How to know if I have active subscriptions on my mobile

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Preliminary information

Before explaining how to identify any active subscriptions on your mobile, I want to give you some preliminary information concerning the topic in question.

Specifically, I would like to tell you that, compared to the past, VAS are deactivated by default by all cittàn telephone operators and activating them is now an operation that can only be carried out voluntarily.

Following the entry into force of the AGCOM resolution 10/21 / CONS in the month of May 2021in fact, the cittàn operators have activated the preventive blocking of subscription services, communicating this to their customers via SMS, e-mail or other appropriate communication channels.

Therefore, if you have an active VAS on your smartphone, it means that you have given express consent to the activation of this kind of services. If everything is clear so far, let's move on.

How to know if there are active subscriptions on the mobile

There are various ways to know if there are active subscriptions on the mobile. You can contact the Single Deactivation Center, check the latest SMS messages received to verify the activation notification of a new subscription service, check the remaining credit of your SIM to find out if "suspicious" sums have been withdrawn or you can contact the customer care of the your telephone operator. Find everything explained in detail in the next paragraphs.

Contact the Single Deactivation Center

The easiest way to verify the activation of a paid service on your account is to call the Single Deactivation Center. This service, which works for any mobile telephone user, allows you to know in a very short time if there are active VASs.

To use it, dial the number 800 442 299 on the dialer of your smartphone (the screen where there is the numeric keypad) and start the call. If there are no active subscriptions on your number, you will hear the message “There are no active Premium Services on the toll-free number”. If, on the other hand, there are VASs active on your user, follow the instructions in the voice guide to deactivate them.

Check the received SMS

Maybe it might seem trivial as a solution, but check received SMS can reveal to you whether or not you have activated a subscription service on your SIM. When a VAS is activated, in fact, an SMS is usually sent to the user, in which the details of the service are explained and instructions on how to deactivate it are also provided (I will talk about this later, again in this post).

It may be that you have lost sight of the SMS in question due to the flood of notifications you receive every day from WhatsApp, Telegram and all other instant messaging apps, so I invite you to check better in the app Messages of your smartphone’s battery.

Have you just deleted all the SMS received and are afraid of not being able to check for any messages regarding the activation of subscription services? Stay calm and don't lose heart. Try to recover deleted SMS by reading the guide in which I explain how to do this. If unfortunately you do not succeed, use one of the alternative methods listed below to find the presence of subscription services activated by mistake on your SIM.

Check the remaining credit

Check the remaining credit it's another great way to check for active subscriptions on your SIM. As I told you a moment ago, subscription services withdraw small amounts of money weekly or monthly from the telephone account of the user who activated them. For the aforementioned reason, check your credit periodically (and maybe write it down somewhere): if even a few cents are withdrawn every week for unsolicited services, you may have accidentally activated a VAS.

Don't know how to check the remaining credit on your SIM? Usually it is possible to do this by sending an SMS to the number provided by your operator, using theofficial app of the latter, by going to thereserved area online or by contacting the customer care.

If you have difficulty checking the remaining credit on your SIM, read one of the following guides that I have prepared on the subject and that you can find linked below.

  • How to check TIM credit.
  • How to know Vodafone credit.
  • How to know the credit of WINDTRE.
  • As you can see Iliad credit.

Contact your operator

If you came to this guide why did you ask yourself "How to know if I have active subscriptions on the TIM mobile phone", "How to know if I have active subscriptions on the Vodafone mobile phone" and so on, the solution is to contact the operator of your interest through one of the assistance channels made available by the latter.

By contacting the customer care of your operator, in fact, you can ask the consultant with whom you will be put in contact to check the presence of any subscription services active on your SIM and proceed, at the same time, with their deactivation (also requesting the reimbursement of the sums already withdrawn, if the subscriptions have been subscribed for 7 days or less).

Below I give you the numbers to contact the Customer Service of the main cittàn operators. However, do not hesitate to read the articles that you find linked below to get more information on which numeric combinations you need to perform in order to speak with an operator "in the flesh" and to find out how to receive assistance via social media or online.

  • TIM - number to call: 119. Click here for more information on how to contact TIM.
  • Vodafone - number to call: 190. Click here for more information on how to talk to Vodafone.
  • WINTRE - number to call: 159. Click here for more information on how to speak to a WINDTRE operator.
  • Iliad - number to call: 177. Click here for more information on how to contact Iliad.

How to deactivate active mobile subscriptions

The information I wrote in the previous paragraphs helped you to identify active subscriptions on your mobile phone and now you would like to know how to deactivate them? In addition to acting from the single deactivation center (of which I told you a few lines above), in many cases it is also possible to do this by sending an SMS with the text DO NOT o STOP to the number indicated in the activation message that was delivered to you by the subscription service. You can also do this by contacting your operator and explicitly asking you to deactivate unsolicited subscriptions that are active on your SIM.

If you have requested the deactivation of the VAS within 7 days of its activation, remember to ask your operator for a refund of the money that has been stolen from you (some operators, such as TIM, allow you to do this even if 12 days have passed) .

For more information on how to deactivate subscription services and possibly how to request a refund, read the tutorial I published on the subject which contains other useful information.

How to deactivate app subscriptions

What about the deactivation of app subscriptions? Basically, in the vast majority of cases, it is possible to do this by going to the section dedicated to subscriptions which is present in the Android Play Store (or in the alternative store installed on your device, if you are using a terminal without Google services) or in theApp Store on iPhone and act directly from there. In some other cases, however, it may be necessary to do this by going to the settings of the application for which you have subscribed.

For more information on this, check out my guides on how to cancel app subscriptions and how to cancel subscriptions on iPhone.

How to know if I have active subscriptions on my mobile

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