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Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of this guide and explaining, in practice, how to know who a mobile number belongs to, let me give you some more information about the circumstances in which this can happen.

For starters, it's good that you know that current privacy laws prevent the creation of public directories containing mobile phone numbers: for this reason, for a search to be fruitful, the owner of the number must have entered online (consciously or not) information regarding their telephone numbers.

Another method widely used to trace the contact person of a given telephone number involves the use of collaborative portals, i.e. sites and apps that collect user feedback on calls received from specific mobile numbers: this mode is usually used to identify numbers belonging to known spammers, marketers or annoyers.

Finally, with a few little "tricks", it is possible to take advantage of the messaging apps to trace the details of the people who hide behind the cellular numbers: even in this case, however, the user of the number must have used precise privacy settings , which do not provide for the inhibition of information from numbers external to one's own contact list.

In short, taking into account the fact that privacy laws prevent the creation of public directories, being able to identify a mobile number is not always easy. However, by doing targeted searches on the Internet, you can find numbers of people who have more or less consciously entered their contact details online. Good luck!

How to know who owns a free mobile number

Having made the necessary clarifications above, it is time to take action and show you what are the most effective methods for know who a mobile number belongs to for free.


As I mentioned earlier, there are "tricks" to transform messaging apps into real private investigators. For example, if it is your intention to understand how to know who owns a private mobile number, you can use WhatsApp: all you have to do, in practice, is to add the numbering of interest to your own contacts and verify its presence in the app.

Are you asking me how to do it? It's that simple, really. To get started, make a note of the mobile number of your interest and add it to the address book of the phone, following the procedure most suited to the operating system you use: everything generally boils down to opening the app Contacts and press the button for adding a new name (the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead located in the lower right on Android and top right on iPhone).

Once the contact has been saved, start WhatsApp, start a new chat by pressing the icon comic, and check if the previously saved name appears in the list of available contacts. If so, tap hers picture profile, in order to view the details of the user profile: with a bit of luck, you should be able to see, among other things, his name (or his nickname).

As I explained to you at the beginning of the guide, however, this technique does not always work, as it strongly depends on the privacy settings that the owner of the phone number has decided to apply.

Finally, I would like to clarify that this search technique can also be used on other messaging applications that work in association with your phone number, such as Telegram, Skype or Facebook Messenger.

Google Phone app

If you have a smartphone with a recent version of Android, preferably without manufacturer customizations, you will be pleased to know that the app Google phone can help you get information about the calling number, directly from the Google database, as long as the device is connected to the Internet.

In practice, this means that, where the name of the company or the owner of the telephone number is in the public domain, it will automatically be visible in the dialer when a call is received from the number in question, even if it is not present in address book.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this possibility, check that the relevant function is active on your smartphone: then start the app Telephone (l'icona della handset located on the Home screen or in the drawer of the device), tap the button (⋮) situato in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Settings give the menu that you come purpose.

Now, tap on the option Caller ID and spam and move up ON the corresponding levetta alla dicitura View caller ID and spam. If you wish, you can prevent incoming calls from known spammers and annoyers (if they exist in Google's database) from reaching you at all by moving to ON also the lever relative to the voice Spam filter for calls.

The Google Phone app can also be installed on Android devices that don't have it (at least on most of them), via the Play Store. Once the installation is complete, it is necessary to set it as the system default dialer: to do this, go to the section Settings> Apps> Advanced> Default apps> Phone app.

Who's calling?

If I had never heard of it, Who's calling? is a collaborative online service, therefore enriched by user feedback, which contains a large number of information regarding cellular numbers (but also landlines) mainly associated with known annoyances.

To use it, connected to this website, enter the cellphone number of your interest in the text field search for phone number e premium pulsating CIRCLES: if the number had already been "reviewed" by some user, you will see a summary screen containing the feedback released, together with the presumed position of the number.

If you think this is the case, you can give feedback yourself by locating the box reviews and answering the short questions proposed: this step does not require registration.

Finally, I would like to clarify that this service is also available in the form of an app for Android and iOS, called Should I Answer, through which it is possible to block the numbers of known annoyances. If you are interested in understanding how to use it, feel free to consult this guide.


Another portal to consider when trying to trace the owner of a given mobile number is tellows: it is an online service, of a collaborative nature, which allows you to know information about the people (or companies) that are hidden behind the various numbers, especially if they belong to well-known annoyances.

To find out who owns a mobile number through Tellows, click here to connect to the main page of the service, then enter the number you would like to know more about in the field enter the number which is located at the top right and, subsequently, presses the blue button search.

Once this is done, if the number belongs to the public lists and / or useful information is available, you will be shown all the comments and details referring to that specific numbering, entered by the users of the site.


Another great tool you can use to find out who a mobile number belongs to is without a doubt Truecaller. This is an online service, possibly also usable as an app for Android and iOS smartphones, which allows you to identify mobile numbers by drawing on a proprietary database consisting of the numbers of users who have installed the app on their device and a database of known numbers. referring to call centers and scammers.

To find out who owns a mobile number with Treucaller, the first move you need to do is to click here, so that you can immediately connect to the main web page of the service. Then, fill in the search field Search a phone bomber… that is shown to you on the screen, by typing the phone number for which you want to get more details, and presses the button Submit on the keyboard.

If necessary, you can also edit the prefix reference by tapping on the appropriate menu on the left and selecting the correct option from the drop-down menu that is shown to you.

Now indicate whether to log in to the service using theGoogle account or that Microsoft, by clicking on the relevant button that you see on the screen and providing your data, then wait a few moments for the page containing the search results to be visible.

At this point, if the mobile number you typed is present in the Truecaller list, you will be shown a special card indicating the total number of users who have reported the aforementioned number, the membership account and the address of reference.

If, instead of using Truecaller in the form of an online service, you prefer to use it on your smartphone, you can follow the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to block a number on Android through which, in fact, I have proceeded to illustrate in detail the operation of the app connected to the service.

In this case, however, I suggest you disable the option Enhance your results to prevent the contacts saved in your smartphone's address book from being added to the TrueCaller database.

Although it is intended as a portal dedicated to spammers, you must know that it is also able to identify mobile phone numbers belonging to private individuals, as long as these, in some way, have provided their contact information. Currently, has a maximum limit of 5 daily searches.

To use it, connected to its home page, click on the icon of pennant located on the left and choose the prefix you want to set (presumably that cittàn, if you are interested in obtaining information regarding numbers from national operators).

Once this is done, type the number of your interest in the text field located immediately next to it and, finally, click on the button Search, to start the search. It then passes the captcha check by checking the box I'm not a robot, and check for available information. If the name belonging to the number should be obfuscated, click on the button View full info to view it "in clear".

If you prefer, you can also use services from your smartphone, using the app for Android and iOS.

Other ways to know who a mobile number belongs to

In the previous sections of this guide I have listed what, in my opinion, are the most effective methods for know who a mobile number belongs to. You must know, however, that they are not the only ones: below you will list a series of alternative portals designed for the purpose, to consult if previous searches were not successful.

  • Dive3000 - is a collaborative portal that provides information regarding cittàn and international cell numbers. It is free but, in order to use it, it is mandatory to register.
  • White pages - the PagineBianche portal, although populated with information regarding national fixed numbers, may also contain data relating to the mobile numbers of private individuals, if the legitimate owners have chosen to make them public.
  • Yellow Pages - it works in a very similar way to the PagineBianche portal, but is mainly dedicated to companies and commercial activities of all kinds.
  • Google - very often, information relating to numbers belonging to commercial activities (especially if registered with Google Business) can be retrieved through a short search on Google. All you have to do in this case is type the cellphone number in the text field on the “Big G” website and start a search as you usually would: if you are lucky, you should be able to trace the holder of the number you are interested in.

How do you say? Now that you have managed to know who a mobile number belongs to who calls you too often, can't you wait to get rid of his phone calls? If so, I recommend that you check out my tutorials on how to block a number and how to block calls from call centers, in which I have shown you some good techniques to stop nuisances from reaching you by phone.

Finally, if anonymous calls are your problem and you would like to find out who is behind the wording Unknown o Anonymous that appears on your phone display, the services listed in this guide will not come in handy.

To be able to understand which number is hidden behind one or more anonymous calls, you must in fact take advantage of different solutions, such as those I indicated in my guide on how to find out the private number.

How to know who a mobile number belongs to

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