How to have infinite life in Minecraft

Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to have infinite life in minecraft, it seems only right to explain to you how you can achieve this by using the tools available in the game.

First of all, you must know that having an infinite life means that your avatar's health points never go down every time you take damage. This means that your avatar is immortal and can face any confrontation and adversity that will arise during the game's adventures, without you having to worry about taking lethal damage in any way.

While you may be well equipped to tackle battles in Minecraft, you will never be able to get an infinite life by playing regularly. Therefore, you will need to enable the tricks in game and use the correct commands to be able to reach your goal.

Speaking of which, if you have no idea how to activate the command console on Minecraft, I can recommend reading this guide of mine, in which I explain step by step how to perform this operation in any version of the game, regardless of the device used.

How to become a god in Minecraft

If you want to know how to become god in minecraft, that is immortal so as not to suffer any damage and never lose any health points, what you have to do is use one of the different methods that I will show you in the following chapters.

Enable Creative mode

One of the methods you can put into practice to be able to have an infinite life in Minecraft is to enable the mode Creative in the current game session. Generally speaking, if you have already started a world in this mode, you will know that you will not take any damage and all creatures will be passive towards you.

In the mode CreativeFurthermore, you will be able to realize that the health points, generally expressed with gods little hearts and displayed on the quick bar at the bottom, they are not present. This means that the avatar cannot take any form of damage, either direct or indirect, and is in effect invulnerable.

If you are in a game session in Survival or Extreme, you can switch to the aforementioned mode easily, using a specific string to be entered in the command console (which you must have previously enabled).

What you have to do, therefore, is to open the game chat and type the string / gamemode creative go ahead dalla press the tasto Submit on the keyboard. Immediately, the session will switch to mode Creative and, in case there are any enemies attacking your avatar, they will become passive.

If I wanted to go back to the mode Survival the game world was previously set to, simply use the command / gamemode survival. Facile, see?

Use the Effect command

In addition to the solution that I showed you in the previous chapter, you can also add some state effects, that is, gods bonus, to your avatar, in order to make it invulnerable or more resistant to damage. These bonuses can generally be infused into the avatar through the use of potions, but they only have an effect for a short time.

If you want to have an infinite bonus on your avatar, what you need to do is use the command console: the string you need to use is /effect. The latter requires several parameters to be configured, but I will indicate them below, based on the type of bonus you want to use.

If you want to infuse a lot of health into your avatar, the string to use is /effect give @p minecraft:health_boost 99999 255. The attribute give allows you to add to the avatar the effect that you will declare in the following parameters, while @p exactly identify your avatar.

As for the bonus to be added, minecraft: health_boost refers to the health enhancement bonus, which grants more health points than normal. The number 99999 coincides with the number of seconds the effect must remain active.

However, considering that the number expressed is out of parameter, it will be considered as infinite. As regards, instead, the last indicated value (255), this represents the power of the bonus, which in this case is the maximum.

By using this effect, however, you will continue to take damage and your health points will go down, although you have a lot of it. There are other effects you can apply to make your avatar immortal, which may be more efficient than what I have indicated.

For example, you can make your avatar virtually immortal by employing the parameter minecraft:regeneration to the string I indicated earlier. This effect causes health points to regenerate as well, using the command /effect give @p minecraft:regeneration 99999 255, you can have an instant and massive regeneration of health points.

Another solution could be to use the parameter minecraft:resistence, which allows you to increase the resistance to damage received. Again, using the command /effect give @p minecraft:resistence 99999 255 It is possible to give the avatar an immunity to damage, including those from falling, but not those caused by a low level of Hunger.

Finally, in case you want to remove any effect applied to your avatar, through the commands I have suggested, what you have to do is use the string /effect clear. Easy, am I right?

How to have infinite life in Minecraft

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