How Waze Works

What is Waze

Before you see how Waze works, I would say to expand a little the speech I made to you in the introduction of the guide, explaining it better what is Waze. As I mentioned, Waze is a GPS navigator for Android and iOS / iPadOS which over the years has distinguished itself for its strong social component, influencing competing browsers, who in recent years have introduced functions similar to those present on Waze. It is no coincidence, in fact, that Google bought the app in 2013.

Its users, called wazer, in addition to being able to obtain quick and precise driving directions, they can help other people by sharing information on the state of traffic, the presence of accidents, the price of gasoline, the presence of speed cameras and much more.

To make it even more enjoyable there is the fact that the application is completely free, has no limitations and works very precisely on all major mobile operating systems. It also offers the possibility to download offline maps, so it can be useful even in the absence of an Internet connection (as long as you have previously downloaded the map of the place where you are).

The operation of Waze is quite simple: you install the app on your device, from the Google and Apple stores, and then you can use it by providing it with access to location services. Its user interface, simple and intuitive, makes it suitable even for those who are not very familiar with technology, so I would say to see immediately how it works.

How to install Waze

In order to use Waze, as I told you before, you must first install the app on your device. So let me explain how to install waze sia your Android che your iOS / iPadOS.


If you want to install Waze on a device Android, april il Play Store, by tapping on the icon depicting the colored ▶ ︎ symbol on the Home screen or in the drawer (the screen where the icons of all installed applications are located). Then tap on search bar at the top of the screen and search "Waze".

Subsequently, locate the icon of the apptra the search results (it is the one with the smiling cloud with wheels) and proceed to its installation, by tapping the green button Install. If you are reading this article directly from the Android device on which you want to install the app, click on this link, to go directly to the Waze download page, and then press the button Install.

iOS / iPadOS

To install the Waze application on iOS / iPadOS, avvia l 'App Storeby pressing the icon representing the letter "TO" on a blue background, present on the Home screen, tap on the item Search placed at the bottom right and search "Waze" using the text field you see appear at the top of the screen.

Identify, therefore, the Waze icon (the one with the smiling cloud with wheels), select it and press the blue button Get. Then confirm the download with the Face IDtouch ID or the Password of your Apple account. If you are reading this post directly from the iPhone or iPad on which you intend to install Waze, click on this link to automatically open the App Store.

How is Waze used

Once the app installation is complete, let's get to the heart of the matter and see, together, how to use Waze. In the next few lines, I will be able to explain in detail the main features of this famous GPS navigator for mobile devices.

How Waze works for Android

Be vuoi scoprire how Waze works for Android, launch the app you installed earlier and grant it permission to use GPS. Then press the button Start now, read the terms of use and the privacy policy of the service and tick the boxes I agree to the Waze Terms of Use e I accept the Waze Privacy Policy. Then press on the buttons Accept e I understand and agree, to continue.

Next, decide whether to allow Waze to use the location of the device even when the app is not in use, by pressing the button Access allowed or No thanks and then choose whether to see personalized advertisements by clicking on the button custom o Not personalized.

Then choose whether to register for Waze: it is not necessary to do it to use the app as a navigator, but if you want to contribute with reports, you have to do it. Then click on the icon of magnifying glass located at the bottom left and, in the sidebar that opens, tap on the item Guest Wazer, placed at the top. Then tap on the symbol oflittle man, at the top, press on the item Register this account and then tap the button Log in via Facebook, to log in directly with your Facebook account.

In case you want to register with the telephone numberinstead, tap the button Sign up with your phone and presses on the symbol ofairplane placed at the bottom right, to move forward. Finally, enter the code that was sent to you via SMS and press again on the symbol ofairplane.

To set a destination in Waze, press on search bar placed at the top, type thelocation address to reach and confirm. To start the navigator, then, all you have to do is press the buttons vai e Departure.

You can also set frequent destinations (casa e work) and favorite destinations (eg a cinema, a restaurant). To set the locations of casa e work, presses on the search bar of Waze and select the appropriate items from the screen that opens.

To add a destination to your favorites, instead, after searching for it, instead of pressing the "Go" button, tap the button favorite, then choose a name and press the button Done present in the box that opens. If you can't find the Waze search bar, bring it up by tapping anywhere on the map.

To view the reports of the other "wazers" about accidents, traffic, road closures, etc., you must have started the path through the procedure I indicated a few lines above. Then press on an "empty" point at the top of the screen and tap on the item Upcoming reports give the menu to compare.

A screen will open in which you can view the complete list of reports related to Police, Traffic, Accidents, Road closures e Dangers of various kinds. Furthermore, by scrolling the Waze map, you will be able to find all the reports relating to Speed ​​Cameras, service penalties and other points of interest.

To find one service station and find out which practice the best prices, presses on the Waze search bar, select the icon of fuel dispenser present at the bottom left (in the menu that opens) and a list will appear with the nearest petrol stations and the prices charged by the latter.

To send a report about traffic, accidents, fuel prices and so on, keep your finger pressed on the instead orange button at the bottom right and drag your finger towards the cars lined up, to signal the presence of traffic; towards the policeman symbol, to report a mobile speed camera, or towards the yellow triangle, to signal a danger. In the screen that opens, then define the details of the report and tap the button Send, to proceed with its sending.

What I have just described to you are just some of the many features offered by Waze. If you want to know more, start using the application frequently, consult its extensive documentation and become an integral part of its community: I assure you that you will not regret it!

How Waze works for iPhone and iPad

You downloaded the version of Waze for iPhone e iPad and now would you like to know how it works? Well, I don't really have much to add to the above, because in reality the iOS / iPadOS app works the same way as the Android one.

For this reason I avoid repeating myself unnecessarily and I refer you to reading the previous chapter, since there are no differences (not even minimal) between the two versions of Waze.

How Waze Works

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