How to open Samsung

What to do before opening Samsung

Before showing you how to open your Samsung device, there are some preliminary operations, so to speak, that in my opinion you would do well to perform in order to carry out the operation in question in the best possible way. You will find them all indicated in the following sub-paragraphs.

Check the validity of the guarantee

How to open Samsung

For starters, I highly recommend that you check the state the warranty of your Samsung-branded device. If it is still covered by the latter, disassembly could irreparably compromise it. Furthermore, if your device is under warranty you could consider sending it for free assistance (as far as possible) rather than do it yourself.

To check the warranty status, the only way you have at your disposal is to find it purchase receipt or the Fattura and check the above date. The guarantee has a duration of 24 months, so if less time has elapsed from the date indicated, you can still use it. If not, obviously no. For more details, you can refer to the specific page dedicated to the warranty attached to the official Samsung website.

Find the equipment and spare parts

How to open Samsung

Another fundamental preliminary operation is to find theequipment necessary for opening as well as any parts with which to replace the malfunctioning ones.

To do this, you can rely on iFixit, a portal managed by a team of specialists on which all the disassembly operations of most of the smartphone and tablet models on the market and not, including Samsung-branded devices, are indicated in an extremely detailed manner. On the site you can find step-by-step guides (mostly in English, however) full of high definition images as well as explicit videos and a detailed list of equipment to be used and spare parts. In short, in a circumstance like yours it is a real "godsend".

So to understand what tools you need to open your Samsung device, connect to the section of the iFixit website dedicated to the company's smartphones or to the one dedicated to tablets and click on the image of the model in your possession. Then select the section Replacement Guides in the new page that has opened, the component you want to disassemble.

A new page will then be loaded with all the instructions for disassembling your Samsung together with the list of tools needed to do so, in the section Tools on the left. The spare parts are instead indicated in correspondence with the section Parts, which is on the right.

You can then buy what you need by taking note of what is indicated on the iFixit website and going to a store specialized in the sale of mobile devices or online, on websites for electronic commerce, as in the case of Amazon.

Alternatively, you can also buy what you need directly through the store on the iFixit website, by clicking on the name of the tool or spare part you need, clicking on the button to add the goods to the cart and finalizing the purchase. .

Prepare the device and the work surface

How to open Samsung

Now you have to worry about "preparing" your Samsung smartphone or tablet for the disassembly operation. So, first take care of switch off the device by pressing and holding the Power button (depending on the model, you can find it on the sides of the device or in the upper part of the same) and then stop on the switch off command that you see appear on the screen. If present, then worry about removing any films e protective covers that you had applied to the device.

Also worry about extracting the SIM card from the appropriate slot on the company's smartphones and cellular tablets. To do this, you need to use theextraction tool (similar in shape to an office paper clip) included in the sales package of the device. Then insert it in the small hole above the SIM slot and press firmly until the flap is ejected out of the "body" of the device. Then help yourself with your hands to completely extract the SIM door and remove the card inserted in it.

If you can no longer find the extraction tool, you can still carry out the above steps with the help of a very common metal paper clip for documents. To use it for your purpose, simply open one end and use it to press into the hole next to the SIM slot.

Another thing you need to do before going out to open your Samsung is to properly prepare the work area. You must have a surface well litflat and sufficiently clean.

Also try to put a soft cloth (eg microfiber) on which to place the device when opening in order to prevent it from being accidentally scratched during disassembly or, even worse, from slipping too easily from the surface on which it is placed and ... breaking !

What to do to open Samsung

How to open Samsung

Computing all the steps above I would say that we can finally go to the real heart of the matter and find out exactly what needs to be done to open Samsung. To do this, since as I anticipated at the beginning of the article on the iFixit website there are numerous extremely detailed guides on what to do, what I advise you to do is to rely on them to succeed in your intent.

So go to the section of the site dedicated to Samsung-branded smartphones or tablets through the links I gave you a few lines above, select the exact model in your possession from those displayed on the screen and also select the guide of the device part relative to the what is your intention to go and act.

In the new Web page that will be shown you will then find all the information on what to do, organized in steps and with numerous images and, if available, even videos. At the top you will also find indicated how long it takes to complete the steps of the guide and the degree of difficulty of the operation.

If something is not clear to you or if, in any case, doubts have arisen regarding the execution of this or that other step, I suggest you immediately take a look at the section of the site dedicated to forum. You can read and participate in discussions that are already open as well as insert new ones yourself.

For completeness of information and in the event that video indications are not available for the chosen guide, you can also use YouTube to find out how to open Samsung. So go to the famous portal for viewing and sharing videos, carry out a search of the type how to open samsung [exact model name] (e.g. how to open Samsung S6) and click on the title of the movie that you think will do the most for you. I recommend, however, try to carefully choose the most reliable films, discard those that propose improbable procedures and avoid carrying out dubious and / or rash operations.

At the end of the disassembly procedure and once the parts of the smartphone or tablet that needed to be changed have been replaced, reassemble the device, reinsert the SIM extracted previously in the appropriate compartment and apply films and covers that you have removed. Et voila!

In case of problems

How to open Samsung

In the course of work, some doubts have arisen regarding the functioning of your device and you would like to contactassistance from Samsung? You don't feel confident, do you therefore prefer to entrust all the work in the hands of the company itself and would like to understand how to do it? Don't worry, I can help you with that too. All you need to do is visit the company's online support.

Once the above section of the Samsung website is displayed, click on Mobile phone sotto the dicitura Select the type of product which is in the center, select Smartphone o Tablet based on the type of device you own and select the reference model from the proposed list or, if you are unable to view it, type the code by clicking on the item Enter your model code which is at the top right.

On the product page that you will see appear at this point, you can immediately view the solutions to the main difficulties encountered by users (on the left there is also a menu that groups the themes of the various reference topics), you can carry out a targeted search among the various FAQ using the appropriate bar at the top and you can download the complete user manual of the device.

To put yourself in direct contact with Samsung support, you can choose between various options. Here they are.

  • Call the number +800 726 7864 XNUMX.
  • Submit a email by filling out the appropriate online form.
  • Chat with assistance via the appropriate Internet page.
  • Write to the account Twitter @supportosamsung.
  • Go in person to a service center identifying the one closest to your area through the appropriate web page.
  • Make an appointment for one riparazione at a Samsung center by filling out the form attached to the reference Internet page.

Another thing that I would like to advise you to do to find any info you need is to take a look at the open discussions on the page of the official community of the company website. You can carry out an ad hoc search using the appropriate bar at the top or you can select a reference discussion topic among those proposed in the center of the site.

How to open Samsung

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