Convert images to ASCII (letters, symbols and text)

La ASCII ART is a digital drawing technique in which the image is represented by symbols or letters of the alphabet. ASCCI stands for "American Standard Code for Information Interchange" and is, in fact, the character set used by computer keyboards around the world.
Converting an image into letters and symbols therefore means recreate it with the characters typed using the computer keyboard.
Drawing using symbols such as letters and punctuation or typically computer symbols is a job that requires a lot of imagination and a lot of patience.

Art Text or ASCII art can be done using any computer text editor such as Windows Notepad or Mac TextEdit.
Surely the experts of this technique use more advanced word processing programs that allow you to align the characters and overlap them with greater ease however, as here I like to make anything accessible to anyone, we see in this article how convert an image or photo into letters and symbols using automatic programs.

Let's see some here web applications to convert photos and images to ASCII that you can use right away, without downloading anything.

1) ASCII art generator quickly converts any photo in letters and symbols ASCII. After selecting and uploading any photo from your computer, the site selects the characters in order to convert the images into text. After the first conversion you are asked to enter any nickname that gives the name to the project. The next phase proposes to customize the ASCII image with the use of a different set of characters and modifying the brightness which, in this case, means increasing or decreasing the intensity, number and heaviness of the symbols and letters used.
When you are satisfied with the result, it is possible download the image as a text file for the computer, a text file . Txt which opens with the notepad and which can be copied and pasted into emails or as a forum signature.

2) is a very easy to use website to create ASCII Art using an image to upload from your PC or phone. You can preview the art and customize various parameters including shadow, sharpness, monochrome, color, size.

3) Ascii generator is a dedicated website tool for creating arteASCII that converts images and text to ASCII in seconds.

4) IMG2ASCII is another free site with which to transform photos and images into ASCII characters and symbols.

5) Asciify image is a site where you can import an image and set ASCII artistic parameters including quality, color mode, line height, letter spacing, font color, font size, horizontal or vertical flip.

6) Text image is a more powerful online application that is not limited to convert images into written text, but also offers several varieties: HTML, ASCII e Matrix.
The ASCII conversion is very similar to the previous site, the image will be converted to ASCII art. Unlike Photo2Text, it is not possible to specify a different character set, but there are other options that make up for this lack. In addition to the black text on a white background, you can also choose the width of the image, the color to use as background, the color of the text and the contrast. Type conversion Matrix it is similar to the ASCII one with green text on a black screen, with the same graphics used by the famous film.

The most interesting of all is the conversion to HTML format because, the image can be transformed into a colored text file or in grayscale.

7) You can add to these two websites an opensource and free program very small, no installation required, very easy to use, which is used to convert normal images in ASCII text made up of symbols and letters.
Means ASCII Generator it is possible to manage the contrast and brightness of the converted image which results in an increase in characters used with a greater occurrence of larger and more visible symbols. With this little software you can not only convert the image but also change the fonts and learn how to create ASCII Art even from scratch. Here too you can choose the set of characters to use, you can color them and you can decide the colors of the background and text.

To deepen the discourse of ASCII art, to learn or just to see creations made by experts of this digital drawing sector, I can recommend some internet sites.
1) ASCII ART Dictionary
2) Ascii World

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