TIMmusic: how it works

TIMmusic prices

TIMmusic: how it works

Unlike Spotify or Apple Music, TIMmusic does not offer a free trial. This means that the service is paid only, but new users can take advantage of a discount that brings the fee for the first 1,99 weeks to 4 euros. Those who do not have an active subscription and / or do not use a TIM line can access the service and listen to only 30 seconds of each song.

There are currently two subscription plans for TIMmusic: one with limited listening and no download function and one, more complete, with unlimited download and listening function. Here they are both in detail.

  •  TIMmusic Gold - for 3,99 euros / 4 weeks. (discounted at € 1,99 for the first 4 weeks) gives free access to the entire catalog of the service without advertising interruptions, but offers a maximum number of 250 plays per month and does not allow you to download songs offline. It can only be subscribed by TIM mobile network customers.
  •  TIMmusic Platinum - for 7,99 euros / 4 weeks. (discounted at € 1,99 for the first 4 weeks) gives free access to the entire catalog of the service, without listening limits, without advertising interruptions and with the possibility of downloading the songs offline. It can be subscribed by both TIM mobile network customers and fixed network customers.

As anticipated, TIMmusic does not consume data traffic under the 3G / 4G TIM network. However, this is only valid if it is used on the TIM mobile network and on the in your languagen territory. When roaming, data traffic is paid according to your tariff plan.

The payment methods accepted by the service are those mentioned at the beginning of the post: phone bill (if you are a TIM fixed network customer); remaining credit (if you are a TIM mobile network customer) or Bank direct debit (always if you are a TIM mobile network customer). The TIM mobile SIM subscription provides for advance payment every 4 weeks from the date of subscription.

It should be noted that fixed-line and mobile-line subscriptions are separate: if you activate TIMmusic on a mobile line, you can only access the service from the app (only 30 seconds of each track can be played on a PC). Conversely, if TIMmusic is activated on a fixed line, the service can only be accessed from a PC (only 30 seconds of each song can be played on smartphones and tablets).

Compatible devices

TIMmusic: how it works

TIMmusic is accessible from most computers, smartphones and tablets.

To access the service from computer, you can use any of the most popular browsers (eg. Chrome, Firefox o Safari) without installing any external software and without using any particular plugin. You just have to connect to the TIMmusic.it site using your TIM landline line and authenticate with your account (we will see how soon).

On smartphones and tablets you can access TIMmusic using the official applications of the service: Android (smartphone), Android (tablet), iPhone, iPad and Windows 10 Mobile.

How to activate TIMmusic

Now that you know the TIMmusic subscription plans and the devices compatible with the service, you can activate your subscription by choosing one of the many available methods.


TIMmusic: how it works

If you want to activate TIMmusic on a mobile line, you can act directly online by connecting to the service's website and clicking on the button Attiva which is located at the top.

On the page that opens, put the check mark next to the entry for TIM Music Gold o TIM Music Platinum (depending on the type of subscription you intend to subscribe) and presses the button Continue. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you (Line data) by typing your mobile number in the fields Telephone e Repeat phone, your email address in the appropriate text field and placing the check mark next to the item I agree (to accept the conditions of use of the service).

TIMmusic: how it works

At this point, choose a payment method between remaining credit, credit card e PayPal and authenticate with your TIM account by filling out the form at the bottom left. If you don't have a TIM account yet, click on the button Request code (bottom right) and enter the security code you will receive via SMS in the text field below. Finally, press the button Confirm purchase and TIMmusic activation should be successful.

By telephone

TIMmusic: how it works

If you need to activate TIMmusic on a landline line, you can contact the 187 and follow the instructions of the voice guide to request access to the service. Going into more detail, what you have to do is listen to the welcome message of the service, access the section other requests (by pressing the corresponding key, which should be the 3), request line and invoice information (via the key 1) and speak to an operator by choosing the option otherwise press [key number] (which should be the 2).

If you need to activate TIMmusic on a mobile line, you can contact the 119. Then start the dialer of your smartphone, call 119 and follow the instructions of the voice guide. Then press the button corresponding to the option for speak to an operator (which should be the 2) and ask the operator who will reply to activate the TIMmusic service.

If any of the steps are not clear to you or you can't find the right combination of keys to press, follow the instructions you find in my tutorial on how to talk to a TIM operator.

In TIM stores

TIMmusic: how it works

If you prefer, you can request the activation of TIMmusic also by going to a TIM shop and providing all the data necessary to complete the operation: telephone number, identity card, SIM data (in case of activation on a mobile number) and so on.

If you want to find the TIM store closest to your home, connect to the operator's website and fill out the form on the left with your residential address.

How to use TIMmusic

After activating your subscription to TIMmusic, you can start using the service on devices compatible with the type of subscription you have chosen (so smartphone and tablet if you have activated the service on a mobile line or PC if you have activated the service on a fixed line) . Here's how to do it in detail.

Give smartphone and tablet

If you want to use TIMmusic on your smartphone or tablet, you need to download the app from the store of your device. Then start Play Store (if you are using an Android terminal), App Store (if you are using an iPhone or iPad) or Windows Store (if you are using a Windows Phone), search TIMmusic and proceed with the installation of the app by selecting the icon of the latter from the search results and pressing the button Ottieni / Installa.

TIMmusic: how it works

Now you need to turn off Wi-Fi for a moment and connect to the Internet via 3G / 4G network: in this way you will allow TIMmusic to identify your line and, consequently, to identify you within the app. This operation will then be repeated at least once a week in order not to lose access.

After disconnecting the Wi-Fi, open the app of TIMmusic, pigia sul pulsating OK twice in a row (to skip the initial presentation) and make sure the application has "recognized" you. To carry out this check, press the button which is at the top left and check the name at the top or at the bottom of the bar that appears on the side: if the item appears Unrecognized customer, it means that the app did not recognize your phone number. In this case you have to try to close it completely (if you don't know how to do it, read my tutorials on how to close iPhone applications and how to close Android applications) and repeat the authentication procedure. If, on the other hand, the item appears Non-subscriber customer, it means that the app has "recognized" you but that the subscription to TIMmusic is not yet active on your line. In this case, instead, I invite you to contact TIM assistance and ask for explanations in this regard.

TIMmusic: how it works

Once logged in, you can browse the TIMmusic contents simply by choosing them from the app home screen or you can search for songs, albums, artists and playlists of your interest by pressing the icon of the magnifying glass which is located at the top right.

In the TIMmusic main menu you can find acover image which shows, in rotation, the most interesting contents of the moment. By scrolling the screen, however, you can consult the list with the latest news, top charts with the most interesting rankings of the moment, you can browse the contents according to the various musical genres, you can listen to the playlists dedicated to various moments of the day or you can listen to gods exclusive content.

Among the exclusive contents of TIMmusic, as already mentioned above, there are the Radioplaylist made by artists, the AlbumStory with comments from singers and musicians to their work and more. To access it, press the option See all located next to the item Exclusive content (at the bottom of the TIMmusic main screen), then select the content of your interest to start playing it.

TIMmusic: how it works

To start playing a song in the TIMmusic app, all you have to do is select the album or playlist that contains it and press on its title. By pressing the button (...) located on the right, however, you can instead add the song to the playback queue, An custom playlist, to your library (option Save), download it offline (if your subscription allows it) e share it on social media.

Content added to favorites and created playlists all become accessible from the menu My music, which you can easily find by tapping the button located at the top left. In the same menu you will also find the option to listen to the radio based on various musical genres.

TIMmusic: how it works

You can also add entire albums, playlists or artists to your library simply by selecting them in TIMmusic and pressing the icon of heart.

On player I don't think there is much to say: you can find it at the bottom of the screen and it includes all the most common commands of the music players: play / pause, forward, back, repetition, shuffle mode etc.

From computer

If you want to use find out how TIMmusic works from your PC, open your favorite browser and connect to the TIMmusic.it site (you must use the TIM landline associated with the TIMmusic subscription). Then click on the button Log in located at the top right and register for the service. To register, click on the entry Register on TIMMUSIC and fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering yours email address and yours Password (to be typed twice). Then choose whether to accept or reject the various privacy policies (read them all carefully!) And click on the button Subscribe to complete your TIMmusic registration process.

If you already have a TIMvision or TIMreading account, you can access TIMmusic directly with that without having to make an ad hoc registration for the service.

TIMmusic: how it works

Once you have registered, log in to your account and start browsing the contents of TIMmusic using all the links on the home page of the service (in a similar way to what was explained above for the app for smartphones and tablets). At the top there is acover image which, in rotation, shows the most interesting contents of the moment. Further down are the new albums and playlist the more you listen, while on the side, on the right, there are the most recent singles.

Selecting the tabs sections, playlist e My music you can access the TIMmusic sections with the RadioPlaylists of the artists, the playlists dedicated to various activities or musical genres and the contents in your library, while using the search bar positioned at the top center you can find albums, songs and playlists freely.

TIMmusic: how it works

To start playing a song, all you have to do is find it in TIMmusic and press the ▶ ︎ button that appears on its title when you move over it with the mouse pointer. With the same mechanism you can also add new content to your library, create custom playlists (to be exported to smartphones and tablets using the appropriate function available in the section My music) and share songs on social.

Il player, which you can find at the top, presents all the most common commands for music playback (play / pause, forward, back etc.) plus a lever to activate or deactivate listening to the Comments of the artists.

TIMmusic: how it works

How to manage the TIMmusic subscription

To manage your TIMmusic subscription, change plan or disable automatic subscription renewal, you can follow various ways. Going into more detail, to activate a subscription instead of another (eg. TIMmusic Platinum in place of TIMmusic Gold) you can follow the standard route for activating the subscription as I explained to you before.

On smartphones and tablets it is possible to activate the TIMmusic Platinum plan instead of the Gold one without any particular intervention (the new subscription is activated automatically without having to deactivate the previous one). On the fixed network, however, you must first deactivate the Gold subscription and then proceed with the activation of the Platinum one.

TIMmusic: how it works

deactivate the TIMmusic subscription, on the other hand, you can use the TIM website or telephone assistance. If you prefer to work from a computer, connected to the TIM.it site, access your personal area (MyTIM) by clicking on the appropriate item at the top right and select the card MyTIM Fixed if you want to deactivate TIMmusic on the landline or MyTIM Mobile if you want to deactivate TIMmusic on your mobile.

At this point, if you have TIMmusic associated with the landline, go up Active services and offers in the box My line di MyTIM Fixed, individual there you relating to TIMmusic and deactivate the service by pressing the appropriate item. The deactivation will be almost instant. If you have paired TIMmusic with your mobile phone, go to the tab instead Services di MyTIM Mobile, locate item related to TIMmusic and deactivate the service by pressing the appropriate button. The subscription will be deactivated at the end of the current subscription period (so you will be able to continue using the service until the end of the current month).

TIMmusic: how it works

If you cannot find the settings relating to the deactivation of TIMmusic on the TIM website, you can contact the 119 (mobile) or the 187 (fixed line) and request the deactivation of TIMmusic to an operator.

More information on TIMmusic

If you need more information about TIMmusic, I invite you to visit the TIM website on which there is an exhaustive FAQ section with answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding this music streaming service.

TIMmusic: how it works

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