How to know the points of the mobile license

How to know the points of the mobile license

How to know the points of the mobile license

Before delving into the central theme of this guide and understanding it in detail how to know the points of the driving license from a mobile phone, it is advisable to understand the basic functioning of this system, defined by article 126 bis of the Highway Code, so as not to be surprised when consulting the balance.

The key notion to know is that every driving license has available 20 points starting point: if violations are committed, the points are deducted based on the severity of the same. If, on the other hand, you do not violate any of the rules of the highway code that involve a reduction in the score, 2 driving license points are awarded every two years, up to a maximum of 30 points.

But be careful: during the first three years, for the novice drivers any penalties come doubled, while the most faithful to the rules receive 1 point for each year that has passed, thus reaching a maximum increase of 3 points. Furthermore, it will be useful to know that the subtraction of points takes place on the driver's license at the time of the infringement itself and not on that of the owner of the vehicle.

It is possible to restore the starting altitude thanks to the good behaviour: if the score has not been reset (a condition that would automatically lead to the revision of the license) it is essential not to commit any other infractions in the two years following the curtailment. In case of relapsein fact, more severe measures could be envisaged, with various sanctions based on the severity. Another way to recover your points is to join gods special courses at driving schools or other centers authorized by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility (former Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport).

How do you say? You want to know what the feared consists of license revision? In essence, it is a question of verifying thefitness to drive, and it is necessary take the driving license exam again, both for quizzes and for practice.

Now, however, let's get to the heart of the matter and see in detail the steps and methods envisaged for check the points balance of your driving license with your smartphone: in particular I will show you how to proceed from Whatsapp and from the browser, through the Portal of the Motorist.

Since app

How to know the points of the mobile license

One of the most functional ways to get all the information regarding the license score is with the app be aware, available for free for Android devices (also check on alternative stores if your device does not have Google services) and iPhone.

To download it, tap the button Installa / Ottieni after visiting the links above and wait for the download and installation (for Apple devices, identity verification may be required), then tap on the icon that will be generated on your mobile phone display.

When the application is running, press the button Skip intro, to access the authentication form, tap the fields here Username e Password if you already have the credentials of the Motorist portal; otherwise it presses on the voice Subscribe. You will see an information panel in which you need to tap the button Confirmation to be redirected to the registration form.

Press on each field to enter the required information. In particular, pressing on the field date of birth a specific screen will open: to select theyear, press and hold the value shown at the top (which indicates the current year), then swipe your finger to the one you were born in and tap the wording OK. Next, swipe the calendar with your finger to locate month e day and tap the item again OK.

When finished, press the button Subscribe, at the bottom of the form, and you will see a screen where you can optionally provide the driving license number and Expiration date of the same (which you can find on the front of the card). To insert them, press on the fields Number e End Date and type in the respective information. Then press the button Finish registration to finish the procedure.

Now, having a username and password, you can easily authenticate by entering the respective information in the relevant fields of the authentication screen and tap the button Log in. To follow, press on the voice Confirmation, to authorize the processing of data.

You are now on the main screen of the app, where the information sheet relating to your driving license: on the right, inside a circle, there is the points balance.

To verify it points history, tap on the box in question and you will be sent back to a new screen where you can consult thelist of operations which led to the variation, with the fields Detail (where the reason is specified), Inserted the (the date on which the operation was carried out is shown) e Points variation (the value of points subtracted or increased).

Returning to the main screen, you will see that there are also other useful information, which you can refer to to check, for example, the expiry of the RCA (compulsory insurance covering Motor Vehicle Liability) and the review.

At the bottom there is a menu: by pressing on the relevant items you will only see the details of the information relating to Licenses, vehicles e Practices, I tapped her Search you will go to a screen where you can search to get vehicle data according to the license plate number, or request the registration of a company to check the authorization to transport people or goods.

From the Motorist's Portal

How to know the points of the mobile license

Another way to check your mobile license points balance is to log in to Portal of the Motorist: this is a site specially created by MiMS (Ministry of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility) to allow the visualization of the data relating to your driving license and the registered vehicles. However, I want to point out that this site is not particularly optimized for viewing from mobile devices, so you may find the fonts small and difficult to read.

First of all connect with your favorite browser (eg. Chrome your android or Safari on iPhone) on this page. First of all I inform you, however, that from 1 March 2021 it is no longer possible to register or restore and change credentials in standard mode, due to the switch to online authentication via SPID (Public System of Digital Identity).

How do you say? Have you heard a lot about this new authentication system, but you are not sure what it is for and how to get it? Don't worry, it's nothing particularly complex. Basically it is about certify your digital identity through an authorized provider, which will be useful for you to access online the various services of the Public Administration (and not only). If you haven't done so yet, you can find out how to get the SPID, even for free and without moving from home, by reading my guide dedicated to the subject.

Returning to the Motorist portal, from the home page you will need to tap the button Log in to the portal, at the top right, and choose whether to authenticate with credentials registered before March 1, 2021 or through SPID. In the first case, under the tab Login with Password, you will find the fields username e Password: by pressing on them you can type the related information, then tap on Log in. In the second case, press on the item Log in with SPID, quindi pigia sul pulsating Entra con Spid and select with a tap the manager with which you have activated the digital identity.

Authentication on this portal can also be done only with the first level of security: in this case, from your provider's authentication screen, tap on the fields username e Password and type in the relevant information requested, then press the button Sign in with SPID. If you want to learn more about the different authentication methods with digital identity and get more information on the various security levels, I suggest you read my dedicated guide.

You are now on the main screen of the service, where you can already view the points balance in the central part, inside the homonymous square. If you want a detail of the recorded score changes, tap on the button below Account balance and, on the next page, press again on the item Account balance, to access the summary screen. By tapping on the wording Download Point Balance Certificate, you can instead download a PDF file that certifies the updated license score.

From phone number

How to know the points of the mobile license

You wonder if it is possible to know the balance of the driving license by calling a telephone number? The answer is no. Or rather, there is a number to turn to - it is the848.782.782 (active 7 days a week at the cost of a local call) - but it is available only from landline.

Calling him, a recorded voice will answer asking for the entry of date of birth e driving license number: you can easily communicate them by typing them on the keypad of your home phone. After a short wait, you will be given the remaining balance of the points on your license.

From mobile, at least at the time of writing this guide, unfortunately the service is not accessible (unless you try with solutions such as apps to call toll-free numbers from mobile).

How to know the points of the mobile license

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