @ Windcittà briefly describing your problem and providing your mobile number. If you don't know how to send a direct message on Twitter, connect to the @ Windcittà profile and press the icon of comic.

If you are unable to send a direct message to Wind, type a normal tweet prefixing your message with the username of the company on Twitter (@ Windcittà). Remember that in this case you will only have 280 characters available to expose your problem!

Within a few minutes you should receive an answer from the Wind operators, who will enable you to send direct messages (if necessary) and invite you to provide more details about your problem privately.

Sito Internet Wind

Finally, I want to point out the official Wind website on which you can find a large section dedicated to assistance in which there are answers to the frequently asked questions posed by users to the operator.

For example, selecting the item Info and coverage from the sidebar of the page you can find instructions to top up your line, replace or block the SIM in case of theft, etc. By selecting the item Internet and configurations you can find instructions on configuring the Internet connection on all major smartphone and tablet models, while clicking on the item FAQ you can access a list of frequently asked questions and answers dedicated to various topics.

How to call Wind operator

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