How to get Spike on Brawl Stars

Preliminary information

How to get Spike on Brawl Stars

Before explaining to you like having Spike on Brawl Stars, I must provide you with some useful preliminary information in this regard.

First, you need to know that Spike is a legendary champion of Brawl Stars that can only be obtained by opening the Brawl Crates. Unlike the other champions, therefore, it is not possible to unlock it directly by reaching a specific number of trophies in the goal path The path of the trophies.

However, that doesn't mean that Spike is impossible to obtain: being of degree Legendary, are rarer to add to your team than rank brawlers Epic (eg Bibi), but it is not impossible to succeed.

Speaking of which, you need to know that it is possible to obtain Spike su Brawl Stars both for free, by carrying out some in-game activities that allow you to obtain the brawl speakers as a reward, which for a fee, by purchasing some game items that allow you to get many rewards in a short time. The choice is up to you: in both cases, however, carefully follow the instructions I am about to give you and you should succeed in the intent you have proposed!

How to get Spike on Brawl Stars for free

I start this tutorial by explaining what are the actions you need to perform on Brawl Stars to get many brawl speakers and, in so doing, hope to achieve Spike without spending money. Obviously, to do this you need to be willing to spend several hours in the game. If you accept the challenge, read on to find out how to proceed.

Level up on the trophy path

How to get Spike on Brawl Stars

The first solution you can put in place to get free brawl speakers su Brawl Stars, in such a way as to have as many chances as possible to obtain Spike, is to level up in the Walk of trophies.

The trophy path, as you know, is the main objective path of Brawl Stars that allows you to obtain different types of rewards, including the brawl crates. Leveling up the trophy path is very simple: you have to play and win games. As a result of the victory, in fact, you will accumulate numerous trophies and these will serve you to level up and unlock the rewards provided by the various degrees, including brawl speakers.

Just to give you an example, upon achieving 5 trophies you can get one cassa brawl and, of course, the rewards get better as you get more trophies - when you've achieved 650 trophiesin fact, you will get one huge chest, while as a reward of the 5.000 trophies achieved you will get one mega crate.

Play events

How to get Spike on Brawl Stars

Given that the possibility of obtaining Spike su Brawl Stars is subject to the opening of the brawl speakers and the rewards obtained are random, you can well understand that to get the champion in question it is necessary to spend several hours playing.

Therefore, to optimize your efforts, you can implement a number of strategies, including playing games Events whenever these are reset, in order to speed up the achievement of the trophies necessary to obtain the brawl chests as a reward for the Trophy Walk.

In this regard, you should know that the events of Brawl Stars constitute the main game mode: these are mainly PVP clashes, which require the completion of specific objectives in pre-established maps.

As mentioned, playing the events whenever they reset is very important, but in order to get the trophies you have to win the games. Therefore, to win the games by playing in the events you must absolutely complete the challenge that is proposed to you, which changes according to the event.

For example, playing Arraffagemme you must clash with other players with the aim of getting as many gems as possible before time runs out. The team that gets at least 10 gems before the end of the game she is the one who wins the trophies. Therefore, always respect the rules of the game: it is also to your advantage.

Play the missions

How to get Spike on Brawl Stars

To continue on your path of obtaining the brawl speakers, another optimization strategy that you need to consider is the one that concerns the need to constantly play the private events, respecting what are the requests of daily missions e seasonal.

The missions, in fact, are objectives to be completed daily or weekly that require you to play a specific event or to use a specific champion. Therefore, if you want to maximize your chances of getting the highest number of brawl cases in the shortest possible time, you must absolutely take into consideration that, before playing an event, you must check the information in the section Missions.

For example, in the case where the daily missions required to defeat 12 enemies with Nita and also to play in Survival, to speed up both rewards, you should start the event Survival playing with the champion Nita.

In this way, as a result of the victory, you would get as a reward experience points e trophies, which you will need to level up in the Path of trophies and, consequently, obtain the brawl speakers.

In addition, by playing the missions you will also be able to obtain the coin, which are another virtual game currency that allow you to progress in thresholds of the Seasons, that is, in what is another path to objectives of Brawl Stars thanks to which you can get additional rewards, including the brawl speakers.

Relating to Seasons di Brawl Stars you will also find more information in a subsequent chapter of my guide. Then read on to find out more.

How to unlock Spike on Brawl Stars for a fee

If you intend to speed up the process of being able to unlock Spike su Brawl Stars you can consider thepurchase of some game items with real money, in order to significantly increase your chances of obtaining the desired champion. Find more details on how to do this in the next chapters of this guide.

Buy the gems

How to get Spike on Brawl Stars

The first solution you can put in place to quickly get a large number of brawl speakers is that relating to the possibility of purchasing them through the Shop by Brawl Stars.

To be able to do this, however, you must take into account the fact that the brawl crates are purchased through the gem, that is the one that is one of the main virtual game coins of Brawl Stars.

Gems can also be obtained for free, albeit in a limited way, through the achievement of thresholds provided for by Season. However, since your intent is to get Spike to Brawl Stars quickly, you can buy the gems in the shop in order to unlock the Brawl Crates.

Gem prices start at 2,29€ (30 gems) and arrive at 109,99€ (2.000 gems) and, given that one huge chest costs 30 gems and one mega crate costs 80 gems, the expense you have to support ranges from € 2,29 to € 5,49, depending on the cash you intend to buy.

Obviously, you must take into account that, the greater the expense, the greater the yield, given that the mega speakers have a higher percentage of earning rewards. In fact, one mega crate equivalent to 10 casse brawl.

And if there were any leftovers gem you could use them to unlock faster thresholds area of Season, in order to get the brawl crates provided as a reward.

Activate the Brawl Pass

How to get Spike on Brawl Stars

If you are going to play for a long time a Brawl Stars and you are willing to spend money, I suggest you buy the Brawl pass, that is the season pass that allows you to obtain additional rewards compared to the Free Brawl Pass.

The paid Brawl Pass, in fact, allows you to get double rewards and, therefore, a greater number of brawl cases. Just to give you a concrete example, to the achievement of Threshold 6 of the free Brawl Pass they are obtained 50 coins while activating the Brawl Pass a pagamento you get one huge chest.

To unlock the Brawl Pass a pagamento it is necessary to buy it through gems: it costs 169 gems which correspond to € 10,99 (since the purchase of the 170 gem pack is required).

If you want to spend more you can buy the Brawl Pass da 249 gemme which costs € 21,99, however, because the minimum purchase is that of the 360 ​​gem package.

In this specific case, in addition to getting all the benefits of the paid Brawl Pass, you can also automatically progress to 7 thresholds, so you can immediately get the brawl crates provided as a reward. With all these brawl crates accumulated and, with a bit of luck, therefore, you may finally be able to get Spike on Brawl Stars.

How to get Spike on Brawl Stars

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