How to open Huawei

Preliminary operation

Before getting to the heart of the topic by going to explain to you concretely how to open Huawei, it seems right to indicate to you what are the preliminary operations that I believe you should perform to carry out the procedure in question in the best way. For more details read on, you will find everything explained below.

Check the warranty

First, be aware that if your Huawei smartphone or tablet results in warranty, opening the device will irreparably compromise the latter. If you do not want this to happen or in any case you do not remember if and when the warranty on your device has expired, before proceeding with the disassembly of the same, I suggest you make sure to check if and how much remaining warranty the terminal still has.

To do this, just visit the appropriate page attached to the official Huawei website and type the IMEI code of the device in the first field on the screen. Instead, fill in the field below by writing the verification code on the right and then press the button Search.

On the page that will subsequently be shown to you, you can therefore know all the details of the case you reactivate the warranty of your device: start date of the same, expiration and heavy days.

If you don't know how to find the IMEI code, type * # # 06 in dialer (the numeric keypad) or look for the appropriate label affixed to the sales package of the device or, again, the one placed directly on the smartphone or tablet. For more info, you can refer to my tutorial on how to check IMEI.

Find the equipment and spare parts

Another thing that I invite you to do before trying your hand at opening your Huawei smartphone or tablet is to find the necessary equipment to perform the operation in question. The same goes for any spare parts you need.

To recover everything you need, you can rely on the website iFixit. If you have never heard of it (strange, it is very well known!), I would like to point out that it is a portal, managed by a team of specialists, which indicates and explains in great detail all the disassembly operations of the various models of mobile phones, tablets and other tech devices on the square, including Huawei devices, based on the components you want to act on, all accompanied by numerous images and videos in high quality.

Unfortunately, much of the information available is in English but having a minimum knowledge of the language (or in any case using a good translator, such as the ones I pointed out to you in my tutorial on which translator is the best) there should be no particular problems of understanding.

To find out which tools you need for your purpose, connect to the section of the iFixit website dedicated to Huawei smartphones or the one dedicated to tablets and click on the model name you own. On the page that opens, select the component you need to disassemble that you find in correspondence with the section Replacement Guides.

You will then be shown the page with detailed instructions on disassembly and inside you will also find the list of tools to use to do so, in correspondence with the item Tools, on the left. In most cases these are screwdrivers, tweezers, suction cups and the like.

As for the spare parts, you can find them listed in correspondence with the section Parts, to the right. You can find there batteries, display panels etc.

As for the purchase, you can make it directly from the store attached to the iFixit website, by clicking on the name of the tool or the reference spare part, pressing the button to add the goods to the toll booth and finalizing the purchase by providing a valid payment method.

Alternatively, you can go to shops specialized in the sale of smartphones, tablets and arctic related to the world of information technology or to other online stores, as in the case of Amazon, on which there is a section entirely dedicated to telephony.

Prepare the device and the work area

Another practically obligatory step to be taken before opening the device is to prepare the latter for the operation as well as the work area to be able to carry out all the necessary steps in the best possible way.

So, first take care of switch off your Huawei smartphone or tablet by pressing and continuing to hold the appropriate button for a few moments Power button (you can find it on the sides of the device or at the top of the same, depending on the model) and then selecting the appropriate option that you see appear on the screen.

Once shut down, remove any films e protective covers applied to the device as well as the SIM card from the special slot on smartphones (or tablets with a special module). For SIM removal, you need to take the metal paper clip included in the sales package, it is usually located in the box that includes the instruction manual for the device.

Then insert the paper clip into the hole above the SIM compartment and press down until the flap is ejected out of the device. A "click" will signal the success of the operation. Then, completely extract the door and remove the SIM inserted in it. For more info, you can refer to my tutorial on how to insert a Huawei SIM, taking care to do the procedure in reverse!

In the unfortunate event that you do not find the metal clip necessary to extract the slot, you can cope with this by resorting to the use of a "classic" paper clip, opening one end and using that to apply pressure into the hole next to the SIM compartment.

Regarding the preparation of the work area, I suggest you make sure you have a surface at your disposal well lit e flat as well as sufficiently clean (and if not you can fix it yourself using a damp cloth in order to remove dust and various debris and then let the whole thing dry before starting to work).

I also suggest you put a microfiber cloth, or in any case a sufficiently soft cloth, on which to place the device during the opening phase in such a way as to prevent it from being accidentally damaged by rubbing on the top.

Open the device

At this point I would say that we are finally there, we can take the real action by going to find out, in concert, what needs to be done to be able to open Huawei.

To do this, the advice I would like to give you is to follow the instructions on the aforementioned iFixit website. So visit the section dedicated to Huawei-branded smartphones or tablets using the links I have provided in the previous lines, select the exact model in your possession from those listed and click on the name of the guide relating to the part of the device that it is your intention to disassemble.

On the page that will subsequently open you will find all the information on what to do, organized in steps and accompanied by numerous images and in some cases even by videos.

If you have any doubts, I highly recommend you take a look at the comments section below each guide, maybe you will find some tips provided by other users that may be useful to you. If you want, you can leave a comment yourself so that you can ask for direct help. You can then clear your ideas further by visiting the section of the site dedicated to forum.

Aside from the iFixit website, you can find pretty accurate explanations on how Huawei opens up on too YouTube. In fact, you just need to perform a search of the type how to open huawei [exact model name] (e.g. how to open Huawei P8) and select the video that you think can do most to yours among the various ones in the list, preferring those of a professional nature and trying to discard the videos that do not exactly inspire confidence.

Then when you have completed the disassembly procedure of your Huawei smartphone or tablet and after replacing any parts to be changed, you can reassemble the device, reinsert the SIM card inside it extracted previously and re-apply any protective films and covers that you had removed.

Contact Huawei support

Instead of opening your Huawei device personally you would prefer to rely on the service of assistance official? Then see the support section of the manufacturer's website to find out immediately how to do it.

Once the relevant web page is displayed, click on Discover our repair services, select the after-sales service that you think can do most for you among those listed at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions on the screen that you see appear. Based on what your preferences are, you can choose between repair with home collection and l 'home assistance or you can find a service center present in your area and where you can go in person.

If, before submitting your repair request, you want to know the price of spare parts out of warranty, click on the relative button that you can always find in the assistance section of the Huawei website and choose, from the drop-down menus displayed, the product name and the exact model of the same then click on Send.

How to open Huawei

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