How to use the phone as a microphone

How to use your phone as a PC microphone

Let's go straight to the point and see how to use your phone as a PC microphone exploiting some applications suitable for the purpose. Find everything explained below.


How to use the phone as a microphone

If you have one PC Windows, I suggest you try WO Mic: a software compatible with all major versions of the Microsoft operating system and which allows you to transform your Android smartphone or iPhone into a real external microphone completely free of charge. However, I would like to point out the possibility of subscribing to a 0,99 euro / month subscription that allows you to use the app without advertising and access advanced functions (such as the ability to adjust the input volume).

The first thing you need to do to make use of it is download the WO Mic desktop client on your PC: to do this, go to this page and click on the link WO Mic Client for Windows. When the download is complete, open the .exe file you have obtained and complete the setup by clicking on the buttons Yes, OK, Next (twice in a row), install e Finish.

Subsequently, from the WO Mic site, it also downloads the drivers necessary to make the client work properly. Then click on the link WO Mic device driver for Windows and wait for the download to finish. Afterward, open the .exe file you have obtained and click on the buttons Yes, install e Close, but will conclude the setup.

Now, start WO Mic on your PC, by double clicking on its icon on the desktop, and open the menu Connection> Connect. Using the sidebar on the left, then select the type of connection you want to make between phone and PC: Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi o Wi-Fi Direct. Please note that if you need to connect an iPhone, you can only connect via Wi-Fi.

How to use the phone as a microphone

Now install the official WO Mic app on Android (if you have a device without the Play Store, you can download the APK file from the WO Mic website) or iPhone. After installing and starting the app, then presses the buttons No, see ADSL that are less relevant e Agree and proceed as follows.

Now if you have a device Android, fai tap sull'icona della wheel placed at the top right, then on the item Transportation and choose the mode of connection to the PC (eg. Wi-Fi). Then go back to the main screen of the app and press the ▶ ︎ button, at the top right, to establish the connection.

If you have one iPhoneinstead, presses the button Home (bottom right) to achieve the same result.

How to use the phone as a microphone

Afterwards, return to the WO Mic desktop client and, after selecting the connection mode of your interest (in our example Wi-Fi), specify in the appropriate text field theIP address displayed on the phone display. Then click on the button Connect and wait for the connection to be established.

If you have an Android device and have decided to connect it via USB, since in this case the audio quality will be better and you will avoid any lag and various problems, you must make sure that you have downloaded the drivers provided by the manufacturer of your smartphone to your PC (if you have not done so, try to search for them on Google and download them from the manufacturer's website).

Also, on the Android device in your possession, go to the menu Settings> Developer options and move up ON l'interruttore situato accanto alla voce Debug USB (if you don't see the wording in question, go to the menu Settings> About device and press repeatedly on number build feniche the message "You are a developer" does not appear).

How to use the phone as a microphone

Then, connect your smartphone to the PC via the USB cable (before starting the WO Mic app) and, after selecting this physical connection mode, choose the appropriate option from the desktop client (using the procedure seen above), click on the button Connect present on the latter and that's it.

Once the connection between your device's microphone and your computer has been established using WO Mic, you can use your smartphone as a microphone by selecting Microphone (WO Mic Device) From settings of the program of your interest (whether it is an audio recording software, a videocall program, etc.).

When you need to disconnect, you can do so by simply clicking on the button Stop (l'icona del square) located at the top right.


How to use the phone as a microphone

You have a Mac? In this case you cannot take advantage of the solutions described above but you can take advantage of a system function, introduced in macOS Sierra, through which it is possible to use the iPhone as an audio source in various applications, such as those dedicated to voice recording, those for video calls , etc.

To do this, the first thing you need to do is connect the iPhone to the Mac, using the supplied Lightning-USB cable. On the Mac then open the application Audio MIDI Setup, (the piano icon which should be in the subfolder Utility, present in the folder Applications). In the sidebar to the left of the opened window will appear theiPhone icon: click, then, on the button Enable attached to the latter and select the item Authorize appeared on the iPhone and enter the unlock code device.

How to use the phone as a microphone

Now you need to install a microphone app on yours iPhone. I advise you to use Live Microphone which works quite well, at least from the tests I had the opportunity to perform for the writing of this article. After installing and running it, grant it permission to access the microphone of your "iPhone by" pressing the button OK. Then press the button No output and make sure the option is selected Dock connector in the opened box (otherwise you do it).

Subsequently, on the Mac, go to System Preference (the gray icon of gears placed in Dock and in Launchpad) and, after clicking on the item Sound, choose yours iPhone as an audio source. Subsequently, in the app Micrpohone Live, premium pulsating ON (which must turn red) to activate the iPhone microphone.

How to use the phone as a microphone

By doing so, just select the wording iPhone from the program in use on the Mac related to the capture of your voice (whether it is an audio recording program, a video conferencing program or other). Simple, right?

How to use your phone as a microphone on Meet

How to use the phone as a microphone

You came to this guide with the aim of use your phone as a microphone on Meet? Well, in this case you just need to follow the instructions I gave you first to connect the phone to the PC and then, on Meet, select the audio source you want to use.

After entering a call on Meet, click on the ⋮ symbol (bottom right), select the item Settings from the menu that opens and click on the tab Audio.

From the menu Microphone, then select the input source of your interest (eg. WO Mic Device, iPhone, etc) and click on the item end (bottom right) to set your smartphone as a microphone.

How to use your phone as a PS4 microphone

How to use the phone as a microphone

You are wondering if it is possible use your phone as a PS4 microphone? But of course yes: just take advantage of the special function available in the app PS4 Remote Play, which allows you to use your mobile device as a controller, thus also offering the possibility of using the integrated microphone as an audio input.

To proceed, after installing and starting the PS4 Remote Play app on your Android or iOS device, press the blue button starts and Confirmation e Continue. If you have not already done so, log in to your PlayStation account on the page that opens in your browser, make sure you are logged in to your PSN account on the console and that it is set as the primary PlayStation system.

Then press the buttons NEXT e OK on the phone. Once the connection between the device and the console is established, tap the icon microphone (bottom left), grant the app permission to access the microphone of the device in use and that's it. From now on, the audio will be captured from the smartphone you connected to the PS4. Convenient, right?

In case of problems or if some steps are not clear to you, consult my guide on how to use the PS4 Remote Play from a smartphone.

How to use the phone as a microphone

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