How to know screen size

How to know PC screen size

How to know screen size

The Microsoft operating system, Windowsunfortunately, it does not have a built-in function that provides specific information on screen size in use, be it external or integrated (in the case of laptops). However, if you are interested in knowing the size of a monitor, you can do a Google search to find out the specifics.

To carry out this operation, you must first of all be aware of the exact name of the monitor model you want to know the specifics of. This information is reported on the package and on instruction booklet of the latter. How do you say? Have you lost them or were they not provided to you? No problem, in this case you can resort to settings Windows related to the display.

To do this, you just need to click on the button Home Windows (the one with the pennant located at the bottom left). Once the Start menu, click on thegear, at the bottom left and, in the window that opens, click on the item System; from here (in the tab Screen) click on the item Advanced screen settings, down. Your monitor name will be displayed at the top.

If you use a laptop you can search Google by typing the model name. To know this last data, you just need to select the item System from the Windows settings, as I explained above, and click on the item Information that you find at the bottom of the list on the left. Your PC model name is the one shown above.

Once you know the model name of the monitor or laptop you use, just type in Google [model name] specifications. Among the first search results you should find the official web pages of the devices in question. Just open them and access the tabs Specifications, Data o Technical features to check the dimensions on the screen that you will find expressed in inches (″) or centimeters (cm).

If the search on the popular search engine does not have the desired results, you can always resort to "traditional methods". You must know, in fact, that the dimensions of the screens are usually obtained by measuring the diagonal (i.e. the distance between the opposite corners) of the latter in centimeters (cm) and dividing the result obtained by 2,54 (since 1 inch equals 2,54 centimeters).

Furthermore, you can also get the diagonal measurement by applying the Pythagorean theorem: the measurement of the diagonal is equal to the square root of the sum of the length and height of the monitor, both squared. For example, if the length of a monitor is 75cm and its height 42cm, the diagonal will be 85,95cm.

How to know screen size

If you are interested in more specific information on the size of your PC screen, I recommend that you use the convenient service offered by the site Omni Calculator. It is a portal that provides an incredible amount of specific calculators to convert between units of measurement and solve various problems in geometry, mathematics and physics.

To know all the details on the size of your computer screen, open this page of the portal in question and choose the aspect ratio of the screen, i.e. the ratio between length and height (just click on the item next to the item Screen), and enter the diagonal measurement by typing it next to the item Diagonal.

You will immediately be shown the other screen sizes (help with the diagram shown below to understand the values ​​you see). Convenient, don't you think?

How to know Mac screen size

How to know screen size

Unlike Windows, MacOS can provide you with specific information on dimensions monitor or screen in use. To get started, just click on the icon apple located at the top left, in the menu bar of macOS. In the menu that opens, click on the item About this Mac and a window will open showing an overview of the specifications of your computer.

To know the information on the monitor, all you have to do is click on the item Monitor, up. The. Will then be displayed on the screen model name of the monitor, the greatness (expressed in inches) and the resolution of the latter. It took a moment, right?

If you have any doubts or problems, you can still do a Google search by typing the model name of monitors that are shown to you in this tab. I also suggest that you also use the convenient service offered by the Omni Calculator portal that I told you about in the previous chapter.

How to know Android screen size

How to know screen size

Now let's move on to the mobile world, talking about smartphone e tablet, more precisely of Android. The operating system of the green robot can provide various information on the specifications of the device on which it is installed, but not those relating to dimensions of the display.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to know screen size of an Android smartphone or tablet, I must inform you that you will have to resort to some third-party solutions.

In this case, I immediately recommend the one that I consider most reliable and that can certainly do for you: CPU-Z. It is an intuitive free application that allows you, in the essentiality of its interface, to obtain a decidedly complete and detailed overview of the components of your device.

To install CPU-Z, all you have to do is open the app page on the Play Store (check the alternative stores if your device does not have access to Google services) and press the button Install. Once this step is complete, start CPU-Z from the home screen or from the app menu (just press the purple icon with the white chip).

To proceed, just tap on the item Device, up. The display size of your device is shown in inches (inches) next to the item Screen Size. See how easy it was?

How to know iPhone screen size

How to know screen size

Also on iPhone (e iPad) is missing a function to get information about dimensions the screen of your device and, for this reason, also in this case it is necessary to use third-party applications. How do you say? This being the case, would you like me to recommend a convenient, free application with a simple interface and maybe even provide you with other information on the components of your "iPhone by" or your iPad?

I'll settle you right away: the app that could just be right for you is Lirum Device Info Lite. To download it, open the official page of the app on the App Store, then press the button Ottieni / Installa and proceed to verify your identity through Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple (if requested).

Once you have installed Lirum Device Info Lite, start it from the home screen or from the App Library, by pressing on its icon (a chip verde). Proceed, then, by tapping on the icon , at the top left and, from here, press on the item This device.

In the screen that opens, tap on the item Display and you will be shown a tab with all the specifications of your device's screen. The length of the diagonal is shown in millimeters (mm) next to the item Size. That's all!

How to know screen size

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